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Check out this PowerPoint version of my CV including areas of expertise and interest

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Powerpoint CV

  1. 1. Mark GarrettCreating customer experiencesthat deliver profit & growth“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only oneworry about profits.They will be embarrassingly large”- Henry Ford
  2. 2. A highly experienced C levelexecutive, with a 15 year trackrecord of delivering profit andgrowth for market leadingbrands by creating outstandingcustomer experiences acrossretail and B2B channels.Together with the CV content included in thispresentation is a review of the areas of interest andexpertise I have developed throughout my career.•Key Professional Attributes•Commercial Experience•Education•Personal Information•Recent ReadingCV Content:•Customer Experience & Retail Sales Strategy•C2B Purchasing & Pre-Owned Pricing•Development of Online Marketplaces•“The High St is Dead...long live the High St”Areas of Expertise:
  3. 3. Key Professional AttributesDemonstrates tactical, strategic and crisis leadership enablingteams to hit their numbers.Possesses a sharp commercial awareness coupled with aTraders instinct.Has the ability to facilitate and generate disparate ideas andconsolidate them into a defined vision.Can analyse and understand complex technical and financialinformation drawing qualitative and quantitative conclusionsfrom structured reporting (such as ManagementAccounts, P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow) as well as rawdata.A deep understanding of both Micro and Macro Economics asthey impact individuals, companies, markets and the globaleconomy.Demonstrates an unwavering commitment and passion for thecore values of the organisation I work within.Capable of communicating complex concepts and ideas to awide and varied audience both on a one to one basis andthrough large scale presentation.A leader who fosters loyalty and respect from his team andpeers.A love of detail and accuracy but with the patience and pragmatism toappreciate and value a colleagues’ best efforts.Able to provide personal support and professional development forothers within a structured succession plan that delivers greater value toa business.Commands an extensive and comprehensive vocabulary that I canemploy verbally and through the written word.Constantly goal and performance driven with extensive experience insetting and measuring a broad scope of KPIs for my team and myself.Possesses the skills and confidence to design and implement StepChange across a wide range of business disciplines.An active and engaged listener with a passion to learn and understand.Able to form a long term view with the ability to deploy all aspects of astrategy efficiently.Operates a logical “top down” thought process that offers perspectiveand objectivity.
  4. 4. Commercial Experience (2011 – Present)Blaze Europe Ltd Aug 2011 - May 2012Blaze Europe is a UK developer and distributor of video gameconsoles, accessories and software. Recently Europe’s leading developer ofretro gaming consoles from brands such as SEGA, ATARI and NEOGEO as wellas the development of a dedicated retro console (GameGadget).Sales Director (Interim)Reporting to the MD the role of Sales Director was to grow existing saleschannels and recruit new distribution and retail partners across the EMEARregion.Improved Cashflow position of business through more effective stockmanagement and procurement enabling investment in new licence for theNEOGEO X console.Created direct sales relationships with large scale retailers such asHMV, GAME, GameSpot and Media Markt.Secured content licensing agreements for GameGadget project frompublishers including Atari, Midway, Taito, Ocean/Team 17 and Gremlin.Development management of content delivery platform acrosssoftware, hardware and design teams.Creation and use of Social networking media to support console launch andmanage customer service.Managed supply chain for new and existing stock lines covering productsourcing and developed in China and Taiwan through to global logistics and UKstorage and distribution.Dixons Retail/Equanet May 2012- PresentEquanet (a non limited trading arm of Dixons Retail) is a specialist business tobusiness IT reseller for large and medium sized managed customers and thepublic sector with a £160m annual turnover. Equanet works closely withbusinesses and public sector partners to identify, develop and deliver ITsolutions and services.Head of CommercialRetained by Dixons Retail to transform the Commercial function and raise thecompany profile in advance of proposed disposal from group. A member of theSenior Management Team and department head of both theCommercial/Buying Function and Marketing Team. Responsible for maximisingthe Commercial value of IT products and services delivered by Equanet.•Cost of Goods negotiations with Vendors & Distributors, maintainingcommercial terms in face of reduced product volume sales. Improved GrossMargin of Non IT lines through opening of new supply chain. FY13 purchasebudget of more than £140m•Management of Purchasing Margin line including rebate (target based andpurchase linked), Early Settlement Discount and MDF. Delivered H1 on budgetacross all lines and currently performing 20% up against H2 budget. Total“below the line” funding in excess of £3m.•Vendor relationships across all Categories, providing executive sponsorshipwith Key Strategic Vendors such as Apple, Microsoft, HP and Samsung.Delivered incremental funding opportunities from all parties, re-engagedMicrosoft to deliver upwards of 40% growth across all business units.•Implemented functional restructure to create dedicated business units aroundcategory and provide Brand Development Team delivering channel leadingfunding percentage.•Aligned the business with a stronger suite of creative partners coveringonline, offline creative and brand strategy. Instigated Brand project that wasfully endorsed by Senior Management Team on first presentation.•Delivered all FY13 marketing activity below budget maximising value derivedfrom Vendor MDF funding. Total Marketing Funding was £1.5m delivering a£0.5m NET benefit to Equanet.
