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Costume ideas for boys


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Costume ideas for boys

  1. 1. 2011 Halloween CostumeIdeas for Boys
  2. 2.  Halloween is a sea of superheroes and robots, all blending together. This year, if your kid wants to stand out, there are some unique costume ideas for boys, some brand new and some new twists on classic costumes.
  3. 3. Hamburger Helper Hand The Hamburger Helper Hand Child Costume features the oversized white glove from the commercial with a face inside the mitt.
  4. 4. General Mills Lucky Charms Leprechaun Child Costume This costume includes a bright green jacket with undershirt, a scarf, and a large leprechaun hat. Black pants and bright green shoe covers finish off the look.
  5. 5. Deluxe Elvis Toddler/Child Costume Elvis is one of those costume ideas for boys you don‟t see every day, but the king of rock „n‟ roll has costumes for every age, including a toddler bunting costume that will make everyone swoon.
  6. 6. Wizard oF oz The Wizard of Oz is one timeless classic that may not flood the market with Halloween costumes these days, making your child stand out from the crowd of current pop culture-inspired costumes.
  7. 7.  Nobody wants to blend with the crowd on Halloween. When coming up with costume ideas for boys this year, looking past the large number of superhero and film/TV show costumes will help you stand out this Halloween and give you a unique answer to the question, “What will you be going as this Halloween?”
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