Do you really make friends with all your clients


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There was a featured post last week asking the question, do you make friends with your clients and remain friends after closing? A lot of agents, well, most of the agents said yes, they do make and keep the friendships after closing.

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Do you really make friends with all your clients

  1. 1. Do You Really Make Friends With All YourClients?There was a featured post last week asking thequestion, do you make friends with your clients andremain friends after closing? A lot of agents, well, mostof the agents said yes, they do make and keep thefriendships afterclosing.This response made me ponder how many of ourclients actually become our friends. The first thingthat must be defined before one can properlyanswer this question is-"what is a friend?"
  2. 2. What is your definition of a friend?  Is a friend a person you go out to dinner with or you only make a call to them once a year?  Is a friend a person you call to cry on their shoulder and vent and let it all hang out?  Is a friend a person with whom you trust your secrets with?  Or is a friend someone who just friends you on facebook?Because I think that these days the term"friend" is used quite loosely. What comes tomy mind when agents say they make friends withmost of their clients after closing is that theseagents must have a lot of time on their hands.How many "friends" can you have at the endof the day truthfully and still really be"friends"? How many times do you call on yourfriends and go out with them or meet them forlunch. Lets say you meet a friend a day for lunch,well, that is only 30 friends. So that would meanthat you could have 30 friends if you define afriend as someone you go out to lunch with once amonth. So what happens when you have morethan 30 closings in a year?
  3. 3. So the next question that came to my mind ishow many houses are you selling? How manylistings are you selling?If you only have one listing a year that you selland about 5 to 7 buyers a year to sell a house tothen I could conceivably believe that you can turnthose clients into friends and maintain ameaningful relationship with each of them.But like Nestor says, we are hired to do a job andthat is to market and sell our listings notnecessarily to become friends. In fact, our clientsdont even have to like us, they just need to knowthat we know how to sell their property. Of course,there are people who are our clients and havebecome our friends over the years. I am not sayingwe dont make friends with our clients. What I amsaying is that when you carry a lot of listings it isnot a practical goal to have.The reality in our markets here in Florida isthat it is a very transient state. Even in ourChurch, families move in and families move outfrequently to other states. Most of our sellers whoare short sellers we have never even met. Most ofthem are out of state sellers who have a secondhome here or investment properties here in Floridaor they have relocated for a job in another state.We are not likely going to get many referrals from
  4. 4. many of these clients because they are not thekind of people who are going to go around showingoff that they lost their shirts in a short sale or thatthey had financial hardships. Not something toreally be tooting your horn about if you know whatI mean. We do get a lot of referrals from ourclients but not all of them will be apt to discussreal estate for a while.Then there is your life. You have a life outside ofreal estate. I wonder about the agents who makefriends with almost every client. Does that meanthe agent is single or has no family? No kids? Nospouse?Because after work, family, church andcommunity involvement- how much time isreally left to go and hang out with all those friendsyou made by selling all those houses you sold?Since family is where and who we spend most ofour time with- we have 9 children and 8 of themare grown ups- there is not a lot of time left in theday for chatting and going out to events withfriends. Those relationships are more important tous than friendships outside of our family. Heck, weare so busy with the going ons with our familyright now that I have not even spoken to my verybest friend in over a month.
  5. 5. Perhaps a better term for all these friendsagents are making would be"acquaintances"?Copyright © by Katerina Gasset 2011* ALL RIGHTS RESERVED*Do You Really Make Friends With All Your Clients?*
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