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Capable Web: Chrome Apps and Firefox Webapp


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What Chrome and Firefox do to make web capable as native app in Desktop and Mobile

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Capable Web: Chrome Apps and Firefox Webapp

  1. 1. Capable Web: Chrome App & Firefox WebApps gasolin
  2. 2. Define ‘capable’ ● Look and behave like native apps ● Have native-like capabilities
  3. 3. Question: If web is capable 3 years later, do I need to write native Apps? Espriuno Web IDE, Cut the rope Desktop, Mobile, MessageMe
  4. 4. Question: If web is a platform 3 years later, do I need to install Apps? Check RunPixelRun web game
  5. 5. Chrome Apps and Firefox WebApp Have different focus but share same vision
  6. 6. Chrome Apps with Chrome browser
  7. 7. Chrome Apps (Google) Desktop first packaged, hosted windows | mac | chromeos About Chrome Apps
  8. 8. Chrome Apps (Google) Desktop APIs serial, usb, socket file system, wallpaper Chrome Platform APIs
  9. 9. Chrome Apps Payment Google Wallets for digital goods Paid App, In-app-payment Google Wallet
  10. 10. What difference from normal web? packaged alert, cookie, naci, flash Disabled web features
  11. 11. Firefox WebApp with Firefox browser
  12. 12. Firefox WebApp (Mozilla) Mobile first packaged, hosted firefoxos | firefox android Introduction to Open Web Apps
  13. 13. Firefox WebApp (Mozilla) Mobile WebAPIs sensors (proximate, light, vibration...) telephony, sms WebAPI
  14. 14. WebApp Payment MarketPlace Paid App, In-app-payment WebPayment
  15. 15. What difference from normal web? packaged Disabled web features
  16. 16. Way to develop for both Chrome and Firefox... Webapplate template for webapp development Referring to WebApplate
  17. 17. Trends
  18. 18. Chrome Apps Desktop first & cross to mobile android | ios Referring to Google is building Chrome apps support for Android and iOS
  19. 19. Firefox WebApp Mobile first & crossing to desktop win | mac | linux Referring to Desktop Apps with HTML5 and the Mozilla Web Runtime
  20. 20. What’s in common? Web Techs (HTML, DOM, JS, CSS) Offline first Cross Platform
  21. 21. Let’s consider WebApp first
  22. 22. One more thing
  23. 23. Node-Webkit (Intel) Desktop first packaged windows | mac | linux About node-webkit
  24. 24. Node-Webkit (Intel) Common JS APIs node.js embedded npm modules
  25. 25. Thanks