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Improving the entrepreneurial journey


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We help transform the impact of entrepreneurial people in their journey.

By leveraging their 'entrepreneurial DNA' to grow competence they will become better business owners or managers.

Accurate and relevant information will help educators and support organisations to improve operational effectiveness by helping to understand who they are working and how they can support their needs.

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Improving the entrepreneurial journey

  1. 1. How using Entrepreneur Scan improves the entrepreneurial journey
  2. 2. By uncovering Entrepreneurial DNA
  3. 3. Using theEntrepreneur Competence Model
  4. 4. Leveraging characteristics and thinking styles....
  5. 5. Doubleclick on theimage andplay the 3minutemovie Take the journey....
  6. 6. Doubleclick on theimage andplay the 1minutemovie Wish to add ‘entrepreneurial juice to your offer....?
  7. 7. Then decide how E-Scan can help... We provide E-Scans and integration services to: •Accredited Associates •Enterprise Educators •Entrepreneur Support Organisations Contact us via entrepreneurial competence to your offer
  8. 8. ‘entrepreneurial regards’ from..