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  1. 1. Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer First Edition, August 2012 by Jerry Garner Contents Contents.............................................................................................................................2 Introduction.......................................................................................................................5Chapter 1................................................................................................................................7 Health Is Essential For Success And Stress Is The Biggest Threat ............................7Chapter 2..............................................................................................................................10 Your Thoughts Create Your Future.............................................................................10Chapter 3..............................................................................................................................13 Did You Know That You Have Three Minds?............................................................13Chapter 4..............................................................................................................................17 The Real Underlying Cause Of Stress..........................................................................17 Energy Healing.............................................................................................................18Chapter 5.............................................................................................................................20 The Three Tools You Are Going To Need ..................................................................20Chapter 6.............................................................................................................................23 Three Steps to Remove Negative Emotions................................................................23Chapter 7..............................................................................................................................27 Meridians and Magnets A Marriage from Heaven.....................................................27Chapter 8.............................................................................................................................30 Helping Others to Get Rid Of Their Trapped Emotions............................................30Chapter 9.............................................................................................................................33 I Witness Miracles Everyday-My Stories....................................................................33Chapter 10...........................................................................................................................36 Two Amazing Dog Stories ...........................................................................................36©2012 Jerry Garner 2 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  2. 2. Chapter 11............................................................................................................................40 Summary, Reprint Rights, and Special Offer.............................................................40 Summary......................................................................................................................40 Reprint Rights..............................................................................................................42 Special Offer.................................................................................................................42 Bonuses........................................................................................................................43 Actions To Take Now...................................................................................................44 Pay it Forward..............................................................................................................44©2012 Jerry Garner 3 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  3. 3. DISCLAIMER AND TERMS OF USE AGREEMENTThe author and publisher have used their best efforts in preparing this report. The author andpublisher make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness,or completeness of the contents of this report. The information contained in this report is strictlyfor educational purposes Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this report, you aretaking full responsibility for your actions.Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential however, there isno guarantee that you will improve in any way using the techniques and ideas in these materialsexamples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of anything. self-help and improvement potential is entirely independent on the person using our product, ideasand techniques. your level of improvement in attaining the results claimed in our materialsdepends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, knowledge andvarious skills. since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee yoursuccess or improvement level nor are we responsible for any of your actions. many factors willbe important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieveresults similar to ours or anybody else’s, in fact no guarantees are made that you still achieve anyresults from our ideas and techniques in our material.The author and publisher disclaim any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitnessfor any particular purpose. The author and publisher shall in no event be DEEMED liable to anyparty for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arisingdirectly or indirectly from the use of this material, which is provided “as is”, and withoutwarranties. As always, the advice of a competent professional should be sought. The author andpublisher do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed orlinked to in this report. All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted forcontent, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.©2012 Jerry Garner 4 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  4. 4. IntroductionAs the title of this book suggests, one of the main causes of not manifesting your deepestdesires, and business success, is Self-Sabotage.This book will make you aware of the real root cause of your self sabotage, explain whatit is, and how you can remove that cause permanently, using a simplified, self-help,three step system.Briefly, below is a summary of my business background, and pursuit of that elusivedream of total financial independence, freedom to do what I want, and when I want todo it.I also share many of the programs and systems that I was using to discover the realcause of my failure, so that I could eliminate them.I have been an entrepreneur since 1965, and since that time I have been chasing mydreams. I have spent thousands of dollars, and put in thousands of hours of reading,listening to cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and videos, looking for the secret of success. Istarted with a cleaning franchise, bought a Century 21 real estate franchise, spent 18years in various MLMs, became a day trader in the Forex and Option markets, and ayear ago I started an online marketing business.During those past 47 years, I have enjoyed limited success, but my dream of totalfinancial freedom, with a perpetual residual income has continued to elude me, until Idiscovered that I was self-sabotaging myself, and more important, how to get rid ofthe cause permanently.I tried all the traditional approaches to overcome my roadblocks, like positiveaffirmations on notes all over my environment, and even saying them to myself, whilelooking into my own eyes in the mirror.I have tried NLP, self-hypnosis, hypnotic tapes, meditation techniques, and numerousmanifesting techniques. They all had some limited success, but I continued self-sabotaging myself, and I still did not know why, so I continued my search.I discovered, and am still using The Healing Codes system. I discovered and am stillusing The Tapping System. They are both great, but still I knew in my gut, that there wassomething else holding me back. All the stress was still there, and it was affecting myhealth.©2012 Jerry Garner 5 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  5. 5. Five months ago, and I am writing this in August 2012, I received an invitation to attenda Webinar, and after the Webinar, my reaction was "EUREKA", I found the deepestunderlying reason for my business failure.I have heard it said many times, that everyone has a book within them, but I never hadanything to inspire me, to actually sit down and do the work. Well I have now, and it isone of the most profound experiences of my lifeThe bottom line is, that in 3 months, I was able to find and get rid of all the roadblocksburied deep within me. My stress is gone, my health is dramatically improved, and nowmy online business is starting to move. As a result, I am a man on a mission, to share mysecret discovery with as many people as possible.I know this may sound like a sales pitch, but let me assure you, before you start reading,that I am not an affiliate of this program. I do not receive any compensation, or moneyfor sharing it. In the book, I will reveal to you what the system is, how to useit yourself, and how to get the system for yourself, so you can also removeall of your internal roadblocks to success.It is my heartfelt desire, and mission, to help all entrepreneurs, and those aspiring to beone, to find and remove all internal roadblocks to their success.This book will start at the beginning, and step by step take you from identifying theproblems causing your stress and business failures, and then walk you through athree step process of how to eliminate the real, root cause of your stressand failure. So let’s begin your life changing discovery in Chapter one.There are several clickable links in the book. If the links do not work for you, it is likelythe conversion when we uploaded the book. The book, in its original form, is clickableon every operating system except iPad and Android OS. This is because they use a“pointer” instead of mouse system.Since there are many ways in which you may have received this eBook, such as hyperlinkin a forum post, the links may not work.If your copy of this eBook does not allow links to be clicked, just copy and past them intoyour browser. You will go directly to the websites. If you have a problem, please emailme.I encourage you to take the time to use these links, as they are all for your benefit.I would especially appreciate your feedback and comments on this eBook. It will helpme to improve my second edition. Send your comments to me atjerry_garner@bellsouth.net.