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Wiki powerpoint

  1. 1. Wiki Use for Collaboration with Roberto Garza
  2. 2.  Introduction Roberto Garza Retired from Flint Community Schools, Flint Southwestern Academy Spanish teacher Technology coach with Macul’s MI Champion Program a musician
  3. 3.  Wiki Intro (10 minutes) Navigate a Wiki (15 minutes) Create your own Wiki (40 minutes)
  4. 4. Web 2. means to interact, to contribute engage students in individual and cooperative work and encourage a student centered classroom.
  5. 5.  In the classroom, teachers can: Publish class notes, class information, images, PowerPoints, sch edules, rules, share examples of student work, post netcast, or provide tutoring links. Give students their own page to post their content, upload assignments, download files, and share their work.
  6. 6.  Create collaborative assignments and projects, start discussions and encourage comments. Share and interact with other classrooms or groups, across town, the country, or around the world.
  7. 7.  connect with a wiki on their desk top, lap top, smart phone, or mobile devices. They can collaborate, do a discussion, upload and download files, and review for a quiz, or test.
  8. 8. For Parents: Keep them involved and aware of assignments, key dates, and volunteer lists. Accessible from home, work, or anywhere.
  9. 9. e=Wikis_In_Plain_English
  10. 10.  How does it help meet course goals, and address Michigan Educational Technology Standards (METS)? See PDF for grades PK – 12:
  11. 11.  3-5.CC.1. use digital communication tools (e.g., e- mail, wikis, blogs, IM, chat rooms, videoconferencing, Moodle, Bla ckboard) and online resources for group learning projects
  12. 12.  6-8.CC.1. use digital resources (e.g., discussion groups, blogs, podcasts, videoconfere nces, Moodle, Blackboard) to collaborate with peers, experts, and other audiences
  13. 13.  9-12.CC.1. identify various collaboration technologies and describe their use (e.g., desktop conferencing, webinar, listserv, blog, wiki)
  14. 14.  How does a wiki help meet Michigan’s Standards? Michigans Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE),1607,7-140- 28753_33232---,00.html
  15. 15.  Example: Language Arts (mid school) W.GN.01.03 write an informational piece that addresses a focus question (e.g., What is a goal? What is a family?) using descriptive, or sequence patterns that may include headings, titles, labels, photographs, or illustrations to enhance the understanding of central ideas.
  16. 16.  Today’s Collaborative Activity centers around Language Arts with a Theme on Writing Student Academy Goals
  17. 17.  After a Tour, participants will navigate the wiki at a. Through an invitation, you will access the wiki, b. click on the invitation, create a password
  18. 18. Activity 2. Participants will open pages and folders that correspond to their grade level. a. Click the Edit tab on top of the page, and like a word processor, edit the page. Here, you are collaborating with other teachers on how academic goals should be set. Don’t worry, you can’t hurt anything. b. You may type in a Goal, an Objective, strategies, ideas, or brainstorm.
  19. 19.  421/FrontPage 68/FrontPage
  20. 20.  Activity 4. Participants will create their own wiki, and begin to add content, a page, upload a file, add a link, and upload a photo or image. You may use the "WikiStuff" folder.
  21. 21.  Start your wiki, go to basic free edition at: a. Click: Sign up now Think about naming you wiki, example: b. When your wiki opens, browse through the information. You may start to add content by clicking the Edit tab. It works as a word processor. Because you created the wiki, you are the Administrator.
  22. 22.  Upload the PowerPoint in the wiki Files or the Shared Folder There is a "WikiLinks" document in the "WikiStuff" folder that contains many links to wiki information.
  23. 23. Wiki Use for Collaboration with Roberto