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Akonia GradStart brochure v6


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Akonia GradStart brochure v6

  2. 2. Young people with the right skills make great employees. A graduate-style development programme will help you recruit and retain the very best young people. With one in four graduate employees likely to leave their employer within 12 months of joining, how sure can you be that your young employees will stay with you? Four of the top reasons that employees give for leaving their job are the  lack of genuine interest in their development.  lack of skills development and opportunities to utilise their skills, expertise and abilities.  lack of recognition for the contribution they make.  lack of career progression and promotion. Providing your young employees with a graduate-style development programme will help considerably with addressing these issues. It will decrease the likelihood that your young employees will resign in the early stages of their career and prevent the disruption and inconvenience that that can bring to your organisation. Gary Weinstein Founder of the GradStart® programme Managing Director, Akonia Ltd What our clients’ say: “Lucy Electric is an inclusive business that believes in its people. As such we need staff development programmes which are wide-ranging and challenging in order to bring out the best in our people. I am very pleased to have discovered GradStart® , whose programme offers a depth and breadth of business skills subjects to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of our young graduate engineers, and developed their self-confidence, working relationships and understanding of our business. The programme has also enhanced our ability to retain these young employees in the business. We are delighted with the transformation that the programme has brought about in the young employees who have already attended it. We will be booking more onto future programmes.” Caroline, HR Business Partner, Lucy Electric 2 Akonia LtdGradStart® Develop
  3. 3. Employer benefits Stand out from the crowd. With only half of large employers and just 1 in 9 SMEs currently providing a graduate programme, you have a great opportunity to differentiate your organisation by offering a graduate-style development programme, and attract top calibre graduates.  Bridge the gap between your young employees’ academic studies and the reality of the world of work.  Rapidly integrate your young employees smoothly into their team and department, and benefit from their contribution quicker.  Accelerate performance from new recruits, and make them more productive.  Retain employees thereby avoiding massive costs in terms of both time and money: advertising for a replacement; sifting through mountains of CVs; interviewing, inducting and training. Akonia Ltd 3GradStart® Differentiate “With discussions based on real workplace problems, the GradStart® programme offered a safe environment to explore and address these issues. It was these discussions that helped me to develop as an individual through increased self-awareness and a greater appreciation of my colleagues.” Jacqui, Engineering Project Leader “The GradStart® programme has proved to be a great forum for proposing and discussing workplace problems, and creating an environment to address and explore them.” Adrian, Account Executive “My aim is eventually to move to management so I think what has been most useful for me is understanding how the emotional side works and how to interact with people on a more professional level.” Dexter, Engineer “I was uncertain as to why the course was necessary and having now experienced it, I completely understand why many young graduates can benefit from exactly this form of training.” Nathan, Law Graduate What our students’ say:
  4. 4. Financial awareness Many experienced business people do not understand the basics of business finance and terminology, and struggle to understand what a financial report is conveying. How much more so for young employees? It is essential that your young employees are taught the fundamentals of business finance and key indicators of business performance and health, at an early stage in their career. Industry intelligence Your young employees will learn about your industry sector and competitors; look at where and how your organisation fits in, and what drives it. Your young employees will be challenged with the question “where is your industry going?” and taught how to acquire and analyse industry insight. Interpersonal behaviour Helping your young employees to learn how to behave personally and professionally with others is essential in building relationships. Knowing how to represent themselves through the way they dress, their attitude to work and their interaction with others, will make them good ambassadors for your organisation and leave a good impression with your clients. Problem solving Developing confidence and learning to trust their problem-solving abilities will help your young employees to make good decisions, and protect the reputation of your organisation. Being able to analyse a situation, formulate and consider options, then assess the merits and risks of each option, are critical skills your young employees will have to apply throughout their life and career. 4 Akonia LtdGradStart® Modules 1-5 Personal management Your young employees must be able to manage themselves effectively. Employers, like you, require that their young employees demonstrate good time-keeping, motivation and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Without this your young employees won’t build effective relationships and become the future leaders that you want.