©2012 Jerry Garner 6 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  6. 6. Chapter 1 Health Is Essential For Success And Stress Is The Biggest ThreatEntrepreneurs tend to be type “A” personalities. What does that mean? Usually, type“A’s” are the ones who tend to be unbalanced in the way they spend their time.For instance, some entrepreneurs will wake up in the middle of the night, and work.Then they get a little sleep, get back up, and work all day. Finally they have some dinner,and then work all evening.When you are young, you can get by with such a schedule, but there are long termconsequences in 3 areas of your life. Let’s take a look at what usually happens. 1. Family life—What do you think the effect is on the spouse and children, when they never see you? Many divorces can be traced back to a workaholic spouse. How balanced do you think your children will be, with a role model like that. 2. Stress—Starting and building a new business, requires a lot of mental effort, as well as time and money. There are also a lot of unforeseen obstacles to overcome. That can cause a great deal of stress. 3. Health—your body has certain needs that must be met, if you are to remain healthy, and productive. It requires nourishment, rest, and mental health. You must have good health to be productive, and accomplish your goals.Let me ask you a question. How balanced, productive, and healthy do you think you willbe, if one or more of these 3 consequences are controlling your life?So the question remains, “How can you start and build a business, without yourhealth?” Since the biggest threat to your health is Stress, you need to find a way to getrid of it.In the next few chapters, I will be covering the solution to living a healthy, productive,stress free life, while building your business, and being free from self- sabotage.First, we need to understand the true nature of Stress. What is it, where does it comefrom, and how can you control it?Now, I am going to explode the myth surrounding stress.Most people think that stress is caused by external conditions over which they have nocontrol. The truth is stress comes from within.You create the stress internally; by the way you react to outside problems, people, and©2012 Jerry Garner 7 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  7. 7. circumstances. In other words, it is your own fault. It is created in your mind.Let me share a true story with you, to illustrate what I mean.A couple decades ago, I was associated with a well-known millionaire entrepreneur inone of his business ventures.The FTC decided that he had violated one of their regulations, and filed charges againsthim. He decided to fight for his rights, because he knew the charges were unfounded.Every day during the trial, his secretary, accompanied by her teenage daughter, tooknotes of all the proceedings to share with his attorneys, every evening.Every day, crossing the parking lot, crossing the lobby, and riding the elevator up to thecourtroom, she remarked to her daughter, “Do you notice how unfriendly everyone is,no one is smiling, and everyone seems to be rude”.At the end of the trial, after the millionaire had been completely exonerated from allcharges, they gathered their stuff and left the courtroom. After getting in to their car toleave, the secretary remarked to her daughter, ” Did you notice how different everyonewas today? People were smiling, and considerate, and friendly. I wonder whathappened?” As only children can sometimes see the truth, the daughterreplied,“Mother, you were friendly and smiling today”.What was the difference? The courthouse and the people in it were pretty much thesame after the trial, as during the trial? The circumstances of unfair charges, and alengthy trial, created a great amount of internal stress. in their lives, because ofexternal circumstances, that was beyond their control.The difference was in the mind of the secretary, and how she reacted to the problem.She had created her own stress, in her own mind. She couldn’t eat or sleep, and was veryirritable with her family all during the trial. The stress was felt by everyone around her,and she was giving off negative vibrations wherever she was.After the victory, she released all the built up stress from within. She began to give offpositive vibrations, and her external world changed immediately.So what is the moral to this true story?When faced with external problems, you have 2 choices in dealing with them. You canplay the blame game, and make yourself a victim of circumstances, or you can use yourGod given talents, and fight back, with a positive plan of action.©2012 Jerry Garner 8 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  8. 8. If you do, then you are in control, and not a victim, and I promise you that the stresslevel will be greatly reduced.Stress is so critical to your health, and business success, that we will spend the nextthree chapters exploring it further. So stay with me to the end of this book, and youare going to be blown away by how easy the permanent solution will befor you.©2012 Jerry Garner 9 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  9. 9. Chapter 2 Your Thoughts Create Your FutureIn my last chapter, we determined that the source of your stress is in your mentalprogramming, which responds to outside circumstances and problems.To change that mental programming, requires that you find a way to change thesubconscious programming, in order to greatly reduce the internal stress you feel.To change that subconscious programming, you must first understand how yourconscious and subconscious minds work. Once you know how they work, mysuggestions will make more sense to you.In this chapter we will be laying the groundwork for practical things that you can do, butfirst things first.In the headline of this chapter, I made a statement that your thoughts create yourfuture. This is far from a new thought. Napoleon Hill, in his best-selling book, called“Think and Grow Rich” showed how the wealthiest people knew and used this idea, toamass their wealth.The conclusion was that it was their thoughts that were the source ofsuccess. Now, I am going to be making some controversial statements, to explain thetruth about how things really work. I can only ask that you keep an open mind, while Itie all these thoughts together. I promise that it will make sense to you after you have allthe information. 1. Thoughts are real things, and these thoughts have power 2. Where you are now in your life, is the result of all your past thoughts, good or bad. 3. You can create the future you desire by thinking the right thoughts in the right way. 4. You have already created the future you didn’t want, by thinking the wrong thoughts. 5. You can’t escape this fact. If you don’t like where you are in life, you will continue to create more of the same, unless you learn to change and control your thoughts.©2012 Jerry Garner 10 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  10. 10. The physical laws of the Universe, as they really exist, are being rapidly rewritten byQuantum Physics. Now, we won’t be going into that study in this chapter, because it isfar too complex and time consuming. This eBook is designed to make a complex subjecteasier to understand. We will however, use Quantum Physics, as it relates to yourthoughts, because you will need to know that, in order to reach your goal of getting ridof your internal stress. Thoughts Are Real Things, And Thoughts Have PowerNow, lets talk about thoughts. Lets explore the 5 points above in more detail. In thischapter we will learn more about thoughts, what they are, how they work, how muchpower they have, and how to use them to improve your life.Some might feel that it is rather silly, because everybody has thoughts every wakingmoment. They think, "How could that have any influence over my life?"In Quantum Physics, which I cover in more detail in another chapter, we learn thateverything is energy in the entire Universe. We also learn that humans have the powerto create what they want, using their thoughts. That is because every thought you have,has a vibration, which has a direct effect on your life, for good, or bad.Where you are in life now, is the sum total of all your thoughts. I am going to be brutallyhonest here, at the risk of making you mad, and say that, if you are in a bad place now, itis your own fault. It was your own thoughts that got you where you are.Did that make you mad, Good! In order to make your life what you want it to be, you aregoing to have to change the way you think, in order to eliminate the stress, self-sabotage, and lack of money. Now, I know that it is easier to say, than to do, that is whyI wrote this book.In my next chapter, I am going to explain to you why you think the way you do, and howthat, got you to where you are now. Even though you are responsible for your currentcircumstances, you had a lot of help from your environment, and people inyour life, over which you had no control.Well if you resolve to change your current circumstances, and take responsibility foryour life going forward, I promise you, that after you finish this book, you will be able todo just that. I will be leading you to a very easy, and simple three stepprocess, that you do yourself.