Communication Strategy


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CSA s250 Communication strategy

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Communication Strategy

  1. 1. S250 Mapping of Underground Utility Infrastructure
  2. 2. Communication Strategy • Overview • CSA S250 Key Messages • Communication Resources • Target Audiences & Key Stakeholders • Delivery Tactics 2
  3. 3. Communication Strategy Overview • General: This communication strategy has been developed to introduce the development of and gain support of the S250 standard by taking the mystery out of the scope, intended use, stakeholders and impacts. • Goal: Develop and execute on various tactics to introduce, educate, create awareness and update key stakeholders on the CSA S250 standard • Timeline: Finalized in Q4 2008 and aligned with the final draft process to be ready for 2009 public review and publication • Objective: To openly communicate the development process, scope, challenges & successes, current status and next steps of the CSA S250 standard 3
  4. 4. Communication Strategy Key Messages • The development of a standard for mapping of underground utility infrastructure was a logical next step in the efforts of owners, operators and regulators to better manage recording the location of buried plant • Several ad-hoc & similar efforts across the country by various organizations & agencies to develop a mapping standard for buried utilities were progressing independently • Evolving challenges coupled with the identification of opportunities for process improvements during the planning, design, construction and operation phase support the need for a mapping standard 4
  5. 5. Communication Strategy Tactics & Resources • Communication Strategy Presentation • Speaking Notes • WebEx/SameTime collaboration technology • 6-8 Technical Committee members that are prepared to deliver the S250 Standard presentation in person • Mailing List, to be used for updates? 5
  6. 6. Communication Strategy Target Audience & Key Stakeholders • Utility Carriers, Owner / Operators - Gas & Oil, Telco, Electric, Water & Sewer • User Interest – Locators, Consultants, Contractors, Software & Hardware vendors • Regulatory – Safety Authorities, Federal, Provincial, Municipal • General Interest – Public, Professional Associations, Technical Groups Notes: Need to develop a tracking sheet, listing the target audience, who delivered the presentation, issues/concerns, etc. 6
  7. 7. Communication Strategy Delivery Tactics • Presentations: trade shows, conferences, association meetings, academia, internal briefings, technical forums • Websites: CSA, ISO, municipalities, owner/operators, professional & technical associations, • Technical Committee members personal networks • Publications: published standard, journals, magazines, white paper articles Notes: See previous slide reference to tracking sheet 7
  8. 8. Presentations • CSA – communication presentation downloadable • URISA – provincial events, international conference • Common Ground Alliance – provincial events, Best Practices • GITA – Provincial events, international conference • MISA – annual conference • Universities/Colleges with GIS curriculum • Utility Owner/Operator Specific  Canadian Gas Association  American Gas Association  Pipeline Integrity 8