RFID in Libraries: Imagining The Future (CILIP RFID in Libraries 2012)


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This is a presentation I gave at a conference in 2012... it's based around what if we took these RFID uses in other situations and applied them to libraries.

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RFID in Libraries: Imagining The Future (CILIP RFID in Libraries 2012)

  1. 1. Imagining The Future Gary Green Surrey County Council Library Service gary.green@surreycc.gov.uk CILIP RFID in Libraries Conference 2012
  2. 2. What ifs? • Unusual & creative uses of RFID technology beyond the library sector. • With a bit of tweaking could we translate them into library use? • What benefits would it give us & our library users?
  3. 3. Science of Survival Exhibition • Interactive museum exhibition based around sustainable living & the environment. • Record visitor experience throughout the exhibition & choices they make. • All visitors experience added to build a combined futurescape of people’s choices at the exhibition.
  4. 4. Science of Survival Exhibition Translated into library use... • Visitor tracking: how do your visitors use & navigate the library? • Best places in the library to site stock & services. • Show what’s happening in your social network... the library.
  5. 5. Interactive Sculpture Walk • Sculptures placed in urban areas of Northern California. • RFID tags embedded in sculptures. • Using NFC enabled phones people can leave messages via the tags. • People can also read messages other have left.
  6. 6. Interactive Sculpture Walk Translated into library use... • Users add their emotional experience to library resources – reviews, ratings, comments. • Those experiences are shared with other library users – personal recommendations.
  7. 7. Wine Selection • RFID tagged wine bottles. • Place selected wine on RFID enabled shelf. • Display more information about wine than appears on label – recommended food, rating, how many other customers selected it. • Records user activity.
  8. 8. Wine Selection Translated into library use... • Value added information about stock – press reviews, upcoming author events, recommendations based on choice. • Provides library with information about how people are using our resources.
  9. 9. Cemeteries • RFID tagged gravestones. • NFC enabled phone. • Visitors can learn more about the person buried there. • Visitors leave messages & record stories for others who visit.
  10. 10. Cemeteries Translated into library use... • Users able to add information to library resources that they have intimate knowledge of. • Users able to fill in “missing information” in our resources.
  11. 11. Toys & Play • RFID enabled soft toy act as reader or trigger. • Animal rescue centre: provides multimedia information about animals. • Pling Plong: Audio player pillow reads out audiobook when book placed near it. • LAMBERT: Sign language support.
  12. 12. Toys & Play Translated into library use... • Link play to core purposes of libraries: education, language, literacy. • Alternative way to enjoy books & story telling.
  13. 13. British Music Experience • British pop music exhibition. • RFID enabled entrance ticket. • Scan ticket to bookmark parts of exhibition. • Go home & enter ticket number onto website & see more about areas you bookmarked.
  14. 14. British Music Experience Translated into library use... • Bookmark RFID tagged library resources using NFC enabled smartphone. • Smartphone can share information with others. • Access their “bookmarks” outside of the library building.
  15. 15. The Nest Haunted House • Theme park experience. • Pulls in data from your Facebook account • Visitors wear RFID badges which trigger personalised “creepy” responses throughout the haunted house eg their name appearing on gravestone.
  16. 16. The Nest Haunted House Library use… • RFID enabled device (smartphone) linked to Facebook account. • Use data from other networks to suggests user might want to borrow “this item” that is in the library on the shelf right now. • Personalises experience.
  17. 17. Creative Uses of RFID Could… • Identify how people use library services & resources. • Enable library users to share opinions & experiences. • Provide value added info beyond the physical library resource. • Enable library users to contribute knowledge to collections. • Assist in provision of libraries’ core purpose. • Share library resources more easily. • Personalise library services in real time.
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  19. 19. Imagining The Future Gary Green Surrey County Council Library Service gary.green@surreycc.gov.uk CILIP RFID in Libraries Conference 2012