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Filled with the Spirit Case for Support


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The Campaign for Camp Luther Case for Support

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Filled with the Spirit Case for Support

  1. 1. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. Acts 4:31 1889 Koubenec Road Three Lakes, WI 54562 Phone: 715-546-3647 Draft #4
  2. 2. Camp Luther has been a blessing to our children, families, and congregations for over 71 years. It is in this beautiful and unique setting that God has called us to serve and build up His people through summer camps, retreats, and a variety of other programs and activities. Somanyliveshavebeen transformed through thisministrysinceitsfounding, yet so many opportunities exist to expand our mission. As Camp Luther continues to grow, we remain committed to our core values of being a Christ-centered community, developing caring relationships, modeling servant leadership, and inspiring young and old toward meaningful service in the Kingdom of God. The Camp Luther Board of Directors and our year-round staff recognize the tremendous blessings of our past and are excited about the new opportunities God places before us. The vision and values for the present and future are listed within this document. We invite your input as we chart a course for the future of Camp Luther. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and direct this vital ministry. In His Service, Gary“Woody”Vought Director of Outdoor Ministry A BLESSED PAST, A FOCUSED MISSION, 2 A Vision for the Future
  3. 3. “Building up all people in Christ for service and witness to the world.” “Through God’s Grace, Camp Luther will be nationally recognized as a premier Christian camp, embracing the challenge to produce the finest spiritual programs emphasizing: healthy relationships, leadership skills and service in a diverse world. With an exemplary staff, quality facilities and in the midst of God’s creation, Camp Luther will reach out to thousands of children, adults and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” MISSION VISION 3 Our Our
  4. 4. 4 STORY Tyler’s Tyler is 6’8” and stands out in a crowd of adults, even more so when surrounded by 12 year olds. As an athletic college student, his summer break presented many opportunities. He chose the one most unlikely and as a result, he found his life’s calling.Tyler is candidly open and honest when he talks about the wrong choices he made while“growing up”. Coming to Camp Luther to be a summer counselor was the first right choice he had made in a long time. He remembered his experience as a youth camper and knew God was working within him to choose a different path. During the two weeks of summer counselor training he was surrounded by a selfless staff who cared more about others then they did about themselves. They impressed upon him the importance of truly serving and loving others, especially the sixteen young people he would be responsible for each week of his 12 week summer.Tyler would be on duty almost 24 hours a day, caring for his campers. He would help tend to their wounds, dry their tears, listen to their stories and serve them without hesitation. By so doing, his life was transformed and he decided to dedicate his life to serving God. After that summer he transferred to a different university, prepared to be a church worker. Today,Tyler is a Director of Christian Education in charge of multiple youth programs, confirmation classes, and other church responsibilities. He loves his life work, his calling! When asked about his transformation he pointed to the people he served alongside of at Camp Luther during those summer months. “I was surrounded by mentors who were passionate about God and faith, passionate about kids and passionate about the outdoors. I came to do a job, but the job changed me because of my fellow counselors and the kids I came to love.” Erica grew up in a caring Christian family, one full of love and support that overshadowed a modest family income. She had heard about camp at her church but a week at Camp Luther was out of reach for the family budget. Her church stepped in, providing a weekend youth retreat every year through their youth program, Erica attended. A seed was planted, Erica hoped to one day be a summer counselor at Camp Luther.This also seemed to be an out of reach dream for a young girl who was outwardly joyful but inwardly very timid and shy. Erica possessed a love for God but lacked the courage and confidence to reveal it to others. The dream did not fade and as a high school student, Erica stepped out in faith and volunteered to be a junior counselor at camp. Along with the servant leadership training she received at camp, she learned from the summer counselors how they joyfully expressed and shared their faith to each other and to the children they served. She learned what it meant to serve and it transformed her life. She grew into a self-assured young woman who has spent some of her summers as a Camp Luther counselor as she worked to earn a doctorate as a physical therapist. Her next dream is to serve children in a hospital setting who are facing physical and health challenges. Erica said, “Thinking about camp makes me smile. Deep spiritual moments are shared and revealed while sitting around a campfire with young people sharing their faith. You looked to the heavens with millions of stars illuminating the night sky. God is here. Surrounded by God’s creation, caring Christian friends and a staff mentoring servant leadership. Every day you learn how to live, how to love, how to accept yourself and how to love God.” STORY Erica’s
