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An Overview of Mission Arlington


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An Overview of Mission Arlington

Published in: Education
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An Overview of Mission Arlington

  1. 1. An Overview of Mission Arlington
  2. 2.  Gary Guion currently serves as the president of a Dallas based real estate private equity firm, in Texas. Gary Guion has take an active role in the community and has supported Mission Arlington by helping to construct a building dedicated to his former mentor.
  3. 3.  Located in Arlington, Texas, Mission Arlington ardently and faithfully serves the Lord and spreads the gospel like other churches. Mission Arlington was founded by Tillie Burgin, a missionary who regularly visited South Korea. After noticing unmet needs in her own city, she decided to focus her efforts closer to home, and hence her group was born. It is a service organization that works with other churches through the establishment of Mission Metroplex, which provides support, monetary and otherwise, to local churches. Furthermore, the organization offers medical and dental services.
  4. 4.  To learn more about this unique organization, visit