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SMi Social Media - Jan 2013 - GSK FaceBook Pharma Case Study (Gary Monk)

An outline of the GSK FaceBook approach, particularly towards moderation. It outlines the opportunities and challenges of using social media in pharma & healthcare.

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SMi Social Media - Jan 2013 - GSK FaceBook Pharma Case Study (Gary Monk)

  1. 1. Pharma Social Media Moving forwards? 24th JanuarySmi Social Media Conference London Gary MonkDigital Healthcare Consultant @garymonk
  2. 2. Statement• Pharma believes Social Media can benefit the industry and its stakeholders Question?• Have we made progress towards this statement in the last 2 years? The audience answered unanimously yes
  3. 3. All truth passes through 3 stages First - it is ridiculed Second – it is violently opposedThird – it is accepted as being self-evident Arthur Shopenhauer I believe we are somewhere between 2 & 3, with variation between companies
  4. 4. Case Discussions HCP Communities Corporate Communications Patient AwarenessI also planned to also cover HCP communities but due to thelevel of interest in the GSK case we only covered the corporatecomms topic (another subject for another day)
  5. 5. Case 1Corporate Communications (2 way)
  6. 6. GSK was used as an example of best practice.Disclaimer – I have no professional affiliationto the GSK Facebook page and have notinterviewed GSK on this interesting subject.All observations and opinions are my own.
  7. 7. GSK FaceBook policy is clear and tends toexplain why certain things are not acceptable
  8. 8. but please respect the following otherwise our lawyers will be mad at us: The company reserves the right to remove any postings at its sole discretion (we work with serious medical conditions and we can’t risk unmonitored or unverified medical advice being published).B.I. were highlighted forthere excellent use of We know a lot of doctors and trust‘human’ language to explain us - they know about health!their FB policy
  9. 9. GSK attempted toengage with thispersistentdetractor, and lateradopted theseemingly sensiblepolicy of allowinghis posts but notresponding
  10. 10. GSK InitiativesGSK post many of theirpositive initiatives on theirFB page
  11. 11. Sometimes strongly attacked A select few detractors often seize upon these positive posts and attack GSK, in a very strong manner. It is impressive they allow most of these comments to stand
  12. 12. But have strong popular support But GSK have a very strong following and receive many positive comments and praise. Often from employees and ex-employees
  13. 13. GSK successesCorporate achievements are highlighted
  14. 14. Often attacked by a small ‘hardcore’ groupAgain the same individuals will often attack theseachievements, and accuse GSK of hypocrisy
  15. 15. Used for HR / Recruitment GSK use their FB page as a tool for recruitment
  16. 16. GSK usually respond And importantly try to respond to enquiries…..
  17. 17. Including ad-hoc questions ….including this ad-hoc product question posted under an HR post on recruitment
  18. 18. ‘Mild’ CriticismCriticism is not always severe – this exampleshows a mix of praise and criticism
  19. 19. Employee Feedback/Criticism Some employees offer mild criticism that many of the corporate events and visits tend to happen at the company head office
  20. 20. Very Strong Criticism related to tragic personal stories This was a very tragic post, extremely critical of GSK, that caused some debate particularly around a potential adverse event (the product names have been redacted here). The purpose of showing was that despite criticism of GSK, they have been very brave in allowing these type of posts to be shared
  21. 21. Managing Global PRGlobal issues were often posted on the GSKFaceBook, where the team would usually respond, in thiscase pointing the community to an apology on Panadol
  22. 22. Yet with community support? Interestingly there was criticism of GSK for responding to the critics! And some criticism of the critics.
  23. 23. Leverage Positive StoriesWhat GSK do brilliantly is post regular newsitems, particularly on positive news items, not directlyrelated to GSK. This helps fill the FaceBook wall withpositive commentary and quickly ‘bury’ negativecomments further down the news feed. The next 2 slidesare examples of this, particularly the London Olympics.
  24. 24. Formula 1
  25. 25. LondonOlympics 2012
  26. 26. Despite the majority of comments being positive, this postshows you can’t please all of the people all of the time
  27. 27. Positive Comments significantly outweighed Some Stats Negative Comments. Note this analysis only• 2 month snapshot Nov & Dec 2012 considered comments that were• 15 Posts positive/negative directly to GSK as a• 3059 likes company.• 122 comments
  28. 28. Key Learnings GSK• Need courage & self belief• Have a strategy to respond to negative comments (or not!)• Generate positive advocates and news stories• Have something to say and a purpose
  29. 29. Questions or get in touch…..• twitter => @garymonk• email =>• linked In =>• phone => +44 7776 242276