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10 Android Apps Make You Sense for Using By All Means


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Now you no longer need to invest thousands of dollars and months of effort in building an app. With some amazing android app building platforms, you can quickly develop your apps without any technical knowledge.

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10 Android Apps Make You Sense for Using By All Means

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e 10 Excellent Platforms for Building Android Apps Are you thinking to design and develop an app for your site, products, business or service, but the expensive investment of money and time puts you off? However, here is good news for all those who wish to enter the mobile app world. Now you no longer need to invest thousands of dollars and months of effort in building an app. With some amazing android app building platforms, you can quickly develop your apps without any technical knowledge. Just with a small investment you can make your own apps and reap the benefits of mobile app and enlarge your customer base, thereby creating awareness of your brand and company 1. A cloud based mobile application to develop applications for iOS, Android, Window; offers easy access to built-in equipment. It runs in cloud and thus users don’t have to download or install anything. Comprising of visual editor, you can easily drag and drop items to make the UI. One can connect it
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e to REST API and utilise it in app or immediately add a cloud database and backup yur stored data. With simple collaboration and easy sharing, you can share your mobile app building project with business users and consumers in real time 2. Mobile Rodie An app builder that permits you to create and handle their Android and iOS app. It works on all media types, with auto import of RSS, Google or Twitter keywords and auto-refreshing fan wall through which users can communicate with one another live. You can add content directly to the app and pull it anytime you want. Craft a customised look and apply to the platforms and use marketing equipment after the app is released. 3. TheAppBuilder TheAppBuilder offers plethora of apps to suit the need of clients, consumers, brochures and occasions with two different approaches at a time. You can craft the app with the online toolbox or TheAppBuilder works to assist you and make the framework of your app. The AppLibrary allows you to give users a window with several apps. You can secure the apps with username and password. Updating the app with new content is easy even after it goes live. The platform runs on Android, iPhone and iPad and updates the content in just 60 seconds of submission.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e 4. Good Barber It offers a platform to design Android and iPhone apps, permitting you control every detail of the application. It offers 9 different customizable designs to start with and over 600 fonts and 350 icons. You can link your app to domain, if you want an official mobile version of your site. Organise your app and add segments like live events, pictures, videos and more. 5. Appy Pie A DIY cloud based mobile app creator that permits the users to create apps withut any programming skills for Android, Windows and publishes it to Google Play or iTunes. You just have to drag and drop to create a mobile app. Once you’re done, you get an HTML 5based app that runs on all platforms. You can edit live and send push notifications, track location via GPS, view live analytics and more. Sync it with social media feed, blog, sites and more. 6. AppMachine An simple to use platform, AppMachine helps to design skilled native apps for Android. The drag and drop interface makes app creation easy. It offers many features such as video, picture and info. You can even your application to social media. Customise your app in your own style and choose your own font, icon, colour, layout and navigation route and
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e keep checking your progress through Previewer 7. GameSalad It allows you to create app and publish games on different platforms. The drag and drop interface permits you to start fast, without any programming knowledge. The game creating app supports scene and actor editing, with easy sound and image additions. 8. BiznessApps It serves as a platform to create apps for business in a simple manner. The features include shopping cart, food order, third party collaboration and complete analytics. Get real-time previews an check your app developing progress by using pre-built designs. 9. AppMakr The DIY app creating platform doesn’t require any coding knowledge. You can make as many apps as you want with
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e limitless updates and numerous specs such as high resolution image gallery, push notifications, live updates, chat room, video streaming, event calendar, shopping and more. Customise the look of your app and its functionality, by adding content with tabs and publishing it with a single click. 10. ShoutEm An app building platform with full content management, monetization alternative, full user engagement equipment with great publishing procedure! The interface comes with customisation options and can be integrated with WordPress, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebok and more. it allows you to publish your apps on Google Play and iTunes, offering regular updates in real time.