  5. 5. Communications The effective use of language—written, verbal and physical—will help shape your young employees destiny and identity, and showcase their leadership potential. Presenting to a large audience, developing one to one relationships, writing reports or simply using e-mail effectively are all skills that highly effective leaders need. Leadership Understanding how leadership differs from management by identifying and examining the qualities and attributes of role models in leadership will provide powerful insights for your young employees as they develop their own leadership style and behaviours. Leadership is responsible for change in an organisation to help it survive and grow, and your young employees will learn about embracing and supporting change. Management Your young employees need to develop good management skills as they are promoted into increasingly more responsible positions within your organisation. Teaching them how to set objectives and goals; to plan, estimate and monitor projects and tasks; and to manage others will provide useful insights as they develop their own management style and behaviours. Customer awareness Knowing how the sales cycle works, and how sales-people build relationships with clients will help your young employees learn the difference between gaining sales and losing them. Learning about contractual commitments and how to negotiate, will ensure they understand the boundaries within which your organisation operates profitably. Team working Every day your young employees interact with other people. Knowing how to engage and work with others effectively and efficiently to deliver projects to schedule will make a crucial difference to the long term health of your organisation. Akonia Ltd 5GradStart® Modules 6-10
  6. 6. Employee benefits Make engagement a priority. How an employee feels about their job, and how engaged they become, will depend upon a combination of factors. This includes the value they feel they contribute to the team, department and the overall organisation, as well as the recognition they receive from their peers, manager and senior executives. It is critical that you engage your young employees in their first year on the job.  See their self-confidence grow so they take more initiative in the workplace.  Develop the ability to ask better, more critical questions of the people they meet.  Develop essential skills that will form a solid foundation on which to build their career.  Gain an understanding of leadership and how to lead.  Increase career and promotion prospects, and experience greater responsibility and higher income. 6 Akonia LtdGradStart® Engagement “The opportunity to examine different scenarios and attitudes, offer perfect examples of good and bad management, which have provided the building blocks and guidelines to managerial aspirations.” Adrian, Account Executive “Made me understand the bigger picture for my company, and has made me see how the top positions operate and what stresses they can be put under.” Dexter, Engineer “The course has certainly grown my confidence and assertiveness in the work place.” Bradley, Production Management Assistant “Expanded my knowledge and awareness of the industry sector, more than I have considered previously.” Jacqui, Engineering Project Leader What our students’ say:
  7. 7. Designed for young employees GradStart® is designed for employees who are new to the world of work. They don’t have the benefit of your business experience, and therefore the programme has taken this into account, and starts from first principles. Time and again on the GradStart® programme we have found that young employees don’t know a PESTLE analysis from a DISC profile, or Critical Path Analysis from a Balance sheet, so the programme has been carefully designed with this in mind. Comprehensive solution Save effort, time and money. No need to have the HR/L&D people who can research and prepare a training plan made up of multiple business skills courses. Neither do you need the expertise to develop and deliver an internal programme. The GradStart® programme is a comprehensive solution. It covers everything your young employees need to know about business skills. It does so in less time and at lower cost than other business skills courses. Delivered from experience Our GradStart® instructors have decades of business experience and challenges, and an abundance of scenarios and solutions which they share in the classroom. They were all once young employees themselves, and later on managers of young employees. Our instructors cite their personal business ‘war’ stories as examples to illustrate their point, and get their message across. Low impact high intensity Graduates of the GradStart® programme agree that conducting each day-long module approximately one month apart provides them the optimal time for pre-session preparation and post- session consolidation, without impacting their today-to-today business duties. Each session is intensive to be able to delve sufficiently into the module topics and give your young employees a good understanding of essential business tools and techniques. Broadening their horizons Clients tell us that one of the best things about the GradStart® programme is the opportunity for their young employees to learn with a cohort who are going through similar experiences. By sharing their experiences, your young employees grow in confidence in the knowledge that they are not alone. Your young employees will learn techniques for handling those experiences better in future. Why? Akonia Ltd 7GradStart®
  8. 8. © 2016 About Akonia We are experts at helping organisations to develop essential business skills in their young—typically graduate—employees. We work with directors, HR and training managers who struggle to attract top calibre young people to their organisation and retain them for the long term. Many organisations are put off recruiting young people altogether because of their lack of experience. They agree that most young people are not ready for the world of work and therefore are concerned how to develop them. Employers would like young employees who:  add value to the organisation  have a good work ethic  show commitment to getting the job done  demonstrate good communication skills with colleagues and clients. What separates our service from other training providers is that we are dedicated to developing the potential of young employees through our unique and comprehensive graduate-style development programme, known as GradStart®. Our clients save time and money by removing the need to recruit an in-house training team, and avoid the time-consuming hassle of sourcing, purchasing and managing multiple business skills courses. Freephone: 0800 619 9697 Email: Website: More about GradStart® For more information about the GradStart® programme and how much it costs telephone 0800 619 9697 or email For the dates of the next GradStart® programme and to register your interest to participate in it: Download this GradStart® programme brochure: To find out how to improve your employee development strategy, or how to integrate GradStart® into your internal young employee development programme then request a call at or by telephoning 0800 619 9697 and we will arrange a time convenient for you.