  5. 5. 5 Camp Luther’s Core Values guide the Board of Directors, year-round staff and summer counselors in the daily operation of the camp. These core values are clearly evident in the educational and recreational programs. As a result, each camper and visitor is transformed by the Christian environment in the midst of God’s creation supported by the leadership and caring of dedicated staff and spirit-filled counselors. CORE VALUESOur Provide a fun and safe Christ-centered community where faith inspires a purposeful and joyful life. Teach, model, and practice servant leadershipto encourage others to take positive action for building up the Kingdom of God. Develop respectful and caring relationshipswhich serve to provide a lifelong network of Christian mentors and friends. Create experiences to explore and discover unique interests and talents that transform lives toward meaningful service to God. CORE VALUE CORE VALUE CORE VALUE CORE VALUE # 1 # 3 # 2 # 4
  6. 6. For over 71 years, Camp Luther has been filling the lives of thousands of individuals with the joy of knowing Jesus and preparing them for lives of meaningful purpose and service. TRANSFORMING 6 Lives! “Camp Luther sets the bar pretty high. I look forward to my time there and have said to others something to the effect of... “Dollar for dollar, I don’t think you can match the impact in the spiritual lives of our kids anyplace better than Camp Luther.”I commend your programs and the work you put in to keep the standards high. Your labors are not in vain.” “When I was younger, I spent a week at Camp Luther in the summer. As an adult, this place means even more to me now.When you cross the bridge as you arrive, there is a sense of peace and excitement that takes over. It is a place where you come as you are and be accepted, yet encouraged and inspired to be a better person. I return to see old friends, meet new people, and grow closer in my walk with God.” “There’s no way I gave camp as much as it gave me. It rejuvenated me. I mean maybe I wasn’t perfect for the job I had but I found purpose and everyone there helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. They strengthened my faith to the point of where I can confidently walk in the light without fear. Jesus’light shown through them and onto me. I am eternally grateful for the summer of Known 2015.” “Our drive to camp is a hefty one (about 3 and a half hours without stops), but just when our leaders are running out of energy Camp Luther staff is ready to step in and turn our frozen custard-filled teenagers into joyous servants for Christ. This is no small feat and is so appreciated. I look forward to continued Camp Luther experiences with both my youth kids and my own children for years to come.” “My son, James, just spent a week up at Camp Luther. As I was listening to his many stories I began to cry tears of joy that he had this experience, and plans to attend next year as well. Thank you, and bless you, for all you are doing to build up believers in Christ! Your counselors and JC’s are wonderful individuals and role models, and my son enjoyed them very much! I will most certainly be spreading the word of this wonderful place.”
  7. 7. Over the last few years the Board of Directors, Camp Staff, and the North Wisconsin District have embraced the challenges before us and are planning for a bright and sustainable future for Camp Luther. Several areas were initially researched and explored; first from a priority basis and then from a cost basis. The results of that study revealed the following goals: The next several pages explain the critical nature of these goals… FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT 7 Campaign Goals # 1 # 2 # 3 Goal Goal Goal Outdoor Ministry Fund $350,000 Annually Every Kid to Camp $150,000 Annually Capital Projects • New Community Center/Dining Facility • Completion of Retreat Center – Lower Level $2.5 Million
  8. 8. OUTDOOR MINISTRY FUND 8 Through excellent Christian educational programs, staffing and facilities, Camp Luther effectively and incredibly transforms lives.The beautiful and natural setting, provided through God’s creation makes these programs even more powerful. Providing the highly skilled staff, designing excellent educational programs, maintaining facilities and being stewards of over 215 acres of God’s beautiful creation requires significant resources.The Outdoor Ministry Fund is critical in preserving the quality of these life-building experiences. Growing support of this fund will enable Camp Luther to expand and enhance programming for children, families and groups at Camp Luther, Keweenaw Base Camp and within congregations.Through God’s grace and provision Camp Luther will continue to offer an exceptional Outdoor Ministry experience. Current Limitations: • Revenue generated from registration fees and rentals alone does not meet annual ministry expenses. Goal: • Grow annual unrestricted giving to $350,000. How will the Outdoor Ministry Fund impact ministry and impact lives? • The Outdoor Ministry Fund is essential for Camp Luther to provide quality camps and year-round programs. • The Outdoor Ministry Fund makes it possible for Camp Luther to keep lodging and equipment repaired and/or replaced when necessary so that all guests have an excellent experience. equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ… Ephesians 4:12 # 1 Goal
  9. 9. CAMP LUTHER AVERAGE ANNUAL INCOME AND EXPENSE CAMP LUTHER ANNUAL REVENUE NEEDS 9 *Includes summer camper registrations, cottage rentals, group retreats, canteen and all other revenue. of EVERY KID TO CAMP and the OUTDOOR MINISTRY FUND enable Camp Luther to reach its ministry goals. Your SupportYour Support
  10. 10. 10 EVERY KID TO CAMP Our children and grandchildren are constantly being influenced by the world around them. Reaching our children with the Gospel while they are young is crucial if we wish to counter the conflicting influences of our culture. According to researcher George Barna, by age nine, most of the moral and spiritual foundations of a child are in place. Lifelong habits, values and attitudes are formed between the ages of 5-12. Placing our children in an environment that focuses on faith in Jesus Christ will help to provide the positive Christian foundation our children need. Project Under Way: • Provide a summer camp experience for children who have never attended before. • Over 2000 children have attended Camp Luther through Every Kid to Camp since its inception. Current Limitations: • It costs over $500 to provide a child with a five-day summer camp. • $150,000 is needed annually to send 300 children to camp. • Nearly $25,000 a year is dispersed to children in need of Camperships (financial aid). How will Every Kid to Camp enhance ministry and impact lives? • A child’s faith is encouraged and strengthened through a summer camp experience. • Campers experience a fun, safe, Christ-centered program where caring counselors serve as important role models. • Leadership and service are discovered through intentional activities and experiences. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 # 2 Goal
  11. 11. 11 CAPITAL PROJECTS The Lower Level of the Camp Luther Retreat Center was completed in the spring and summer of 2017 through proceeds of the Filled with the Spirit Campaign. The facility includes six bedrooms, men’s and women’s bathrooms and a lounge area.The new area of housing provides a new space for leaders on the Camp Luther Summer Staff known as Program Coordinators. Also, a six-person family room is available for medical professionals and their family who serve as“medics” during the summer camp season. During the camp’s Retreat Season, from September to May, the area will be available for retreats and guest groups. The facility was dedicated September 3, 2017 to the glory of God and the ministry that will take place here. # 1
  12. 12. 12 CAPITAL PROJECTS There is something special about gathering around the dinner table that builds a sense of community. The Camp Luther “dinner table” is special not only because of the joyful conversations and new friendships circled around a meal,but because campers,counselors,friends,and families gather in the midst of Christ himself. Current Limitations: • The Lodge portion of the facility built around 1920, has significant structural and operational concerns that need to be addressed. • The Dining Hall added in 1979 is too small to meet the needs of current camp programs and guest groups. • Meals are often served in shifts which limits opportunity for community gatherings. • Kitchen equipment and facilities are outdated and in need of upgrading to improve quality and efficiency. Projects Under Consideration: • Replace Dining Hall and Kitchen with a Community Center better suited to meet the needs of a growing ministry. • Improve overall food service quality and efficiency. • Expand space for inventory, rest rooms, packouts, and laundry. # 3 Goal
  13. 13. 13 How will a new Community Center enhance ministry and impact lives? • A new facility will provide a fresh and open environment where individuals are nurtured both physically and spiritually. • Providing an open and welcoming gathering place for campers, counselors and families to gather, give thanks, pray and talk about the events of their day and their lives. • An expanded facility will allow Camp Luther to meet the diverse and growing needs of individuals and groups. • It will meet a long-time need to have a facility large enough to host district, church and other large events. 4494 SF DINING HALL 331 SF CAFE 1062 SF KITCHEN 280 SF DISHWASH 298 SF WOMEN 262 SF MEN 228 SF LOBBY 81 SF MEN 81 SF WOMEN46 SF CLOS. 60 SF CANNED 58 SF FREEZER 58 SF COOLER 37 SF BEVER. 96 SF DRY STORAGE JAN. ELEV. STOR. STAIR STAIR 57 SF WASTE 901 SF SERVING CORRIDOR COATS 1/8" = 1'-0"A1.1 1 FLOOR PLAN NORTH MAIN COURTYARD LEVEL
  15. 15. 15 Amount Number Needed Total Running Total $500,000 1 $500,000 $500,000 $250,000 2 $500,000 $1,000,000 $100,000 3 $300,000 $1,300,000 $50,000 6 $300,000 $1,600,000 $25,000 10 $250,000 $1,850,000 $10,000 20 $200,000 $2,050,000 Other Gifts $450,000 $2,500,000 $2.5 million capital goal Scale of Gifts Camp Luther is blessed with gifts of all sizes to the Filled with the Spirit Campaign. This Scale of Gifts provides a roadmap toward successful completion of this campaign. Gift amounts represent one-time gifts and/or 3 to 5-year commitments to the campaign. Camp Luther is seeking support from individuals, businesses, family foundations, congregations, and corporations.