©2012 Jerry Garner 11 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  11. 11. This process will remove your stress, self-sabotage, and everything else holding youback. So stay with me, and follow along. If you do it, you are going to be amazed atthe improvements in your life, and how fast it will happen.If you have read this far, I will share an in depth study of the principles in this chapter asa free reward. This is a series of 3 free individual PDF eBooks, and they are my gift toyou. At the end of this book I will tell you how to get them.©2012 Jerry Garner 12 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  12. 12. Chapter 3 Did You Know That You Have Three Minds?Are you happy with your life? Is your life full of problems of all kinds?Are you tired of nothing going right in your life?You and you alone, created it. Now, don’t shoot the messenger. I will be explaining howyou can create a new life going forward. To create your new life the way you want it, youwill need to understand some basic things.Today, we will start with your 3 minds. You read that right. I did say three minds.Everyone knows about the conscious, and the subconscious minds, but where is the 3rdmind? The answer is your heart. Did you know the heart has the capacity to think?Let’s go back and start with your conscious mind. We all know that is where everyonecreates conscious thoughts. These thoughts lead you to make certain decisions, and takecertain actions.The subconscious mind also has the capacity to think. However, the thoughts arealready programmed into it. Think of it as a computer that was receiving and storinginformation from the day you were born.Think of your conscious mind like a gatekeeper. When you have a new thought, or newaction you are contemplating, which will require a change in your programming, yourconscious mind will decide whether or not to allow it to be added to your subconscious.Your subconscious mind is just like a computer. It can only respond to the priorthoughts already programmed into it, but it can’t create its own new thoughts.In order to reach your goal of greatly reducing your internal stress, you will need tolearn about how to reprogram your subconscious mind, and bypass the consciousgatekeeper.That brings me to the third mind. You will not see very much written about this mind,but Quantum Physics is beginning to shed light on this subject.In my last chapter we learned that you are right now, creating your future, for good orbad. As we learned, your thoughts are things, and the tools you use to create.©2012 Jerry Garner 13 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  13. 13. In this chapter you learned that you have 3 minds: They are: The heart mind, thesubconscious mind, and the conscious mind.I listed the heart first, because the heart is another mind, and is up to 1,000 times morepowerful than your conscious mind. It is the seat of your deepest emotions.It overrides, and influences our subconscious mind, which in turn is more powerful thanour conscious mind.Think of our mind as an iceberg, where only about 10% is above the surface, like ourconscious mind, and 90% is below the surface, like our subconscious mind.So where does the heart/mind fit in to this analogy? It is like the ocean that the icebergis in. The currents and temperature of the vast ocean are what determines where theiceberg goes, and how long it will last.So how do we begin to apply this knowledge in a practical way, to greatly reduce thestress, self-sabotage, and the problems of life? One of a number of illustrations out thereis a person who is trying to make a decision, about what to do next.On their right shoulder is an angel whispering in their ear, not to do something. On theirleft shoulder is a devil, telling them to go ahead and do it.That illustrates the conflict between your conscious and subconscious minds, but whathappens when you can’t decide, and there is a tie?That is where the Heart Mind takes over. Since the heart is a part of, and directlyconnected to the universe, it will break the tie, and make the decision for you. It is likethe ocean that the iceberg is in.Have you heard the expression, “Just follow your heart” So now let’s apply thisknowledge to greatly reduce your internal stress.To illustrate, let’s use the greatest source of stress in 2012, and that is the lack of money,security, and where the Geo-political forces in the world are taking all of us.Let’s assume that you lost your job, and you are worried sick about your financial future.Your internal fears and worry dominates your thoughts. We call that stress. As wecovered already, that stress was created in your mind.It is very true that we have very little control over the external problems of the worldthat helps to provoke and create problems for us. but you do have control over yourthoughts. In my last chapter, I challenged you to take responsibility for yourfuture, by controlling your thoughts.©2012 Jerry Garner 14 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  14. 14. There is only one conclusion to what I just said, since your thoughts created yourpresent circumstances that will continue to be your future, unless you change yourthoughts. I know it is easier said than done, but never the less, you must do it.Think about this. You have the power to create your future, anyway thatyou want it. If your dominate thoughts are only on what you want, youcan manifest it.I promise you, that knowledge alone will greatly reduce your stress level. You will nolonger be a victim, you will have the power to create your future, the way you want it.Since manifesting your future, by changing your thoughts, is so important, In the rest ofthis book, I will be guiding you, on ways that you can begin implementing right away. Infact, you will learn a very simple one-two-three method that anyone cando.Caution, dont skip to the last chapter now. It is necessary to learn new things first. Ifyou skip ahead, you will probably be confused. If you are suffering now, I understandthat you want relief quickly, but as the old cliche says, "Haste makes waste".As I said before, the heart mind is directly connected to the Universal Energy Field, andit is more powerful than your conscious and subconscious mind. It can and doesoverride them both. Your personality is embedded in your heart.In my research I ran across some amazing examples of all the thousands of hearttransplants done in the past few decades. In every one that received a heart transplant,the personality of the donor, showed up in the recipient.When the families of the donor visited the recipient, they were amazed to find that theyimmediately recognized their loved one’s personality in the recipient.I will give you one example here to illustrate what I mean. This example was copiedfrom my mentor, Dr. Bradley Nelson, who created the Emotion code™ course, where Ilearned to completely clear myself of all the negative trapped emotions that Iaccumulated over seven decades, and which emotional clearing has created a miracle inmy life.A fascinating story is told of a middle-aged white man who got a heart transplant. Heknew that he was going to get a heart from a young black man.After he got the heart transplant, he had this incredible, insatiable yearning for classicalmusic. He couldnt stop listening to it. He would play classical music loud in his homeall day long. He would listen to certain passages obsessively over and over.©2012 Jerry Garner 15 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  15. 15. Finally, his wife thought he was losing his mind. Hed never liked classical music before.They were amazed to find out that he had received the heart of a young black man whowas a concert violinist, who was hit by a car as he was crossing the street on his wayhome from a recital.You could easily spend a whole day on Google reading stories just like this, by Goggling"heart transplant personality changes".In the next few chapters, we will tie it all together, and show you how to use these threeminds in practical ways to reprogram yourself, in order to greatly reduce your internalstress, self-sabotage, and problems of life.©2012 Jerry Garner 16 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  16. 16. Chapter 4 The Real Underlying Cause Of StressIn the last chapter, I promised we would get to the real cause of stress. First we have torealize that we need to know what the real problem is, before we can remove it.In this chapter, we are going to discover those problems. The best way is to start with anexample.In our society today we have a divorce rate that is now above 50%. In most divorces,there are innocent children, who are traumatized by the events leading up to thedivorce.Let’s assume a family with one child, around 4 to 5 years old. And let’s assume that thereare financial problems, which have been building up for a year or two. These financialwoes caused many arguments, and led to some very heated debates.The child was exposed to some very heavy negative emotions during those fight scenes,like fear, heartache, insecurity, sorrow, dread, horror, panic, and probably a few more.The question is, ”Where did those negative emotions go?”What is the most logical place for those emotions to go. It is the heart isn’t it. Thosenegative emotions are all vibrations, and they attach themselves to the heart.Each time the child was exposed to those arguments, the same negative emotions ofenergy pockets, attached themselves to the heart, on top of the ones already there.The human body automatically tries to protect itself, so in order to protect the heart, thechild’s body will form a shield around the heart.Unfortunately that shield is made up of negative emotions itself. Those shields are calleda “Heartwall”, and guess what, It will stay with the child its whole life, unless a way isfound to remove it.Now, with those negative emotions trapped there, that child’s heart can’t work properly,and even in adult life, it will react to those same emotions in a negative child like way.Even worse, it can lead to heart problems in later life.Is it any wonder why so many adults, have so many emotional problems? It is estimatedthat over 93% of people have “Heartwalls”?I started this book discussing why good health is essential to business success, and that©2012 Jerry Garner 17 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  17. 17. the biggest health threat is stress.In this chapter we have found that the underlying cause of stress, isactually trapped emotions in the heart, and Heartwalls.There is a whole industry offering ways to overcome these emotional blockages tosuccess. There are lots of valuable programs out there, that are very good, and theycreate some excellent results. I know, because I have bought and used quite a few ofthem. At the end of the book, I will share my favorite ones with you that I know works,but first you need to clear your body of all trapped emotions.I have personally found a permanent way to remove all of my Heartwalls, and trappedemotions in my heart. The results have been amazing for me. Even more amazing is,the solution was so simple and easy, I could not believe it. Energy HealingEnergy Healing is a relatively new practice that is sweeping the world. It is around 25 to30 years old in its modern growth cycle, but it is founded on the scientific premise ofQuantum Physics. That premise is, that everything in the Universe is pureEnergy.If you would look at any solid object, under an electron microscope, with anamplification of 1 million times or more, you would only see atoms.These atoms are like miniature solar systems, with a core, or Neutron, like the Sun, andelectrons, like the planets in orbit around it. The only difference in atoms, is the numberof electrons orbiting the Neutron.If we can project, on an equal scale, the distance between the Neutron, and the Electronsin orbit, we see that it is a vast space. That means that anything that we see as solid, isreally an illusion.We also see that these atoms have a built in intelligence, that controls their behavior.Even better, for our purposes of energy healing, we see the tremendous power of anatom. Look what happens, when we split a Uranium, or Plutonium atom.We can say that since our body is made up of energy, that any aches,pains, or emotional imbalances, must have an energy source. Logicallythat source of energy is negative vibrations. Since everything in theUniverse vibrates.So the source of our stresses, must be negative energy, or vibrations, and if we can find a©2012 Jerry Garner 18 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  18. 18. way to eliminate that negative energy, by neutralizing it with a positive energy, thenstress would have to disappear, along with the aches, pains, and other symptoms ofdisease.In the next chapter I am going to prepare you to eliminate your negative heart walls, andall the hidden emotions that are trapped in your heart. You are going to learn about thethree natural things that are already well known on their own, and will give you thenecessary background information on them.©2012 Jerry Garner 19 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  19. 19. Chapter 5 The Three Tools You Are Going To NeedIn this chapter, I am going to prepare you to eliminate your negative heart wall, and allof the hidden emotions that are trapped in your heart.We will start with the main tool that you are going to need to remove the trappedemotions. That tool is: Magnetism In previous chapters, I discussed that everything inthe Universe is pure energy.We learned that the emotional traumas, especially in young children, are balls ofnegative energy that become trapped in the heart. Those negative energies will stay withyou the rest of your life, unless you find a way to remove them.I am happy to report we have that tool, and it is Magnetism.Without being sidetracked with a detailed discussion of what magnetism is, and howessential it is to everything in the Universe, I will tell you how we can use it as a tool toget rid of our trapped emotions.The energy produced by magnets is a positive energy. It stands to reason, that if we wantto neutralize a negative energy, we need to expose it to a positive energy. The questionis, “How do we do that, if the negative emotions are trapped in the heart?”There is a way, and that way is your bodys Meridian system.Here again, we could spend hours discussing Meridian systems, but I will boil it down towhat we need to know, in order to use it as a tool to remove our negative emotions. ThisMeridian System is in actuality an acupuncture system, which has been used forthousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine.Think of your house electrical wiring system, as an example. You have the mainelectrical wiring coming into your house, into a circuit breaker box, or if it’s an olderhouse, it might be a fuse box.The breaker box then distributes the electricity into all the outlets, and appliances in thehouse. Some branches are divided up into multiple outlets, and lighting fixtures.©2012 Jerry Garner 20 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  20. 20. Think of your meridian system as an electrical system, or rivers of energy. You have themain electrical circuit of the body called the Governing Meridian. This Meridianbranches out to every organ, gland, and system in the body. This system is whyacupuncture works so well.The Governing Meridian starts at your upper lip, through the forehead, the top of yourhead, down your neck, and down your spine to your tailbone.So now we know how to get to the negative emotions causing our physical andemotional problems through the Meridian Acupuncture System. The question is, “Howdo we actually do that? ” No, you dont need to know anything about, acupuncture. It ismuch simpler than you can imagine, and you are about to find out.We have covered two essential tools, in our self-help program to remove our Heartwalls,and trapped emotions. We need a third tool, and that tool is Muscle Testing usingour subconscious mind.Your Subconscious MindEven though we have touched on the subconscious mind in earlier chapters we will lookat it from a different perspective.Let’s review what we know:  Everything is energy, including our subconscious mind.  The subconscious is what monitors and controls our bodies.  The subconscious is 10x times more powerful than our conscious mind.  Every thought and breath you have ever had is stored in your subconscious  The subconscious is directly connected to the entire Universe.So let’s look at what the subconscious mind can also do, that is not as well known, asthose other features.The subconscious is also a storage computer, that has unlimited capacity, In fact somescientists even believe, that the storage capacity is the Universe itself, since thesubconscious mind is directly connected to the Universe.In any case, what is important for our purposes, is that the subconscious mind hasstored every breath, and every thought, you have ever had, since your birth.It also has reacted to human emotions, both positive, and negative, from all the eventsin our lives. The bottom line is, if we could find a way to tap into andcommunicate directly with our subconscious, we would have a verypowerful tool.©2012 Jerry Garner 21 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  21. 21. There have been volumes written about controlling the subconscious mind, using a widevariety of techniques, like sleep learning, brain wave entrainment CDs, visualization,and numerous meditation techniques. Perhaps you have tried one or more yourself.As good and helpful as most of them are, they all fall short of getting to the root cause,which is Heartwalls, and trapped emotions in the heart, and other organs of the body,and successfully removing those trapped negative energy balls of emotions.I am happy to tell you, that yes; there is a simple and easy way to do it. We can easily doit by using the 3rd tool that we have, which is:KinesiologyIf you have been to a chiropractor, chances are you have been exposed to it already. Itworks by muscle resistance. The chiropractor usually has you extend one arm out, andthen will ask a yes or no question, while putting downward pressure on the top of yourwrist.For instance if you are being tested for an allergy to a food item, the chiropractor willhave you hold the item in your hand, while putting downward pressure on your wrist,and ask if you are allergic to that item. If you are, the answer would be YES, and therewould be strong resistance against the downward pressure on your wrist.If the answer is NO, your arm would easily go down. So item by item you can find outexactly what you are allergic to.Do you see how that works? The chiropractor is communicating directly withyour subconscious mind, and getting yes or no answers.Do you see the application of it, being able to communicate directly with your ownmind? So the next question is, “Do I have to be a chiropractor to do this?” The answer isno.The next question is, “Doesn’t this require a lot of schooling and training before I canuse it myself?” Again the answer is no.I mentioned that this process of self-help is very simple and easy to do. In my nextchapter we will put it all together. We will take the 3 tools at our disposal, Magnetism,Meridians, and Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) and outline a simple 3 step procedure.This procedure will help you find the heartwalls, and trapped emotions, bring them tothe surface, and then neutralize the negative emotions, one at a time, with a pure sourceof magnetism.You need to keep reading, because, in the next chapter I will be showing you thisremarkable life changing system, that will clear you of all the negativity trapped in yourbody, that is causing all the self-sabotage, fear, worry, and lack of success.©2012 Jerry Garner 22 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  22. 22. Chapter 6 Three Steps to Remove Negative EmotionsIn my previous chapter we covered the 3 tools that are needed to permanently removeall negative emotions from our bodies. Those are the ones responsible for the stress inour lives.In this chapter, we will finally put them all together into a simple 3 step system, like Ipromised I would earlier in the book, that anyone can easily do themselves.Three Steps 1) Find the trapped emotion, using Kinesiology, or muscle testing. 2) Bring the trapped emotion to the surface, where you can remove it. 3) Cancel out the negative emotions using a source of pure magnetism.Now let’s take each step and examine them more closely, to see what is involved. We willsee how all 3 tools, that we have already looked at, Kinesiology, Meridians, andMagnetism, all work together.STEP ONEWe have to start by locating the trapped emotions in our Heartwall, and heart, and otherorgans. The tool we will use is Muscle Testing.The first step is to test yourself to see if you are testable. That means asking yoursubconscious yes and no questions. The question, you may now be asking, is, “Don’t Ineed to go to a Kinesiologist to be tested?” The Answer is no.The procedure to follow is this: I use it for myself. There are 4 or 5 different proceduresto muscle test yourself, but the one that works best for me, is called the elbow and wristtest.Place your right elbow against your right side, and extend your lower arm outhorizontally, with your palm down.©2012 Jerry Garner 23 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  23. 23. Now take your left hand and extend your index and middle finger, and place them onyour wrist a couple inches behind the protruding bone on your right wrist. Relax, take adeep breath, and don’t apply any pressure yet to your right wrist.Now while saying the word YES or LOVE, begin applying pressure with your 2 fingers,down against your right wrist, while resisting that pressure with your right arm. Whatyou are looking for is a firm resistance. You do not need to use unnecessaryforce.Next say the word NO or HATE, while applying pressure down against your wrist, likebefore. What you will find is that when you apply pressure down, there is anoticeable weakness in pressure.Some people, struggle at first, after all, it is a new experience that you are doing for thefirst time. What you need to do, is practice until you feel a distinct difference betweenYES and NO. Just practice until you feel the difference.Now two things have happened here. First, you have verified that you are testable, and second, that you are now connected to your subconscious computer, and can now communicate with YES and NO questions. Your subconscious then responds, with strong, or weak, resistance. It is like entering a password on your computer when you boot it up. Then you can communicate with the computer. By the way, if you have trouble connecting, you may This method has proved to be try drinking a glass of water, and doing some deep the easiest method for me to breathing exercises, and try again. You may also try do self healing and proxy again later. I promise you, it is worth the trouble to healing work. Notice that the learn. Unfortunately, you may be one of the few who two left fingers are resting on can’t make it work. my right wrist 1-2” above the That is usually because you find it difficult to believe protruding bone on the back of that anything you can’t sense with your 5 senses, my right wrist. doesn’t exist.The way that the Universe works is to read your intentions. Your subconscious mind is aslave to your conscious mind. If you believe that Kinesiology doesn’t work, it won’t workfor you. On the other hand, if you have an open mind, and believe that it will work, thenit will.©2012 Jerry Garner 24 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  24. 24. You have now learned to prepare yourself for muscle testing, but to complete step one,you are going to have to learn how to find what your trapped emotions are, and where tofind them.Later in the book, you will learn the details of locating trapped negative emotions. Fornow we need to cover all three steps, and then go into more detail later. Now lets look atthe second step.STEP TWO the Power of IntentionFirst, let’s be clear what I mean when I say IntentionFor example, let’s say that you want to start your own online business, and you havebeen doing research on line, to find what you want. You find several things that soundgood, but you haven’t taken any action. Why?Well you now know, that our trapped emotions are the real culprits, and when this bookis finished, you will have no more excuses, after those blockages are removed.Perhaps you have been saying things to yourself like, “I wish I could do this”, or “Iwould really like to do this”, or “I think I might try this”, or “I just don’t have the timeor money to do it.”Now contrast that conversation with this one: “This opportunity sounds very good”, or“I am fed up with my life, and I am going to do something about it now”, or “I don’thave any money or time, now, but I will find a way to do it”.Let me ask you, which conversation describes Intention, and which one describeswishing.Another way to look at it is that, wishing comes from your conscious mind, andIntention comes from your heart. As we learned in a previous post, the heart is a mind,many times stronger than your subconscious mind, and both are connected to theUniversal Mind of our Creator.So you can describe your intention, as your heart’s desire, or firmconviction, or resolve to make it happen, and nothing will stop you.Bringing Your Emotions to The SurfaceSince all of your trapped emotions are deep within your body, and attached to yourinternal organs, we need a way to bring them to the surface, where we can cancel thosenegative emotions, with a positive source of vibrations.Here is how it is done. First, you must establish communication with the UniversalMind. As we have explained before, Quantum Physics shows us that we are all part ofthe universal energy field, whether we are conscious of it or not.©2012 Jerry Garner 25 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  25. 25. It also shows us that our conscious thoughts have power to influence, or make changesto that universal energy field. So we must communicate with the Universal Mind byusing our thoughts.In this case, to express our heartfelt Intention to get the trapped emotions to thesurface, so they can be erased. Some could refer to this as praying, but what is prayer,but direct communication with our Creator?This approach is a scientific and practical way to express our Intentions, and it hasnothing to do with religion, It works for all humans, regardless of their faith, or lack offaith.The bottom line is this. I personally approach the Universal Mind, (or whatever Nameyou use) in a prayerful, grateful attitude of needing help to find, and release my trappedemotions.It is that approach, which brings the hidden emotion to the surface, where it can beneutralized. That is just how simple this second step is.I saved the third step for the next chapter, because we will go into more detail.©2012 Jerry Garner 26 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  26. 26. Chapter 7 Meridians and Magnets A Marriage from HeavenIn my last chapter, I shared the first two steps, out of three steps, to completely removethe trapped negative emotions in your body.We have already discussed in previous chapters, these emotions are the root cause ofyour stress, health problems, and self-sabotage, and that has been holding you backfrom success.In this chapter, you are going to learn the third and final step of the process, This is howyou can actually rid your body of all the negative garbage, that you brought to thesurface in step two.MeridiansIn a previous chapter, you learned about meridians. You learned that for centuries, theChinese have utilized them to help heal body ailments through Acupuncture.They identified a governing meridian, that starts at the upper lip, crosses your forehead,down your neck and spine, and ends at your tailbone.Then there is an entire network of meridians, branching off the main meridian, andgoing to all the organs in your body. That means that whatever you do to themain meridian, affects every organ.MagnetsIn a previous chapter, you also learned about magnetism. We found that our entire bodyis a magnet, and through Kirlian photography we discovered that there is magnetism inour finger tips.Magnetism is a strong positive force, and if you Google magnetism in natural healthcare, you will find that magnetism has a long history of success.Meridians And Magnetism – A Combination Made In Heaven.Now you are nearing the conclusion of our three steps, and putting the pieces together.Here is where the magic happens for you.©2012 Jerry Garner 27 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  27. 27. Here is where, you actually get rid of the trapped emotions. You are about to learn howto use this very simple and easy three step process. So here it is: Drum roll please! 1) Using the Muscle Testing procedure you learned in a previous chapter, you locate the trapped emotion, using an Emotion Chart. At the end of this chapter, I will tell you how to get the chart. 2) You bring the emotion to the surface of your body, through your strong thought intentions, where it can be neutralized. 3) You neutralize the negative emotion on the surface, using magnetism.This is the swiping procedure you will follow. You can use any magnet, like a refrigeratormagnet, or your finger tips on either hand, and starting above your nose lightly rub themagnet up to the top of your forehead, three to four times, while thinking, or saying thatthe emotion you found is gone . The trapped emotion that you found in step one, has probably caused some symptoms in your body, like pain and discomfort. In most cases the symptom is greatly relieved, within minutes, and usually totally within 24 hours. Conclusion There you have it. I told you it was simple and easy, and you can do it too. This photo shows the common I discovered this program in April 2012, 5 months refrigerator magnet I use to ago, as I write this. Since then, I have found and swipe my meridian from the removed several hundred layers of negative emotions, top of my nose to my fore- trapped in my heart, and other organs. head. When I dont have a The result has been improved health, my stress is magnet, I use my fingertips gone, and the things I couldn’t manifest before are which Kirlian photography starting to happen now, like magic. It is amazing shows are magnets them- what happens when you get rid of negative selves. emotions that have been causing your self- sabotage.I wrote this book to share with the world my personal life changing miracles. The truthis that I am on a mission to help as many marketers get rid of their self-sabotage, as Ican.©2012 Jerry Garner 28 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  28. 28. Now don’t get the wrong impression. This is not an affiliate program and I get nocompensation of any kind. In fact I will not sell this book, ever. At the end of the book Ihave a reprint rights contract, to allow anyone to reprint and share this book freely,with only 2 restrictions. First you can not sell this book, even for pennies, and secondyou cant alter or re-brand it. I did not write this book to profit from it.If you are wondering what is in this for me, I have written a last chapter in this book,that explains my motivation, and my special free blog and private Facebook Group,where you can continue to share the Emotion code™ with others.. You are going toreally miss out, if you dont read that chapter, and give it serious consideration.This miracle in my life is available to you and your loved ones, and I encourage you to goto this website to get an Emotion code™ chart. This chart is necessary to guide you tothe emotions causing the problem.To get the charts free, along with 7 free videos demonstrating the Emotion Code, justclick this link: http://theemotioncode.com/flowcharts.htm (iPad and Androidusers can copy and paste the link into your browser)This is not the end of this book. In another chapter, I will share a few real life stories ofusing this system. It has worked for myself and loved ones 100%, and I havesome amazing stories to share with you.In the next chapter, I will explain how this same 3 step process will work equally well toclear trapped negative emotions from your loved ones serving as their proxy healer.You can also clear your pets trapped emotions serving as their proxy healer. I havealready cleared 4 pet dogs of trapped emotions, and the results were equally amazing. Infact I will share 2 of those real life stories in chapter 10.©2012 Jerry Garner 29 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  29. 29. Chapter 8 Helping Others to Get Rid Of Their Trapped EmotionsIn the last chapter, you finished learning how to rid yourself of Heartwalls, and othertrapped emotions. We learned a very simple 1-2-3 method of using muscle testing,meridians, and magnets, to miraculously remove them.In this chapter, I am going to explain how you can do this energy balancing for yourloved ones, and friends, by being a proxy for them. Let me explain.Proxy testing and balancingIn my prior chapter on muscle testing, I explained how to prepare for your own tests. Itstarted with you saying yes and no while pushing down on the back of your right wristwith your 2 left fingers. The purpose was to get a feel for the different resistances foreach.The next thing you need to do, is to establish a base, to be sure you are testable beforeproceeding. You do this by saying, "I am-your name", while pushing down on yourwrist. You should feel FIRM resistance.Now do the same thing again, using someone else’s name, and you should feel a lotLESS resistance. You are looking for strong resistance when you say your name andweak resistance when you say anyone else.Now, I will explain how you can act as a proxy for someone else. First, you must gettheir permission to test them. Explain that you will be connected to theirsubconscious mind, and asking yes or no questions.This is similar to a computer tech diagnosing your computer problems, by connectingremotely to your computer, so they can read the symptoms.Explain that they won’t experience anything different, and it has nothing to do withmind reading, mind control, or anything having to do with the occult.You will just be finding trapped emotions, using muscle testing, exactly how you do foryourself. You will find what is causing them pain or health problems, and thenremoving them with a simple little magnet.©2012 Jerry Garner 30 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  30. 30. After the trapped emotions are removed, they will feel noticeably better. As I saidearlier, I am going to be sharing some remarkable stories that I have experiencedpersonally, while doing proxy healing. For now, I need to show you how proxy healingworks.How To Become A Proxy For OthersYou will be setting up your base to become a proxy, exactly the same way that you do foryourself. The difference now is that you will be saying their name, instead of your own.That means that when you say their name, you will get a NO, at first. Continue to saytheir name, while applying pressure on your wrist, each time you say NO.It is normal to have to do this several times, before you get a yes. I frequently have torepeat 5 or 6 times, before I get a yes. Sometimes I start to feel some resistance, after 2or 3 repetitions, and each subsequent one gets stronger.Once you have established a strong YES, you are connected to theirsubconscious mind.It works for someone on the other side of the world, just as well as if they were next toyou. How could that be possible?In a previous chapter, I covered the subject of Quantum Physics. Briefly you learned thateverything in the universe is energy, and you learned that there is no time and space inthat energy field.You also learned that your thoughts are things, and through your thoughts you areconnected to your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind is directlyconnected to the Universal Mind.So we are all part of that Universal Mind and energy field, and canconsciously communicate with it.Once you are connected, you will ask your yes and no questions, as if you arethat person. Just follow the directions in the Emotion code™ book, and the Emotioncode™ chart, and their subconscious will find their trapped emotions for you.Once you find the hidden emotion, you will swipe the magnet from your forehead up tothe top of your head, 3 or 4 swipes. With each swipe you will say that, "the emotion youfound, is gone".The last two things you will want to do is ask their subconscious if that emotion is nowgone. Then you will disconnect from their subconscious, by saying your name, over andover, until you get a yes.©2012 Jerry Garner 31 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  31. 31. That is it. It is so simple to do, that you might think that there is something missing. Ipromise you that it is true. I have used it daily, for the four months since I learned it,and it has never failed.If you haven’t already, go to http://theemotioncode.com/flowcharts.htm andget the Emotion Code™ charts. I repeat that this is not an affiliate program, and I get nocompensation of any kind for sharing. The information in this book is my gift tomankind.In fact this PDF book may be reprinted and shared with others, with two very importantrestrictions. First it cannot be sold for any money or compensation. That would defeatmy purpose in GIVING this information to the world, and if compensation is received, itis no longer a gift, but just another product.The second thing is it cant be altered, re-branded, or changed in any way.©2012 Jerry Garner 32 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  32. 32. Chapter 9 I Witness Miracles Everyday-My StoriesIn this book, starting with “Health Is Essential for Success”, I took you on a journeyfrom there, to being able to eliminate all negative emotions trapped inside you.It is these negative emotions, that are the root cause of your internal stress, and as aresult, you experience not only health problems, but self-sabotage which causesmost failures in your business and personal life.I introduced you to the Emotion code™ system, which allows anyone to remove thesenegative emotions from themselves, and loved ones.This System is truly a miracle in my life, and it is my mission in life to share it with asmany people as I can. The Emotion code™ system is not an affiliate program, and I getno compensation of any kind. It is a labor of love for me.Miracles Happen Every Day For Me.In this chapter, I am going to share my personal real life experiences with you. I willexplain the exact procedure I used, the questions I asked, and the miraculous results.The following is my first miracle that I was a part of:In April 2012, a lady friend of mine from just outside London shared with me that shewas experiencing very bad lower back pain. I told her about the Emotion code™ Systemthat I had purchased, and she asked if I would do a scan on her, as her proxy.Of course I agreed, and this is what transpired.First, I had to establish a connection with her subconscious, using the technique Idescribed in my last chapter, on being a proxy for someone else. I said “I am Sophie"several times, until I got a yes, on my muscle testing.That itself could be classified as a miracle. Think about it. Think aboutbeing able to connect to the subconscious mind of another, on the otherside of the world.Without knowing, that this is based totally on the scientific principle of QuantumPhysics, and has nothing to do with the occult, mind reading, or any special powers, youwould probably be very skeptical.