  5. 5. Commercial Experience (2004 – Present)E-Trader Group Ltd Nov 2010 - April 2011The primary market place for trade buyers focused on adding value into thesecondary supply chain for many of the UK’s major retailers, wholesalers andmanufactures. StockShifters.com offers a unique platform for achieving bestvalue from returns, overstocks and distressed stock.Commercial DirectorReporting to the CEO the role of Commercial Director was to create newchannels of stock supply and maximise existing revenue streams in line withaggressive VC supported growth strategy.Development of Vendor Account Management team and Vendor AcquisitionStrategy.Ownership of the Online P&L targeted at £5m, requiring 20% Y.O.Y revenuegrowth.Direct Line Management of Online Sales team including contentmanagement, promotion, buyer acquisition and marketing.Commercial lead on key Capital Expenditure projects including total redesignof Seller User experience and development of BID/ASK sales mechanic.Held position on Senior Management team providing commercial steer on allaspect of Financial Control, Budget and Technical planning and development.Reorganised Online team to bring on board Online Sales and Promotion skillset as well as strengthening existing resource in analysis and reporting.Built field sales and telesales teams to support on-going Vendor Acquisitionand further growth into previously untapped SME market.Digital Connexions Ltd Jan 2004 - Sept 2010Digital Connexions Ltd was a highly specialized retailer dealing exclusively inand under the brand name of Bose, 18th in the 2009 “World Cool Brands”league.Managing DirectorReporting to the Board & Shareholders, the role was to oversee all day to dayoperations and develop/implement strategy to meet company targets forgrowth and profitability. Direct Line Management of 5 full time Head OfficeSupport and Store Operations staff together with 30 Store Sales Staff.Established Reseller Accounts with all key industry brandsYear One Turnover £500K with Break Even P&LProposed and executed unique retailer partnership with Bose UKOpened UK’s first Dealer Owned Bose Branded Store in Leeds 2006Brokered deal with Westfield Shopping Centres to open a Bose Branded storein the Flagship scheme Westfield London. Deal terms saw landlord covering allcapital expenditure on the project.Westfield Store opened on centre opening date, 6 weeks from exchange ofcontracts.Further site at Bluewater, Kent (Sept 09) took business purchase from Boseto £1.5m making Digital Connexions the UK’s Number One independent BoseRetailer.FY09 account for 10% of Bose UK Wholesale revenues requiring managementof £3m P&L.
  6. 6. Commercial Experience (1997 - 2004)Gamestation Ltd Sept 1997 - Jan 2004Currently the second largest specialist video games retailer (first being theirparent company Game), Gamestation grew from a single store to establishitself across over 350 UK locations.Commercial Director Oct 2002 – Jan 2004Reporting to the Managing Director with responsibility for brand and salesmarketing message as well as continued commercial development of the retailstore base and business growth. Control of marketing message across allchannels of the business and managed the development of the supply chain ofproduct from distributor to warehousing and merchandising.Following purchase of Gamestation by Blockbuster UK took responsibility ofcommercial department co-ordinating brand and strategic marketing across allretail channels.Accountability for P&L in excess of £100m and supplier supported marketingbudget of £5m.Devised and implemented “Trade In” brand communication strategy for chainof 150 stores which is still used today and adopted by other retailers withinthe sector.Oversaw the acquisition and opening of 80 new outlets in a 12 month perioddelivering ahead of growth target and within £12m Capital Expenditurebudget.Created Blockbuster/Gamestation in-store concession which deliveredcomparable stand alone revenue from reduced foot print, overhead andcapital investment.Commercial Development Director Dec 1999 – Oct 2002Reporting to the Managing Director with specific goal to accelerate growth ofstore numbers through acquisition, strategic review of existing sites andleveraging economies of scale enjoyed through continued growth of business.Control of all store based capital expenditure and development of value basedmerchandising and marketing mechanics.Developed business strategy in line with forthcoming “Next Generation”systems, predicted market growth and new entrants to the market.Delivered flagship store project as template for new Gamestation branding tobroader market appeal and raise profile for potential acquisition.Controlled full –rebranding of existing stores and implemented brandingpackage for new sites.Developed and value engineered manufacturing of new store furniture andmaximised space planning.Opened an additional 35 stores (funded organically).