  16. 16. 16 4494 SF 331 SF 1062 SF KITCHEN 280 SF DISHWASH 298 SF WOMEN 262 SF MEN 228 SF 81 SF MEN 81 SF WOMEN46 SF CLOS. 60 SF CANNED 58 SF FREEZER 58 SF COOLER 37 SF BEVER. 96 SF DRY STORAGE JAN. ELEV. STOR. STAIR STAIR 57 SF WASTE 901 SF SERVING CORRIDOR COATS COMMUNITY CENTER $1,000,000 FIREPLACE $50,000 COVERED PORCH AND DECK $100,000 COFFEE SHOP $150,000 ENTRANCE $75,000 688 SF MEETING ROOM 81 SF MEN 81 SF WOMEN STAIR EQUIP. UNEXCAVATED STAIR 697 SF PACK-OUT KITCHEN 251 SF HOUSEKEEPING 284 SF REC. EQUIP. 2035 SF STORAGE/MECHANICAL 907 SF LOWER LOBBY ELEV. CORRIDOR PATIO DECK ABOVE N I $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ I l D $ $ $ KITCHEN $250,000 MEETING ROOM $100,000 G DINING ROOM $500,000 Naming Opportunities Gift Recognition Individual, Congregation, Foundation or Corporate $1,000,000 Community Center Named $500,000 Dining Room Named $250,000 Coffee Shop Named $100,000 Covered Porch and Deck Named $100,000 Meeting Room Named $75,000 Entrance Named $50,000 Fireplace Named $30,000 Lower Level Retreat Center Rooms Named Investors with gifts at or above the following giving levels will be honored appropriately in the new Community Center
  17. 17. Camp Luther has been a part of my life for over 30 years. Since my first summer at Camp Luther several decades ago, I have had the opportunity to serve the church and community in many ways. Through the years, the many learning and growing experiences at Camp Luther prepared me to be a willing servant leader, and I truly am honored to serve as the Chairperson for the Campaign Steering Committee. My family and I have been blessed by this place in too many ways to count. This is an exciting time for the ministry of Camp Luther. Thank you for your commitment to the ministry. Camp Luther has been a special place for many people over the last 71 years. And over those last 71 years, Camp Luther has changed in many ways. But one thing hasn’t changed – Camp Luther continues to be a place where the Word of God is shared, and people share in fellowship and service to His Kingdom. Lives continue to be changed and life-long, faith based relationships continue to be formed. Generations of families have crossed that bridge and enjoyed time here together, building relationships and growing in their faith. As we begin this exciting time at Camp Luther the basic mission and values of Camp haven’t changed.We are all blessed to be a part of this wonderful place that has touched our lives and created great memories for all of us. The “Filled With the Spirit” campaign gives all of us who have been blessed by the Camp’s exceptional outdoor ministry programs and the beauty of this place an opportunity to respond generously to sustain and build on the impact of Camp Luther in touching thousands of lives every year. Please accept my personal invitation and the request of the “Filled With the Spirit” Campaign Steering Committee to prayerfully consider your joyous response in support of the children, young adults, families and all those who benefit by the ministry of Camp Luther. Anne“Draino” Hartman Campaign Chair 17
  18. 18. Join the Campaign Team Pray daily for the staff and “family” of Camp Luther thanking God for his abundant grace and ask His blessing on the“Filled With the Spirit” Campaign. Provide a joyful annual financial gift to Camp according to the resources you have been entrusted with. Encourage your children, grandchildren and friends to enroll in one of the Camp’s many programs. Spread the word and introduce members of your congregation or circle of friends to Camp Luther. Share your “Camp Luther” story with three family members or friends and ask them to join the“Filled by the Spirit” team by providing a gift to Camp Luther. 1889 Koubenec Road • Three Lakes, WI 54562 • Phone: 715-546-3647 •