©2012 Jerry Garner 33 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  33. 33. Anyway, after making the connection, as her proxy, I asked my questions as if I wereher.In a previous chapter, I covered Heartwalls, what they are, and why over 93% of peoplehave one. So my first question was “Do I have a Heartwall, that I can find and removeNow?”Using the Elbow, Wrist, testing method, I got a strong YES.Using the Emotion code™ chart, which is divided into 2 columns, and 6 rows, andlisting 5 emotions in each of the 12 blocks on the chart, I found the block in column Aand row one.I then asked if each one of the 5 emotions. was the Heartwall emotion. When I got toFORLORN, the answer was a strong Yes.The next question was, “Do I need to know the origin of that Heartwall?” and theanswer again was yes. So I asked, ” Did it happen before the age of 20?” The answerwas not a clear yes or no.I had learned that emotions can be picked up in the womb, from your mother, and evenmore remarkable, it can be inherited from prior generations. My next questions wentlike this:“Is this an inherited emotion? Answer was Yes. “Was this emotion picked up from yourmother?” The answer was Yes. “Did your mother inherit that emotion?” The answer wasYes.“Did your mother get it from her mother?” The answer was Yes. “Did yourgrandmother get it from her mother?” The answer was No.I then used a refrigerator magnet, and swiped my forehead 3 or 4 times, while sayingthat--- “Forlorn has been removed”, I followed that up with the question-- “Has forlornbeen removed from my heart?” I got a strong Yes.I had learned that Heartwalls are usually made up of 2 or more emotions, so my nextquestion was “Are there any other Heartwalls?” The answer was Yes.This time I found the emotion in column A and row 1. It was ABANDONMENT.Using the same questions, as before, I discovered that she had also inherited thatemotion from her grandmother.I then swiped my forehead 3 or 4 times with the magnet, while saying, “Abandonmenthas been removed from my heart” My follow-up question showed that Abandonmenthad indeed been removed.©2012 Jerry Garner 34 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  34. 34. The next day, my friend and I communicated on Skype, after I had sent her a PDF of myscanning results, and she was blown away, by what I discovered about her inheritedemotions. There was no possible way for me to know that, if I was not actuallycommunicating directly with her subconscious mind.Even better, she said that on a scale of 1 to 10, her back pain was around 8 or 9, before,and now it was down to 3 or 4. The following day, she said the pain was gone.To some who are not familiar with Quantum Physics, and energy balancing, this couldbe called a miracle. After all, it is beyond the experience of most people.To me, it is purely scientific, and a gift from our Creator, and one that is changing lives,dramatically, all over the world. If you haven’t already, go tohttp://theemotioncode.com/flowcharts.htm (if link does not click, just copy and pasteto your browser) and get a copy of “The Emotion Code™charts plus 7 free videos” Youowe it to yourself, and loved ones.In the next chapter I will share two amazing real life stories of my first two energy-healing sessions on pet dogs. First, I started with my good friend Sophie’s pet dog FLO.It was a truly remarkable experience. Then there is a really mind blowing healing of mygood friend, in Idaho, Randy’s pet dog Coco. If you love animals, these two stories willshow that the Emotion code™ works just as well for them.©2012 Jerry Garner 35 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  35. 35. Chapter 10 Two Amazing Dog StoriesIn the last chapter, I shared with you my experience in removing a Heartwall from myfriend Sophie, while acting as her proxy from my home in Atlanta. Her lower back paincaused by her two Heartwalls, was almost instantly relieved after I swiped a magnet overmy forehead 3 times, and her lower back pain was gone after 24 hours.I concluded that this “Miracle” was made possible because of the scientific principles ofQuantum Physics, Muscle Testing, and Magnetism. It had nothing to do with the occult,or any special powers. In fact anyone can easily do the same things forthemselves, and loved ones.The Emotion Code™ charts, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is all you will need. To getthe charts free, along with 7 free videos demonstrating the Emotion Code, just click thislink: http://theemotioncode.com/flowcharts.htm (if link does not click, just copyand paste to your browser)At any rate, I have since removed several more trapped emotions from Sophie, not justin her heart, but other organs as well. Each clearing of the negative emotions alsobrought relief from her external symptoms.I had learned that the Emotion Code™ had been used on animals successfully by others,so I asked Sophie if she wanted me to work on her border collie, Flo. As you may beaware, Border Collies are a working breed, and they are most happy when they areworking, which is herding animals.Flo was 12 years old, and couldn’t work anymore because of both hips being very weak,and also a right front leg soreness.I connected with Flo’s subconscious mind exactly the same way I do for everyone that Iam a proxy for. I said--- “I am Flo”, while pushing on my right wrist with my left fingers.Of course I got a NO the first 2 or 4 cycles, but after about 5 0r 6 cycles, I got a firm YES.I was now connected to the subconscious mind of a dog in England. Howcool is that?©2012 Jerry Garner 36 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  36. 36. I now asked the following questions of Flo’s subconscious:“Do I have a hidden Emotion causing my hips to be weak?” The answer was YES. Usingthe Emotion code™ chart I found the hidden emotion of RESENTMENT, trapped in herliver. I then swiped the magnet over my forehead, 3 or 4 times while saying, on eachswipe---“Resentment is gone from my liver.” I then asked her subconscious “Is theemotion of resentment gone from my liver.” The answer was a firm YES.My next question was, “Do I have any other hidden emotions causing my hipweakness?.” The answer was YES. Using the Emotion code™ chart, I found the emotionof PANIC, trapped in her liver. I removed that emotion by swiping my forehead with amagnet 3 or 4 times. A quick question of her subconscious mind showed that panic wasindeed gone from her liver.The next few days, I checked with Sophie to see how Flo was doing, and she said that Flowas up, and back to work herding sheep. Of course she limited how long Flo worked, butFlo was again a happy dog, doing what she loved.All I can say is WOW! Even though I knew how and why this was possible, and I was justthe facilitator, it just blew me away, and brought tears of joy to my eyes. That was thegreatest gift I could ever receive for my efforts.I do have another dog energy healing story to share with you to close out this book. Thisone was truly a miracle, and the healing of pets is one of the most rewarding experiencesI have had.In the beginning of this chapter, I shared with you my first experience in healing a petdog, Flo, in England, serving as her proxy.I had shared with my good friend Randy, in Idaho, my experience with healing Flo.Randy told me about his pet dog Coco, who was a stray dog that they had adopted, andasked me if I could do an energy balancing for Coco. I was more than happy to do it.While on a Skype video call with Randy, he got Coco to get in front of the camera, so Icould see her. Keeping in mind that she was a stray, Randy didn’t know how old she was,or how badly she had been treated.When I saw her on camera, I was instantly aware, that she must have a lot of trappedemotions, because her ears were drooping, her tail was between her legs, and she hadthe saddest eyes, I have ever seen on a dog. My heart told me that I just have to help thisdog.©2012 Jerry Garner 37 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  37. 37. She had a fear of loud noises, and was afraid of men, and very timid and withdrawn,rolling over on her back around strangers.Using my Emotion Code™ chart, I started my scans. Of course I had to connect withCoco’s subconscious first, using the technique I described in previous chapters.I always start with scanning for a Heartwall, because almost every person and animalhas at least one, and because it is the heart, it is the one organ that has a profound effecton our health, and emotions.I started by asking: “Do I have a Heartwall?” The answer was Yes. On my EmotionCode™ chart, I found the emotion, INSECURITY. I swiped MY forehead with a magnet3 or 4 times, while saying “Insecurity in my heart is gone.” A follow up questionverified, that the emotion, Insecurity was now gone.I was sure, going by how beat down she was, that she must have other Heartwalls. So Iasked “Do I have any other Heartwalls, that I need to find and remove now?” Theanswer was Yes.This time my chart took me to the emotion of, HEARTACHE. I removed that emotion,by swiping the magnet over MY forehead, 3 or 4 times, and a follow-up test showed thatheartache was now gone.I continued searching for other Heartwalls, and I actually found 3 more. They wereABANDONMENT, REJECTION, and HELPLESSNESS. I removed all 3 as I found them,by swiping my forehead 3 or 4 times.I did not find any other Heartwalls, but when I asked “Do I have any other hiddenemotions, that I need to find and remove now?” The answer was Yes.My scan found LOST on the chart, and that trapped emotion was in her small intestine,not the heart. Of course I swiped it away with my magnet.The next day I talked to Randy, and asked if he noticed any difference in Coco, and heexcitedly said that there was a very big change in the hours after her energy balancing.In the next few days, Randy said she continued showing improvement, and was like anew dog. He showed her to me on a Skype video call, and the difference was astounding.