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Marketing Portfolio


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Marketing Portfolio

  1. 1. Ø Education o Fairfield University o Software Ø Experience o Jobs Ø Events o All Star Weekend o NFL Draft Week Fashion Show o NBA Draft Events 2012 & 2013 o NFL Networking Day o Austin Trout Fight Press Dinner and Victory After Party o Tyrann Mathieu Viewing Party Ø Social Media o The Circle o Sarah Potempa Ø The Future
  2. 2. Fairfield University is a Jesuit institute located in Fairfield University. There I studied New Media and minored in marketing. New Media exposed me to various software’s, production, and advanced technologies. BusinessWeek ranks Fairfield 63rd in the United States and 2nd in Connecticut for Value based on the return on investment (ROI) it provides to its students   HTML coding, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office
  3. 3. I am Marketing Director and Consultant for a sports and entertainment brokerage called The Circle LLC. They have managed and brokered deals for some of the industries' most prominent athletes and celebrities. Their client list consist of Russell Westbrook, Kemba Walker, Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky, Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, John Wall, Teyana Taylor and many more. Here are my duties: Ø Brand, manage and market numerous professional athletes increased market value, and introduced new opportunities such as Kemba Walker, Austin trout, Russell Westbrook, Tyrann Mathieu and other mid level talent) Ø Produce and Promote events and projects with the market leverage from The Circle’s clients Ø Alter marketing strategies online and offline to obtain new revenue streams for The Circle’s clients Ø Obtain sponsorships for a variety of high end events and projects for brand exposure, and revenue Ø Produce high end events with celebrities, athletes, and top executives for revenue and client purposes Ø Edit and create all graphics and videos for promotional material and branding material. Ø Delegate tasks and enforced deadlines to marketing staff and partnering entities Ø Conduct monthly events and outings for our clients to maintain relationships and give gratitude for their cooperation. I also work on site at SARAHPOTEMPA Inc. as a Marketing Manager/ Event Coordinator. Sarah Potempa is a celebrity hairstylist that has a rising hairstyling tools line. I research, create, and implement marketing plans for their rapid expansion. With doing this I also produce the events that I conjure in the plan. Here are my duties: Ø Construct extensive marketing research and plans for new distributors, sourcing, new markets, and new partners Ø Coordinate and produce events to generate more exposure and create new revenue streams for the brand Ø Form and maintain relationships with B2B partners and consumers Ø Distributed tasks to interns and guerrilla marketing field teams. Ø Generating beneficial backlinks from search engines, bloggers, and PR companies
  4. 4. Gail Sagel was one of my first clients. Her innovative Brush On Liquid Mineral Foundation product garnered tremendous press. This was my first client of many, whom I stayed with for a long time. I “designed” Website and email templates, generated and promoted social media content, increased sales, and connected her with great assets for her brand. Ø Developed overall 2012 marketing scheme (Social Media, Blogs, Video Marketing, SEO, A/B testing and more) Ø Distinguished marketing trends from past and current attempts from their successful competitors Ø Managed all blogs, video blogs, and social media accounts, engaged with their fans, and generated more Ø Worked directly with CEO with all of the company’s marketing ideas, and opportunities Ø Created email templates with creatives, deals, promotions, contests and all social media additions (Constant Contact) Ø Handled website back-end system, which included statistics, HTML designs, products, sales, and affiliates Ø Assisted in the creation of all banner advertisements and campaign material Ø Trained newly hired marketing manager thoroughly on implementing the entire marketing scheme This is where I was introduced to Affiliate Marketing. I took this skill-set and strategically implemented in different scenarios in my career. Ø Operated company back end system, which included all client data, and statistics Ø Maintained and created relationships with company clients by sending detailed statistics and attending to all needed obligations Ø Designed banners, creatives, and sale sheets for our all new and existing campaigns Ø Implemented internet marketing methods for unique campaigns and affiliates to drive more traffic and sales Ø Consolidated, modified, and attended to daily emails and messages from clients and customers
  5. 5. NBA All Star Weekend 2012 This was hosted By Chris Brown, Kemba Walker, and John Wall. The bulk of the Facebook exposure 75K+ Likes on the flyer on Chris browns site. The Website had 50K+ Hits throughout the weekend, and YouTube 2K+ Views. Numerous celebrities were there, setting the pace for the rest of 2012. Chris Brown and I COO Sergio Nieto and J.R.
  6. 6. NFL Draft Week Fashion Show We had 8 NFL prospects and players brand themselves in front of a plethora of bloggers in the Audi Show Room in Manhattan NBA Draft Events 2012 & 2013 Every year we produce 4 events during NBA Draft wee. Both years we had an art expo, Gifting Suite, Draft Viewing mixer and a Draft after party. NBA Watch Party at Yotel Lounge NBA Art Expo at Axelle Gallerie
  7. 7. CEO Kevin Shaw making a toast. NFL Networking Day 35 NFL athletes, executives and tastemakers, had a day of activities together. They had a photoshoot, dinner, charity event, networking meetings, and more. Kemba Walker Birthday Dinner and Party We always celebrate our client’s birthday’s right. Here is when we celebrated Kemba Walker birthday with press, executives, and friends, and then went to Greenhouse at night.
  8. 8. Austin Trout Fight Press Dinner and Victory After Party Dozens of bloggers came together with executives and close friends for a relaxed press dinner at Courgette restaurant in Mid Town NYC. After his victory over Miguel Cotto in Madison Square Garden, we held his after party at Greenhouse Night Club with Oklahoma City Thunder to celebrate. Tyrann Mathieu Viewing Party One of the most talked about players of this year’s draft awaited his selection on ESPN live in Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality.
  9. 9. I ran a gamification campaign at International Beauty Show in NYC for my client Sarah Potempa. We received over 2,000 likes and tweets from the contest. All of the social media accounts got a tremendous boost. Tyrann Mathieu and Austin Trout gave the Circle great recognition on their Instagram accounts.
  10. 10. Here are some of the Retweets that I was able to gather from the Circle LLC account. Throughout the time of my management they have gotten Retweets to over 10 million people. Chris Brown, Tyrann Mathieu, V-Nasty, Kemba Walker, Russell Westbrook, John Wall and more have acknowledged The Circle LLC.
  11. 11. Largest Theatre Network Live Entertainment on 20,000 screens Pay-Per-View/ VOD/ Theatre’s Copy and Paste In Browser Global Online Streaming Copy and Paste In Browser Global Online Streaming Copy and Paste In Browser: Along with my knowledge of where marketing tactics are going, I am also affiliated with the companies that have technology that will be changing marketing as well. Explore these companies below:  
  12. 12.     Gary little is a marketing conglomerate with a rich and innovative history of marketing in multiple markets. His expertise is also versed in knowledge that will transcend the future of marketing and collaborations. His assets, contagious personality and relentless work ethic are a perfect fit for any project on any level. Expect some interesting changes to society deriving from his upcoming projects. 299 East 3rd Street New York, NY 10009 (203) 260-8763