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Eolfc 2013 organic local food co-op hannah renglich - cooperative models panel


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The Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference (EOLFC 2013) provided a great opportunity to share information, learn about success stories and gather information on innovative local food businesses, projects and best practices. The conference was organized by KEDCO (Kingston Economic Development Corporation) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Rural Affairs. The theme of the conference was Innovation Driving Local Food and it was held December 3, 2013 at the Ambassador Hotel in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. This topic is Organic local food co-op Hannah Renglich - cooperative models panel.

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Eolfc 2013 organic local food co-op hannah renglich - cooperative models panel

  1. 1. Co-Creating Regional Resilience in Ontario Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference Kingston, Ontario Dec. 3, 2013
  2. 2. If diverse communities of people are going to envision a more sustainable future and then co-create viable and innovative strategies for getting there, they must first see themselves as being inextricably connected to one another and to the natural environment -- Myriam Laberge and Ann Svendsen
  3. 3. What is the Network? 55 established and emerging co-ops across Ontario dedicated to co-operatively cultivating a more sustainable food system Build Capacity • Individual Co-op • Network strength Network • Connect • Share Learn • Educate • Advocate
  4. 4. Legend: Start-Up Existing Succession
  5. 5. Network’s Operating Values 1. Bringing local farmers and eaters into closer relationship 2. Growing and supplying fresh, healthy food locally 3. Keeping money in the community 4. Trading fairly, both domestically and internationally 5. Saving energy, building the soil, and protecting water 6. Celebrating good food, culture and community
  6. 6. LOFC Network Development 50 8 40 8 30 20 10 18 13 7 7 15 22 5 0 2011 Start-Up 2012 Emerging 2013 Established
  7. 7. Co-op Ownership Models • Producer-Owned  Farmer-Owned Organic Meadow • Consumer-Owned  Eater-Owned Mountain Equipment Co-op • Worker-Owned La Siembra Co-op (Camino Brand) • Multistakeholder West End Food Co-op
  8. 8. Virtual Co-operation
  9. 9. Thank you! @lofcnetwork