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Eco friendly insulation solutions for the home of yours - cork insulation


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Eco friendly insulation solutions for the home of yours - cork insulation

  1. 1. Eco-Friendly Insulation Solutions For The Home Of Yours - Cork Insulation When you imagine about insulation ways for the house of yours, I'm certain you consider the pink stuff that is available in a huge roll. Nevertheless, if you imagine about green insulation solutions, which food do you consider? Below are nine ways that you are able to insulate the home of yours with eco friendly products. Several of these products will amaze you. They're everyday products which are not only common and affordable, but they're very "green". 1. Sand - Did you realize that you can insulate the house of yours with sand? Sand is easy to acquire and is among probably the newest eco-friendly insulation materials. The business, EcoBatt, focuses on sand insulation. How they work is merge sand with recycled glass bottles. It doesn't contain formaldehyde, synthetic colors or phenols.
  2. 2. 2. Denim - Do not toss your old jeans just yet! I bet you'd not considered insulating the house of yours with denim. The cotton fibers in denim are as helpful as fiberglass but do not keep health risks that you've with fiberglass. 3. Straw bales - You're probably thinking that you'd not want to insulate the house of yours with straw due to the fire risk. Nevertheless, once the straw is bound into small bales and included with plaster, it will not catch fire and it can make an excellent insulation. It is a good way to recycle old straw which would usually be thrown out. 4. Wool - Wool is a normally fire and water resistant content thus it can make a terrific insulation. Simply climb under a wool blanket when it is cold and you are going to see what I mean. 5. Cork - I think cork is one item you did not think of as used as insulation. Used wine corks which are produced from natural cork and also be reused into insulation. In case used corks are built into insulation, brand new cork doesn't need to be harvested for this specific job. 6. Cellulose - Cellulose is a finely shredded paper which may be blown into the wall surfaces & ceilings of houses as insulation solution. Additionally, it is available in the form of a great board. This's a fantastic insulating material for older houses that perhaps do not have some insulation at all in the walls. This's a breeze to stick in than the fiberglass sort and it is much more green. 7. Spray foam - Most folks believe that spray foam isn't green, but if the bottle of spray foam is a water based spray which includes the bath with co2 or maybe magnesium dioxide with compressed air, then it certainly is eco friendly. 8. Newspaper - Did you actually think about taking old papers and also insulating the drinking water pipes of yours with it? Indeed, you are able to. Simply wrap the paper within the pipe and secure it with duct tape. The pipes of yours is protected against freezing. Rather than tossing out your old paper, put them to use that is great.
  3. 3. 9. Bubble Wrap - I realize you consider bubble wrap as a box material, though it's also excellent for insulating the drinking water pipes of yours. Do not purchase it for that reason, since it's quite expensive. Nevertheless, in case you've bubble wrap that you're planning to toss away, cover it around the drinking water pipes of yours as well as tape into position. Use these inexpensive, being sold environmentally friendly recyclable materials for insulation strategies. Doing this won't just save you money, though you're insulating the home of yours in the very best eco- friendly way possible. For More Information Visit: