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Guy Kawasaki's foreword for Presentation Zen


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These are the slides used for the foreword in the 2008 international best-seller called "Presentation Zen." Guy thought it would be fun to do it in slide form rather than the traditional book foreword. A lot of people have asked for the slides. Here they are. Sorry, only PDF is available. 15 individual slides.

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Guy Kawasaki's foreword for Presentation Zen

  1. FOREWORD for Presentation Zen Guy Kawasaki Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures Co-founder of Truemors
  2. 95 % of presentations SUCK Doesn’t suck Sucks
  3. ex ample BILL GATES vis-à-vis STEVE JOBS
  4. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating...
  5. It’s actually 99 % Doesn’t suck Sucks
  6. WHY?
  7. What we see: Long Boring Bad slides Content-free
  8. What we want to see: Short Simple Legible Engaging
  9. BUT...
  10. Houston, we have a problem!
  12. So open your wallet. And buy it. Then open your mind. And read it. Then open your heart. And do it.
  13. THANK YOU! Guy Kawasaki