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Phelps' Amazing Finish


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Sports Illustrated created a nice slideshow of Phelps' finish for his 7th gold medal. The link to the original slideshow is embedded in the Slideshare. This was made in about 20 minutes using Keynote.

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Phelps' Amazing Finish

  1. It ain’ t over... ’til it’s over. Michael Phelps' Mi racle Finis h in Beijing
  2. Michael Phelps' amazing finish displayed in photos on the Sports Illustrated website. ier/SI). (8-16-08. Photos: Heinz Kluetme following eight Images and captions on the ge. slides are from the SI webpa
  3. Michael Phelps was in seventh place in the eight- man field after 50 meters. Photo: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI