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Quality Counts


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Published in: Education
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Quality Counts

  1. 1. In Search of Quality! Gary Ryan Blair This post began with a simple question: ‘What is quality? Quality is about love; it’s a passionate obsession with perfection. It is the result of good intentions, uncompromising standards, sincere effort, intelligent design, attention to detail and skillful execution. Quality is the calling card of greatness; and it represents the wisest choice among many alternatives. True quality is only achieved through continuous improvement in performance that ensures the highest standards of your products, services, processes and technology. If you have any intention of being competitive, then quality -- in the broadest sense of the term -- must become an obsession. Dynamic, sustainable results will only be achieved through an obsession with quality. High achievers are essentially scientists whose laboratories happen to be any of a variety of places -- the kitchen, athletic field, courtroom, classroom, and boardroom. They test assumptions, experiment with new concepts and ideas, and search through the minutia looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack that can take lead to a breakthrough and competitive edge.
  2. 2. In the pursuit of quality, high achievers bring a methodical, pragmatic and demanding approach to work. And, because these individuals only want to produce the best results, their personal standards are uncompromising. In their pursuit of perfection, they pay rigorous attention to detail, expect greatness, and consistently deliver superior results. In their efforts to perform at the top of the game, they show no mercy to themselves or others. They understand that quality is a competitive weapon, and they use it with great authority. The goal is simple: make your own and your organization’s name synonymous with quality. Strive to render ever more perfection to the form and function of your work. Ensure that each and every aspect of your work receives a finishing touch. The final attention to detail must be given to the polish. Every single facet of quality must be polished and buffed in such a way that the end result exceeds all customer expectations. I’ve saved the best part for last; a commitment to quality means never having to say you’re sorry!