SEO Will Be Ruled By Panda and Penguin In 2014


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This is actually the most ideal moment for just about any new company to produce an animal-friendly site from the term go, as much sites are becoming punished with new upgrades coming up!

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SEO Will Be Ruled By Panda and Penguin In 2014

  1. 1. This week s a tad hard for Google as the newest Panda update has come up with a striking effect, so it is crystal clear that Google is in no mood of giving up. Google’s campaign to eliminate all top ranks of thin, extremely optimized websites is becoming a more and more learn. Now with takeover signs by the Penguin and Panda is getting robust and stronger, all site owners and respective SEO agencies are eagerly backing off on old strategies of SEO now seems to be black hat. As numerous websites are getting reprimanded with new updates coming up, this is the most perfect time for any new business to develop an animal friendly website from the word go! Before the latest updates of the Panda and Penguin came to existence, SEO agencies were implementing techniques that were associated with Google’s webmaster principles or guidelines. The approach aiming on a couple of target search terms, followed by thorough knowledge and research done by competitor, was hit hard the moment latest updates were introduced.
  2. 2. Google’s long lasting dream to always shine as a top search engine, has shattered, till the year 2012 content ruled on Google. But now things have changed, from now top ranks would be given to those websites that are user friendly, having well organized navigation, with appropriate and accurate header tags and unique and fabulous write-up. At present many websites are rushing to get their websites redesigned and filled with unique content, in addition they are removing those hundreds of unwanted of back links which might over optimize anchor texts The arrival of these latest updates is creating great opportunities for some. For new businesses, post Panda and Penguin catastrophe is proving to be the most accurate time to approach a good web designer and develop a user friendly website.
  3. 3. Well written, unique and relevant write up will naturally help your website generate back links. Also make sure to include social network tabs on every page of your website. This will develop a natural connection without any force and will not be misunderstood as a spam mail.
  4. 4. Ensure to maintain any anchor text links natural. Do not focus on two or three important keywords; instead keep working on numerous different alternatives, also work on a few terms that are totally off track too. Do focus on any empty URL in order to keep the link profile natural and not aim on certain keywords. User experience on the website is Google’s prime target. Currently with the latest updates of the Panda and Penguin, all websites will be awarded on the basis of how user friendly they are, rather than the proper optimization of the keywords. Ensure your website is complete with easy navigation, add comment boxes on articles and customer’s feedback, all these features will make your website complete and user experience in viewing your site would be great and fun.
  5. 5. Last but not the least, if you want to stay strong and top ranked in post Panda-Penguin era, make sure you develop a robust strategy making optimum use of the above given guidelines. Bear in mind that whatever be the trend the basic mantra always works on relevancy, and originality. I advise you to follow the rules and be authentic for
  6. 6. Almost everybody is familiar with panda and penguin updates by Google web spam team. It is very necessary to eliminate spam websites and bring authentic, unique and fresh content driven websites to the top. I have been working with leading Internet marketing company and witnessed may ups and downs. Regardless your efforts Google's Panda and Penguin is very strict with ethical practices and guidelines. I advise you to follow the rules and be authentic for Internet marketing services in India.
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