©2012 Jerry Garner 38 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  38. 38. Her ears were perked up, her tail was wagging, and her eyes were shining and alert. Shewas now a happy dog.My reaction was one of gratitude and joy, for finding that God given gift of the EmotionCode™, and being able to help that poor dog. If you haven’t yet, you owe it to yourself,your loved ones, and yes your pets also, To get the charts free, along with 7 free videosdemonstrating the Emotion Code, just click this link:http://theemotioncode.com/flowcharts.htm (if link does not click, just copy andpaste to your browser)I have created my own blog to share the Emotion Code™ with the world, and this is myinvitation to subscribe to my blog, which by the way is free. My intention is to post mypersonal experiences, using the Emotion Code™, and to enjoy your comments andfeedback. I will also share other energy healing systems that I use, and will also be doingsome Q&A blogs from your feedback and questions.In the next and last chapter, I will be tying it altogether, and then I will suggest an actionplan, so you can begin to clear yourself and loved ones of your trapped emotions, thathave been causing your health problems, relationship problems, and self- sabotagingdecisions that are causing financial problems for you.©2012 Jerry Garner 39 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  39. 39. Chapter 11 Summary, Reprint Rights, and Special OfferWhen I started to write this eBook, I had three objectives in mind.The first was to help small business people like myself, to eliminate the self-sabotagethat has been killing their dreams, of financial freedom, happy relationships, and securefutures.The second objective was to eliminate the stress, and related health problems thatmakes it very difficult to start and build a business.The third objective was to share my discovery of the real underlying cause of your self-sabotage, and then introduce you to a new 21st Century self-help system that willeliminate that root cause permanently.The best way to introduce and teach this system was to write a simplified book ofinstructions, which would not confuse you with technical details, but explain theessentials of this remarkable new system. So lets review what you have learned fromthis book. SummaryIn chapter One, we started with a discussion of Stress. Why start there? Well, thinkabout it. The biggest single cause of health problems happens to be Stress.The biggest cause of Stress happens to be money.If that is the case, and you have been trying to start and run a business, and arecontinually failing, and you dont know why. Wouldnt you want to know thereason why, and more important the real solution to the problem.In chapter two you started to understand what the real underlying cause of self-sabotage is, in order to find a solution. You discovered that the root cause was your ownthoughts, and you created your circumstances that you find yourself in now.You learned that you can create your dreams the way you want them tobe, but first you will have to get rid of the thought patterns that got youhere with new ways of thinking.©2012 Jerry Garner 40 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  40. 40. In chapter three you learned about the three minds we all have, the conscious,subconscious, and the heart mind. That is a new finding that most people are not awareof, but it plays a critical role in the self-sabotage you are experiencing.In chapter four you started learning what the real cause of your self-sabotage is. Youdiscovered that hidden trapped emotions of negative energy are trapped in your organsand have even created a heart wall around your heart.You were then introduced to energy healing, to lead you into chapter five.In chapter five you learned about the three tools that you will need to get rid of thenegative trapped emotions causing your self-sabotage. The tools are Magnetism,Meridians, and Kinesiology (or muscle testing)Then in chapter six we got down to teaching you what those simplified 3 steps are thatyou will be using to actually clear yourself of the emotions causing your self-sabotageWe went into detail on the first two steps, but saved the third and final step for the nextchapter.In chapter seven you learned how to put it all together, and using the 3 tools youhave, to locate the emotion, bring it to the surface, and then neutralize the negativeemotion.In chapter eight you learned how to use this simple and easy, 3 step system to be aproxy healer for your family and friends.Then in chapter nine I shared my first energy healing experience using the EmotionCode™, and went into a more detailed step by step explanation of exactly what to do.Then I shared the amazing results of that session.Finally in chapter ten, you learned that you can also be a proxy for your pets, using theexact same system, and get equally amazing results.©2012 Jerry Garner 41 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  41. 41. Reprint RightsThis eBook was written for the benefit of network and affiliate marketers, as well as anysmall business person. It was my intention to remove the root cause ofbusiness failure, and that is self-sabotage.Until 4 months ago, I was one of the victims. Then I found the Emotion Code™ of Dr.Bradley Nelson. Since then I have removed every trapped emotion, over 300 of them,from myself. My transformation has been spectacular. My businesspartners have told me that I act like a new man.I have also removed my other partner’s trapped emotions, and they too haveexperienced the same results.I am of the firm belief that this is the first thing a marketer orbusinessman should do, when starting their business. Removing self-sabotage,will free you up to be at your peak performance, and give you the health and staminayou will need.I had two choices to make regarding the Emotion Code™. The first was that I couldbecome a certified practitioner, and make a business out of it. The second was to use itto help my family and friends, and do it for free.I needed a way to reach as many people as possible to share this remarkable, God givengift. I decided that if I give this book to the World, that it would have to be free.Otherwise it would not be a gift, but just another eBook to sell.For that reason there are only two restrictions to reprinting and giving this book away.The first is that it can’t be sold for any compensation. The second thing is that it can’t bechanged, re-branded, or altered, and must be reprinted as is. Special Offer.In case you are wondering what I get out of doing all the work of creating this book, andgiving it away, I will explain how I get paid.My motive is to build a team of like-minded individuals by offering a subscriptionto my blog, which is also free. My blog is a way to share all of the natural andenergy healing protocols on the market.©2012 Jerry Garner 42 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  42. 42. On each blog there are banners to my main affiliate program, and when someone joinsmy team in that program, I am compensated with a commission. In addition, I haveincluded a link in this eBook to a gift of three free eBooks on the subjects ofmoney, manifesting, and love. If you decide to order more books from them, I willreceive an affiliate’s commission.In my blogs, besides keeping you up to date on the fields of natural and energy healing,with free content, I will from time to time, be sharing other programs that I believe inand use myself. Some of them will probably be affiliate programs, and if you participateI will receive a commission.In order to be in harmony with The Universal Law of Attraction, which says—“You mustgive first, before you can receive”, I wrote this eBook as my gift to the Universe. Themore value I can give you, with no strings attached, the more the Universe willcompensate me. Bonuses • For those who subscribe to my blog, I will give you an invitation to my private Facebook group, where you can get your questions answered, and share your experiences with the group, pertaining to natural healing, especially energy healing. • For those who join me in my affiliate program, from any of my blogs, I will give you a free copy of The Emotion Code™ book, so you won’t have to buy it • For those who would like to have a one on one phone consultation with me, and get private tutoring on using the Emotion Code™, I will make the details available in my welcome blog post. I will coach you until you can use the Emotion Code™s on your own.©2012 Jerry Garner 43 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer
  43. 43. Actions To Take NowIf you have trouble with these links, please copy and paste them into your browser.Again they will load without any opt-in or obligation. • Link to the three free Ebooks about Quantum Physics: http://www.revolutionizaffiliates.com/go.php?a=1289&p=17 • Link to the Emotion Code™ website to get the free Emotion Code™ Charts plus 7 free videos http://theemotioncode.com/flowcharts.htm • Link to my blog: http://www.empowernetwork.com/garwil5/?p=2319&preview=true • Link to my affiliate program if you are looking for income to reduce stress: http://www.empowernetwork.com/weirdmarketingtricks.php? id=garwil5To subscribe to my natural and energy healing blog send me an email and put in thesubject line: “please subscribe me to your blog”jerry_garner@bellsouth.net If link fails, copy and paste to your email. Pay it ForwardNow that you have read the book and see how easy it is to experience healing miracles inyour own life. The best thing you can do now is “Pay it Forward”.Send this PDF eBook to ten of your loved ones and closest friends. Then they can enjoythe same healing miracles as you.You will be part of this Worldwide mission to improve the world, one person at a time.Introduce the Emotion Code™ to ten people by sharing this book with them.©2012 Jerry Garner 44 Self-Sabotage The Dream Killer