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Creating the wow


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Published in: Business, Education
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Creating the wow

  1. 1. Creating the Wow2013 Executive Leadership Conference Richard Currier
  2. 2. Wows/Breakthroughs: Getting ThereThe breakthrough rules: 1. Real customers with clear, pressing needs 2. Listen to customers to learn how to lead them 3. Showcase theme-based problem-centric stories 4. Change the game to win 5. Only leaders thriveThe “must do’s” for selling breakthroughs • Thought lead your market • Thought lead accounts • Obliterate obstacles
  3. 3. #1 Real customers/ clear pressing needsPopulations Needs: Recognized urgent needs Target Urgent Markets Important Useful
  4. 4. #2 Listen to Customers to Lead Them Useful Important Talk PassionTalk volume Urgent Need Categories
  5. 5. #3 Showcase Thematic Problem StoriesThe formula for great stories:•They need to be crisp, clear and compelling•They are problem-centric • The problem is compelling, easily understood, quick to tell and highly empathetic•Story artifacts make them more compelling • Name dropping (especially people/ peers) • Numbers (especially numbers about the problem) • Visual or metaphorical•You should build a compendium of stories • Multiple stories are needed to accommodate different situations
  6. 6. #4 Change the Game to Win• It starts with a vision Usually focusing on a different problem• It requires high impact sales/ marketing •Thought leadership for accounts/ markets •Change the way you sell and market •Change the way they buy• It is anchored in compelling product attributes• Sometimes new product is required
  7. 7. #5 Only Leaders Thrive Breakthrough apps that wow!revenue time
  8. 8. Where to Start Goals, objectives, aspirations Key strategies, themes,Long, medium and short term stories, … Problems, barriers to success Target Markets Buyer Needs
  9. 9. HealthShare Needed a BreakthroughEnsemble’s underwhelming results A great product loved by customers with a mixed market receptionEnsemble’s missed market positioning •Composite apps •Messaging enginesHealthShare’s slow start •Great product but slow uptake •Questionable market (buyer viability, only needed: “simple”?)
  10. 10. HealthShare: A Wow / BreakthroughRe-positioned product, re-targeted market:•Key benefit: HealthShare rapidly delivers high-payback (breakthrough) benefits to some of the most pressing, vexing healthcare problems•What sets HealthShare apart: HealthShare is an innovative strategic healthcare informatics platform that efficiently delivers far greater value than tactical point solution alternatives•The three keys to the HealthShare breakthrough: •Strategic interoperability •Engaged communities •Analytics in the active dimension
  11. 11. HealthShare: Driving the Wows• Market targeting• Sales training• The Roadshow• Targeted thought leadership programs
  12. 12. Creating the Wow2013 Executive Leadership Conference Richard Currier