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The cockroach presentation


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the cockroach by kevin halligan
presentation includes analysis,glossary,rhymes,etc

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The cockroach presentation

  1. 1. The Cockroach by Kevin Halligan Felicitas Donato, Malena Millán, Gastón Posse, Matias Giambruni, Lucia Frias, Agustin Reynal.
  2. 2. The Cockroach Kevin Halligan, The Cockroach I watched a giant cockroach start to pace, Skirting a ball of dust that road the floor. At first he seemed quite satisfied to trace A path between the wainscot and the door, But soon he turned to jog in crooked rings, Circling the rusty table leg and back, And flipping right over to scratch his wings- As if the victim of a mild attack Of restlessness that worsened over time. After a while, he climbed an open shelf And stopped. He looked uncertain where to go. Was this due payment for some vicious crime A former life had led to? I don’t know Except I thought I recognised myself.
  3. 3. Kevin Halligan Kevin Halligan is a Canadian poet and writer who was born in 1964. His notable works include The Cockroach and his poetry collection Utopia.
  4. 4. Glossary Pace: to walk with regular slow or fast paces, as in boredom, agitation, etc: to pace the room Skirting: to form the edge of. Trace: to follow the footprints, tracks, or traces of: The FBI traced the van back to the rental company. Wainscot: a lining applied to the walls of a room, esp one of wood panelling Jog: to run or move slowly or at a jog trot, esp for physical exercise Crooked: bent, angled or winding Rusty: covered with, affected by, or consisting of rust: a rusty machine, a rusty deposit Flipping: to throw (something light or small) carelessly or briskly; toss Mild: not powerful or strong; bland Restlessness: unable to stay still or quiet Worsened: to grow or cause to grow worse Vicious: wicked or cruel; villainous: a vicious thug
  5. 5. Our analysis The poem shows the human life using a cockroach as a metaphor. The whole poem talks about the different movements of the cockroach. The first cockroach´s movement represents the beginning of his actions and how we, humans, change actions to cover the things that we do wrong. After that the author, talks about the indecision that the cockroach has about his movements and it represents how we, humans, act randomly about what to do in life. The cockroach seems to represent the human nature with his movements. Then, the poet starts to watch the cockroach in a more detailed way and compares it with his own life and he finds it very similar to him. Overall, In this poem the poet apparently focuses his concentration on an insect, but in a powerful twist of focus the whole poem flips back to reveal that the poet himself is actually the subject.
  6. 6. Our analysis This poem express many ideas and attitudes. The first idea that represents is that we are always trying to satisfy ourselves. For example, when we are doing something and we have a problem or we make a mistake, we want something new to satisfy us and to cover our mistakes. The second idea is that we are always moving fast and thinking of our future without even knowing what we want for it. The third idea represents the movements of the cockroach and how the author recognises himself on the movements and actions of the cockroach.
  7. 7. Techniques Rhyme scheme: ABAB CDCD EFGEGF Personification/metaphor: The author personificates the cockroach with a human being using it as a metaphor. The author also gives images for us to imagine how the cockroach moves. Themes: Self reflection and realization of life.
  8. 8. Analysis http://igcseblog.wordpress. com/2014/05/12/analysis-the-cockroach-by-kevin- halligan/