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  1. 1. Metro Website Design Flyer Design Proposal1. Definition of TermsThis is a proposal for graphic design work..2. ProposalThe design and printing of 5000 postcard sized (4x6) flyers for Hollywood Stars Tours..3. WarrantiesI represent and warrant to “THE CLIENT” that I have the experience and the abilityto perform the services required by this Proposal; that he will perform said servicesin a professional, competent and timely manner; and execute performance of thisProposal.4. Fees.All fees are including in this agreement and there will be no additional fees unlessadditional work is approved by the client..5. Payment.Payment shall be made by cash, check, or money order, in US dollars, and madepayable to “Charles Winters”6. Payment Terms.The total cost for this project is $250. This is for 3 hours of labor creating the design,printing and shipping costs.This proposal includes the cost of printing and standard shipping.The initial deposit is $150 (the labor cost).The final payment of $100 (the printing & shipping cost) is due upon completion of thedesign and approval of the flyer design.
  2. 2. .8. Completion Date.Charles Winters and the CLIENT must work together to complete the website in atimely manner. Much of this depends on receiving the appropriate images and textfrom “THE CLIENT” in a timely fashion. We agree to work expeditiously to completethe website in a professional and timely fashion. The estimated completion time is 3days with the total completion time not to exceed 5 days .9. Additional Expenses.All expenses are included in this agreement including all programming, graphicdesign and programming. There will be no additional expenses that are not coveredin this contract.10. Description of Services.This proposal is for the design and printing of 5000 full color postcard sized businesscards. Thick UV Coated double sided paper. This quote includes standard shipping. .11. Age.Client certifies that he or she is atleast 18 years of age.12. Limited Liability.CLIENT hereby agrees that any material submitted for publication will not contain anyviolations of privacy, computer viruses, any harassing and harmful material or uses,any illegal activity, or material advocating illegal activity, and any infringement ofprivacy or libel13. Laws Affecting Electronic Commerce.The CLIENT agrees that the CLIENT is solely responsible for complying with suchlaws, taxes, and tariffs, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Charles Wintersfrom any claim, suit, penalty, tax, or tariff arising from “THE CLIENTS” use of Internetelectronic commerce.14. Copyright Information.Copyright to the finished assembled work of the design produced by Charles Winters
  3. 3. is owned by “THE CLIENT”. “THE CLIENT” is the sole owner of the files, graphics,and text contained in the finished assembled product. Rights to photos, graphics,source code, work-up files, and computer programs are specifically owned by “ THECLIENT”. .15. Authorship Credit.“THE CLIENT” may allow me to include a link on my website establishing authorshipcredit.16. Non-Disclosure Agreement.I agree that, except as directed by Client, I will not disclose at any time during or afterthe term of this CONTRACT disclose any Confidential Information to any personwhatsoever.17. Cancellation.This agreement may not be canceled at any time by either party18. Payment of Fees.Payments must be made promptly. Invoices are due upon receipt. Payments aremade by check or money order unless otherwise specified.19. NDA.I agree that I will not disclose, copy, reproduce or release any information about thisproject to anyone. The files for this website are the property of “The Client”. Allinformation that will be supplied regarding this project will kept strictly confidential.Charles WintersDate: 02/22/11
  4. 4. *TOTAL COST: $250Charles Winters1607 North Elcentro ave #5Hollywood, CA 90028Make Your Check Payable to: Charles Winters