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GivePro Marketing


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GivePro Marketing

  2. 2. COMMUNICATINGTHECONNECTION About GivePro The GivePro Consulting Group was formed in response to the needs of a growing number of businesses doing charitable work, especially those addressing poverty internationally. Busy business leaders often find that the time and expertise required to manage charitable programs with excellence are beyond their existing capacity. Meeting the challenges of working internationally can also be filled with unforeseen obstacles and complexities. Many businesses want to achieve high impact outcomes through their giving but it just doesn’t happen. The vision we have at GivePro is for business to impact poverty with quality and dignity. Quality is as important in charitable work as it is in business yet often only “leftover” time and money is allocated. GivePro fills this gap so that companies can be proud of their giving and achieve the high reputation in charitable work that they are known for in business. Those who receive the support of companies and social enterprises also deserve the best. They are the ones we serve and we want to ensure they receive the kind of assistance they need. Our goal is to ensure there is a positive and equitable relationship between companies and communities. Vision Mission Values The vision we have at GivePro is for business to impact poverty with quality and respect. Our mission is to help businesses give with excellence through: • Discovering how to integrate business with charity • Supporting business in becoming directly involved in addressing poverty • Scaling up the quality and impact of giving • Applying proven development principles of sustainability and equality What we value at GivePro are these qualities: • Contribution - We believe everyone should have the opportunity to get personally involved • Quality - We believe the poor deserve our best and that giving should be excellent • Respect - We value everyone’s contribution equally, ensuring the dignity of all • Generosity - We believe giving should be “open-handed” – beyond fair or equitable with few strings attached • Cooperation - We believe participating in addressing poverty is something we do better together Our brand reflects our values Being professional in giving seems somehow wrong to people. Giving should be free, unstructured and informal to reflect the heart’s compassionate beating. As true as this is for how we may feel when we give, we are also deeply offended when gifts are cheap, given without thinking, offered in an inappropriate way, uncaringly received or misappropriated. The value of excellence in giving comes first but needs to be balanced with the relational aspects of equality, dignity and respect for the charitable cause and those we seek to serve. So you’ll see the visual and experiential facets of our brand to be both: caring and professional. The word “Give” is italicized to emphasize the caring side of charity while the “Pro” uses a typically collegiate or academic font in CAPS to draw out the importance of using the best learning possible. The “O” is transformed into a world for the global scope and the arrow is a mouse pointer to show leveraging the use of technology for international giving.
  3. 3. OURGLOBALMARKET Leveraging the Connection Economy International Charitable Programs Companies with charitable programs Social Enterprise People with interest in getting involved Companies with charitable programs • 1% of pre-tax profits going to charitable giving is the current “gold standard” • 22% of companies have regular ongoing programs for contributions (79% of large corporations) • 13% measure the benefits of their contributions • 8% have a written policy (39% of large corporations) • Innovators like social enterprises are now growing to co- create social and business value, measure outcomes, become aligned and integrated and formulate a business strategy around charitable work Individuals interested in getting personally involved • Just as businesses are getting directly involved, people are too with increased per-capita giving and the desire to personally give their skills and abilities • Rise of the social intrapreneur as a change agent for corporate giving • Average annual per capita giving has more than tripled in the last 20 years • More than half of all cash revenue to charities is from individuals with corporations at around 25% Stats courtesy of
  4. 4. MARKETINGGOALSSUMMARY 2013 Marketing Goals1st Year Revenue Targets Company does not give • Inspire the Social Intrapreneur to change corporate culture Company has a charitable program • Empower the business leader to improve their giving Social Enterprise • Enable the Social Entrepreneur to give with quality and respect Marketing Strategy 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Direct Indirect $100k from direct service revenue $50k from indirect service revenue 1000 online contacts 100 direct contacts 10 contracts Be the hunter • Refine a target market to 100 potential clients Setup a honey pot • Attract the target market through social media to to learn and be inspired with new tools Sweeten a watering hole or coffee shop • Identify places where target market gets their support and information and provide them with new information Tactical Approaches
  5. 5. CONTRACTMODEL Contract Development Process •Meet to discuss ways to improve giving program •Provide online tool for self-assessment Evaluate •Create a proposal for GivePRO services •Gain approval Design •Complete proposal outcomes •Develop messaging Implement •Assess project for lessons learned •Integrate and communicate best practices Learn Service Pricing Direct revenue comes from contracts developed between GivePRO staff and companies or organizations • Corporate rate - $120 per hour plus expenses for services, ad hoc rate for training • Non-profit rate - $50 per hour for consulting services plus 5% on revenue generated for operations, 3% on capital campaigns Indirect revenue comes from GivePRO contractor services • Charged out to clients at the same rate as above • GivePRO retains $20/hr from contract fees (ie. Contractors receive $100/hr standard rate) Online Premium Accounts (next web build) Companies, charities and professionals can register online with GivePRO for free and browse for connections, upload articles, comment and join forums Reputation and credibility is gained through premium status actions resulting in starred status (no account, no rating) • $20 one time fee for adding star rating after assessment • $10/month for GivePRO certification of professionals and charities (upon approval) • $50/month corporate premium account for certification, access to additional services and resources
  6. 6. WEBCONTENT GivePRO Website Homepage Menu Bar About Vision Mission Values Services People Discover Benefits of giving For corporations For professionals For charities Improved Quality Demonstrate impact Compelling message Effective communications Better use of funds Resources Blogs & Articles Research Forms & Templates Integrate Degrees of alignment Business designed for social good Giving work skills B2B Participate Importance of personal involvement Employee engagement Community engagement Charity without Charities Evaluate Setting a strategy Measuring impact Monitoring & evaluation Certification Content Concept For business For professionals For projects Most recent blogs (3) NavBar Login Search Register Contact Us Slideshow
  7. 7. SOCIALMEDIASTRATEGY CONTENT FLOWCHART GivePRO blog & content HootsuiteTwitter Facebook Page LinkedIn Profile Articles Blogs Webpages Tumblr blog Slideshare YouTube/Vimeo Flickr  GivePRO content  Shared & responsive  Content from others
  8. 8. INVESTMENTOPPORTUNITIES VIDEO FEATURES NETWOAK LAUNCH EVENT BUSINESS FOR GOOD SEMINAR WEB TOOLS RESEARCH Survey 1,000 companies about quality & lessons learned – interview 30 $30,000 Build search engine and mobile app to match projects, skills & companies $10,000 3 x 3 minute videos of giving with quality $4,000 Host an evening mixer for 100 people $1,000+ travel International leadership training $2,000+ travel