  7. 7. Passive “customer service” adds nothing to a brand orcustomer‟s experience. Across the multiple channels open to acustomer, perceptions are made long before they visit the store.The store experience and sales process is the final validation ofall the previous invested marketing resource and spend .Without a defined and documented A.B.C. (Always Be Closing)sales process brand equity is worthless but most importantly thecustomer experience is diminished.People go shopping to buy things!If you don‟t support this you have failed.Customer Experience &Retail Sales StrategyCustomer Focused EngagementEngage CustomerBuild RapportWOWNeeds AssessmentQualify & Confirm NeedDeliver SolutionCombat ObjectionsSales
  8. 8. 3rd March 2010- Catalogue retailer Argos has entered thepre-owned games market, offering its customers vouchersto spend in-store in exchange for their games.21st October 2008 – HMV‟s entry into the second-hand gamesales market will convince hardcore gamers and the industryitself that the chain is a serious contender in videogames retail.21st August 2010 – Tesco has announced that it will bemoving into the pre-owned video games market.13th October 2010 – Supermarket giant Asda will enter thepre-owned games market on the 13th of October 2010taking on the likes of CEX, HMV and Game.5th March 2009 - Online retailer Amazon has entered thepre-owned videogames market, with the beta launch of anew service.Not just another range sub category but a way to increase thepotential spend of your customers by allowing them to unlockcash held in depreciating assets.A coordinated C2B stock purchase solution leads to additionalsales on discretionary lines as customer use money theydidn’t know they had on purchases they didn’t think theycould afford.C2B Stock Purchasing & Pre-Owned PricingCreate business model and pricing strategyEngage with Operations at store, regional and HQ levelDesign & implement business processDevelop sub-brand and customer engagement strategyFormulate stock control algorithms and re-pricing metricsOpen stock exit back channels to maintain price liquidity
  9. 9. An organic and self perpetuating retail proposition driven byengaged buyers and sellers transacting on a low cost intuitiveweb platform.First movers within the e-commerce space can now act asgateways to smaller retailers without the brand or budget toachieve a direct reach.Development of Online MarketplacesThe cornerstones of a viable online marketplace:COMPETITIONBuyers must compete tobuy at the best price ANDsellers must compete to sellBoth live and historic datamust feed into theaction of sellers & buyersDATAStandardised productsdeliver credible pricing dataCATALOGUEPricing should be fluid,constantly changing in linewith supply & demandPRICEThe marketplace must offerprotection to both Buyers& SellersTRUST19th November 2010 – Grocer readies attack on etailgiants with its own take on an online marketplaceTesco is understood to be gearing up to take onetail giants Amazon and eBay with the launch of a„marketplace‟ on its site enabling individuals andother retailers to sell their wares.10th November 2010- Asos is quickly waking up to thepossibilities of social networking and empowering theindividuality of its customers. Its about to launchMarketplace, an area of the site where small designersand vintage collectors can sell their wares.
  10. 10. The growth of e-commerce, mobile commerce and socialnetworking together with the deepest recession in 80 years haschanged the landscape of the High St forever.The traditional tenants of retailing Quality, Service & Priceseem less relevant in a multi channel environment where brandsand products are built on perception before customers have anyphysical experience of the store.The High St is DEAD...long live the High StValueCustomer decisions are based more on an intangibleTrichotomy which has a greater bearing on what their purchasewill mean to their lifestyle and standing within their peer groupthan the traditional value system mentioned above.No other brand better represents the New Retail trichotomy thanApple. Products that overcome the lack of Need with massivelyenhanced Desire and Value. All built without High St stores butdelivered with tremendous effect since the introduction of a retailofferingSupermarkets (such as ASDA above) are able to positionproducts across the range of customer decision drivers.Providing brands that clearly deliver a differentiated mix of thethree elements give their offering broad appeal.