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Hip Chime Mortgage

  1. 1. + Instant Quote! Text GRANNY to 72727HipChime Mobile Marketing for Mortgage Companies
  2. 2. Smartphones• 64% of 25-35 year olds own a smartphone 1 in 4 mobile subscribers The SMS text messaging over the age of 55 market is expected to own a smartphone Source: mannixmarketing.com grow from $150 billion in 2009 to $223 billion by the end of 2014 48 hours Time it takes the average person To respond to a Source: Portio Research text message: 97% of ALL text The average open time for an email. 90 messages are read within 4 minutes Source: CTIA.org SECONDS. of receipt!
  3. 3. Mobile Coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons Source: Borrell Associates The majority of 25-34 year olds now own smartphones (64% and 53% respectively) Source: Nielsen 91% of all US. Citizens have their mobile 95% of smartphone users looked up local device within information, & of those, 61% called & 59% visited the arms reach 24/7 Source: Morgan Stanley business.Source: Google IPSOS
  4. 4. Social vs. Mobile MarketingFor the first time in history, the semi-annual survey conducted by ® CTIA-The Wireless Association shows the number of wireless subscriber connections (322.9 million) has surpassed the population (315.5 million) – October 11, 2011 Only 1/3 of Facebook’s 800 million+ user base uses Facebook Mobile Facebook has only 50.6% of the North American population – US Mobile users with SMS enabled phones? 92% Source: PRNewswire.com
  5. 5. Mobile Internetgrowth By 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage Source: PRNewswire.com
  6. 6. Clients throughout the US
  7. 7. 4 Goals to Monetize 1. Gather Opt-ins to Mobile database through Current AdvertisingGranny has the best rates andcan get you in your new home. • Generate more leadsCall now 1-800-Granny8http://granny8.wap to apply • Capture e-mail for additional touch pointnow. Reply STOP 2 quit 2. Mine database for increased conversions • Nudge Social Network engagements (add followers) 3. Promote Viral Element of Mobile Fwd 2 a Friend campaigns Increase Opt-ins/ Leads 4. Brand Identity growth (TOMA) • Push Mobile Site – mCommerce
  8. 8. HipChime MobileMarketing Mobile Integration Traditional Media
  9. 9. TEXT MESSAGING 101 “Text Call to Action” E SHORTCOD KEYWOR D (CHANGES (STAYS THE ) SAME) Text GRANNY to 72727 and get an Instant Quote on our best rates! Gran ny the b will he l http est pos p you ge 7 272 ANNY : //g sible t rann 7 call 1 -8 y8.c rate To: : GR repl 00-472- om or y ST G O P 2 669 8 MS quit
  10. 10. 1,000 40 convert and Average Revenue potential close on a Transactioncustomers Industry averages between 3-5% redemptions on Mobile offers! Quantifiable Return on this direct media! Revenue from a closed loan or re-finance = $300 Investment to send 1000 messages to Database? $50 ROI on 40+ Customers closing a loan? $12,000
  11. 11. The Mobile World 101 3 Ways to Build 1. Database(KEYWORD) to SHORTCODE (72727) Get the client to Text To: 72727 MSG: GRANNY a. On ALL Traditional Media b. Use in Social Networks 2. Add the Mobile “Opt-in” Option to your current Website Clients can get Updates on New Programs, Interest Rates and more… 3. Every customer auto-opts in during Application a. Communicate during the escrow b. Text 2 chat for document updates c. Fwd to Friends after transaction to promote brand awareness
  12. 12. Database MarketingGranny8 loves you and hopes Every customer that comes in contact with Granny8you will tell your friends about is engaged with MOBILE:us. Click here to recommend ushttp://grannyrec.wapReply STOP 2 end • During application • Through Traditional Advertising • On the Web • Etc. These clients are then marketed to timely over the upcoming months, generating additional transactions.
  13. 13. Promotions Match Organization Objectives • Increase Social Network Followers • Convert more deals • More Transactions per year • Add to E-mail listsGranny8 is now on You are entered for a Monthly bills eating you up?Facebook, follow us NOW Chance to WIN an iPad, Get a free quote onfor even more VIP reply w/ your email for an consolidating them to onetreatment. low pmt. http://granny8.com additional entry now. Reply STOP 2 quitReply STOP 2quit
  14. 14. Promotions Match Organization Objectives • Click through for instant quotes • Increased TransactionsGranny8, Get an instantquote now. Granny8: reply with yourhttp://granny8.wap email address now to beginor call 1800-grann8 your easy rate quote. WeReply STOP 2 quit love you at Granny8, reply STOP 2end
  15. 15. Promotions Match Organization Objectives Deliver updates with a picture message on Ratesand more to everyone thatdoesn’t convert to mine for future transactions more effectively!
  16. 16. Other Opportunities Granny8 rep Sally Smith: Will you give me a ring as soon as possible? I am still trying to get your verification of employment. Thank youProcessors can text individual customers rightfrom their desktop. Many people are not rightby their email and do not answer their phone. However they will quickly reply to a text speeding up the process and decreasing theamount of time spent chasing in-process files.
  17. 17. Gary Mc Clure Phone: 503-489-9090Email: gary@hipchime.com Text: GARY to 28748Online: www.HipChime.com