Causes of Conflict In Sri Lanka


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'O' Level Social Studies Project on causes of conflict in Sri Lanka.

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Causes of Conflict In Sri Lanka

  1. 1. CAUSES OF CONFLICTS IN SRI LANKA By Ai Ling, Rajkirren & Gary 3/2
  2. 2. Sinhalese vs Tamils
  3. 3. Problems Origin Sinhalese vs Tamils Era British Colonial Independent Sri Lanka Favours Tamils (minority) Sinhalese to In Jobs & Education Government Policies
  4. 4. Policies > Conflicts Ceylon citizenship FOREIGN INTERFERENCE INDIAN TAMILS act of 1948 India helped the tamils stateless, losing their to negotiate with Sri basic rights, even Lanka government. Granting citizenship to those who or/and has though they contribute The tamils was granted a forefathers that were largely to the economy citizenship after a series born in Sri Lanka. of ethnic violence interruption
  5. 5. Policies > Conflicts “Sinhala Only” Act Pro & Contra Partial Reversal 1956 the SLFP and the UNP in 1958 supporting it, LSSP, allowing only Sinhalese Communist Party (Ceylon) Revision of the language to be used in & Tamil Nationalist Parties campaign became the government. opposing it “Sinhala only, Tamil also”.
  6. 6. Policies > Conflicts University admission criteria New criteria by the government in 1970. Tamil students need higher marks. A xed number of places in the university were set aside for the Sinhalese students.
  7. 7. Policies > Conflicts Resettlement Poor Sinhalese peasants were transferred to the Jaffna peninsula & batticaloa districts where majority were Tamils The government gave them land on which Tamil people were living on to farm on. The Tamil people were chased out of their homes and lands by the army.
  8. 8. CAUSES OF CONFLICTS IN SRI LANKA By Ai Ling, Rajkirren & Gary 3/2
  9. 9. Pictures taken from.... ag/shanehensinger/800px-Tamil-tigers- agsvg.png in_pictures_photos_of_the_year_2006/img/11.jpg re-and- tamil-eelam/comment-page-3/ s400/1434265805_24d3bc2e44_o.jpg %20India%20Nursing%20students%20in%20class%20nursing%20school%20at %20Muttuchira%20Kerala.jpg AAAAAAAAABw/yvocmj2_JiM/s320/Rumah+Kumuh.jpeg