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Welcome To China


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Welcome To China

  1. 1. When you think of China, what comes to mind? 1.3 billion people 1 in every 5 human beings lives in China! Rice was the first grain farmed in China. There are 8 schools of Chinese cuisine! Yummy! In total, the Great Wall is about 8,850 Km in length! There are as few as 1600 pandas remaining in the wild. People's Liberation Army or PLA The first Chinese film was made in 1905. 5 categories green black wulong brick scented
  2. 2. China is so much more than Communists and the Great Wall! <ul><li>Did you know that China has 55 minority people, all with their own languages and customs? </li></ul>
  3. 3. In Chinese how do you say… China Chinese =Zhongguo =Zhongwen
  4. 4. <ul><li>The journey begins here in Xiang Kang </li></ul>
  5. 5. Welcome to China! 欢迎到中国 Hong Kong
  6. 7. Guangzhou Some scorpion for those achy bones? Turtle soup anyone?
  7. 8. Guang Xi's Famous Yangshou
  8. 9. Beijing The capital of China Unrestored parts of the Great Wall Entrance to the Forbidden City The city was forbidden because only the emperor and his court were allowed inside Looking at Tian an men The Gate of Heavenly Peace Inside is Mao Zedong's body preserved and on display
  9. 10. Sichuan Oh,I’m spicy! What is the meaning of a red lantern? Safe and Sound! Wo Jiao Huan Huan. China's most famous Panda!
  10. 11. ChengKang Expressway
  11. 12. On the Roof of the World 4,298 Meters Laoshi Xuesheng Wo Airen
  12. 13. Kong FuZi says; “hope you like it.” My name is Confucious.