How Mapping Can Contribute To Making A City Great Some Ideas


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some ideas on how mapping services contributes towards building Toronto from the Ground UP!

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How Mapping Can Contribute To Making A City Great Some Ideas

  1. 1. What Makes a City Great Helping to strengthen the Foundations from the Ground UP! The following are a few ideas and suggestions where Mapping Services may help: Making a safer city safer: Continue mapping support for police services, (patrol district mapping), continue priority demand mapping from front line offices at the front counter • Since police work is often confidential, provide mapping staff on a need to know basis. • Provide detailed mapping for the 13 priority neighbours • Provide detailed base mapping support the anti-viloence intervention strategy • Using the 13 priority neighbourhood maps, ensure that all mapping is up to date in these areas. • Consider training, and hiring “youth from at risk communities” in utility mapping, topo mapping, update to TCL/OAR • Approach community colleges, adult co-op centres, and offer to teach “youth from at risk communities” CAD/GIS skills A strong City with a strong Economy: • support BIA mapping and analysis. • Expand geocoding services, clean up of user address for others, teach others how to create a better geocodeable address. • Ensure that SIC and other codes are geocoded and available for economic analysis purposes, (this might already be done by others?) • Continue investigating the assessment roll attribute database, matched against our parcel base, topo base, utility base, and image base to improve appraisal evaluations and find more taxable properties that are currently not be taxed or taxed incorrectly • Participate on the Mayors “Team Toronto” trade missions to promote Toronto as a place of business and to demonstrate geospatial technologies supporting Toronto’s knowledge-based industries • Continue utility mapping and assembly of as-builts to support and protect the major investments in our infrastructure Efficiency and Accountability at City Hall, p.6 • 311 hotline – ensure that mapping products and services are correctly identified on 311 and on AccessToronto and ensure that contact lists are up to date. • Continue writing papers, doing presentations, and updating “News” on the city website on a regular basis to ensure that the Mapping Brand is recognized. A Prosperous Toronto:
  2. 2. • Support initiatives to ensure we get all the GST rebate owing from the federal government • National Transit Strategy- continue to update TCL A Clean, green, and beautiful city : • Suggest that an application be developed, ( arcpad ) applications for litter pickers, and by-law inforcement officers, • Continue support the foresty regeneration program, provide arcpad applications, provide ESMmapping to support their initiatives • 17.6 million will be invested at $100k per ward for neighbourhood beautification. Work with foresty and other by providing mapping • map and continue supporting graffiti eradication and prevention program • Keep ravine by-law in a state of good repair