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A 3+ Year Review of 12 StartUp Health Companies Progress


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On 10/26/15 I met 12 StartUp Health companies at the Cleveland Clinic. This annotated presentation shows where these companies are today in terms of activity and funding status. Some encouraging reading (See slide 15 summary)

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A 3+ Year Review of 12 StartUp Health Companies Progress

  1. 1. STARTUP HEALTH showcase Cleveland Clinic Innovations (26th Oct) @garymonk 2 November 2015 Updated 2/22/19 to assess how these companies are doing
  2. 2. Introduction • 12 ‘Startup Health’ Startups were showcased at Cleveland Clinic innovations • Each were given just 1 minute to present • An overview of the 12 startups follows Updated 2/22/19 to see how these companies are doing Source: Crunchbase
  3. 3. BABYSCRIPTS For obstetrics practices that want to improve clinical outcomes. Remote monitors patient in-between visits • Combines clinical care with a mobile solution in prenatal care market • Business model. SaaS business, via group providers on a fee for patient basis
  4. 4. LifeBio For senior care and health care providers/payers that struggle to see patients holistically, beyond just their physical needs • Captures patient biographical data via app and web platforms • Aims to improve patient/ clinical relationships, reduce loneliness and help fulfill Medicare requirements related to mental health • Business model: Saas business, revenue from care providers / caregivers / consumers on a licensing basis
  5. 5. AB PATHFINDER For autism therapy centers that lack real time insights and control over therapy delivery • “one stop shop” for in-depth data collection and outcomes measures • Live in over 122 therapy centers & 6000+ patients • Business model: Saas, revune from therapy centers on a subscription basis *In 2016 ABPathfinder acquired Ensure Billing. The new entity has since been know as ‘Pathfinder Health Innovations’
  6. 6. caremerge For healthcare providers and payers who face increasing risk in tracking patients’ wellbeing into post-acute care • Allows all stakeholders to get relevant automated alerts and intervene in a timely manner for improved outcomes • Allows creation of rules based on triggers, eg 5lb weight gain for CHF • Business model: Saas + subscription
  7. 7. ecofusion Disease prevention and management app that streamlines the process of care delivery • Example use in diabetes patients to change behavior and modify eating binges • Clinically proven in weight loss and reduction in A1C • Business model: Saas + subscription via clinics, hospitals and payors
  8. 8. Cerora For clinicians who are diagnosing concussion, a multimodal biosensor solution • Supports better more objective decisions around concussion, improving outcomes and saving money • Uses multiple data sources and analytics to increase diagnostic accuracy in real time • Business model: Saas + subscription via payors, providers and athletic institutions
  9. 9. UnaliWear First all-in-one, voice controlled watch to support seniors • Provides on-call emergency assistance, support for falls, medication reminders and guard against wandering • Does not require a smart phone • Designed as all in one solution that elderly patients prepared to wear (ie non stigmatizing)
  10. 10. RespondWell Telerehabilitation platform to help rpovders improve financial and clinical outcomes • Telemedicine system that employs motion sensors and 3D exercise animations ar home • Video records patient to assess performance and provide clinician with insights • Business model: Saas on a subscription basis
  11. 11. SKINDROID For athletes and health consumers who want to monitor their metabolic, electrolyte, pH, hydration and cellular respiration levels • A wearable biosensor that detects various bio-molecules / electrolytes from a users sweat • Cross platform integration possible • Business Model: Saas / Paas buisness, revenue from pharma, software and tech vendors.
  12. 12. MedXCom Automated medical answering service • Handles the challenge of mishandled, embarassing and lost night calls • Combines live operator experience with a mobile app to track and manage patient calls. • Subscription model, on a physician basis
  13. 13. Voyager Med For travelling patients, an online marketplace that connects patients with a curated network of US doctors • Provides patients access to search and book appointments with US clinicians • Subscription model from providers on a per patient basis
  14. 14. punctil Healthcare punctuality service to increase efficiency caused by missed appointments • Lets practice know who is en- route for appointments • Can charge for missed appointments • Can reshedule / offer up cancelled or missed appointments to other patients
  15. 15. All 12 companies are still going, 4 have since had significant funding injections and another 4 report a healthy revenue without additional funding Babyscripts Going Strong $13.7M $2.1M Seed $1.2M LifeBio Still Active None additional $80K Seed $6.4M Pathfinder HI* Going Strong $2.4M $2.9M (Series A) Not available CareMerge Going Strong $14.4M $6.1M (Series B) $5M Ecofusion Still Active None Additional Seed (undisclosed) Not available Cerora Still Active None Additional Seed (undisclosed) $7.5M Unaliwear Going Strong $6.9M $200K Seed Not available RespondWell Still Active None Additional Seed (undisclosed) $5M Skindroid Still Active None Additional Seed (undisclosed) Not available MedXCom Still Active None Additional Seed (undisclosed) Not available Voyager Med Still Active None Additional $200K Seed Not available Punctil Still Active None Additional $18K Seed $7.5M *Full name: Pathfinder Health Innovations
  16. 16. thank you twitter: @garymonk linked in: