SAP Education Services Saudi Arabia Version 6.0


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SAP Education Services

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SAP Education Services Saudi Arabia Version 6.0

  1. 1. Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge Introducing SAP Education Services
  2. 2. Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge SAP Education Mission SAP Education Services SAP Education Products Summery © SAP 2007 / Page 2
  3. 3. The SAP Education Model Our Mission SAP Education is tasked with ensuring the most effective knowledge transfer from SAP at a price acceptable to the market independent of audience and delivery channel © SAP 2007 / Page 3
  4. 4. Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge SAP Education Value SAP Education Services SAP Education Products Summery © SAP 2007 / Page 4
  5. 5. SAP Education Training Offering is geared to target groups … Consultants of Partners, Project Team Members & Customer Competence Centers or Managers, Users Individual Consultants Decision-Makers, Key-Users Consultant Academy Project Team Training User Training SAP Netweaver™, mySAP™ ERP, CRM, Industry Solutions, Business One/All in One… Delivery Models: Public Classroom Training or In-house Training at Customer’s or at SAP ATP Methods: Classroom Training, Remote Classroom Training or E-learning Project-specific Training Services (Education Consulting) © SAP 2007 / Page 5
  6. 6. Training Roadmap for Application Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Solution overview Business processes Functions in details & system configurations Instructor leaded eLearning Delta & Continuous Learning Human Capital Management - Talent Management training roadmap © SAP 2007 / Page 6
  7. 7. SAP Consultant Certification: Tiered Certification Program Framework Master  7-10 years of experience  Expert knowledge of business processes and SAP solutions Planned (not yet available):  In- and externally recognized expert for entire SAP solution(s) SAP Certified …  Deep practical SAP experience, integration, optimization and architectural knowledge - Technology Master  Ability to provide strategic vision and realization - Development Master  Leading teams and projects - Application Master Professional  3-7 years of experience  Advanced knowledge in a specific SAP solution and business processes New: SAP Certified …  Professional SAP experience, advanced solution and process knowledge, - Technology Professional industry expertise  Works independently within teams to realize solution and/or technology - Development Professional implementation, capability of mentoring others - Application Professional Associate  1-3 years of experience  Foundation level knowledge of SAP solution(s) via training. Skills to contribute Available: SAP Certified … to successful SAP implementation project or system optimization - Technology Associate  Hands-on skills to successfully implement or optimize SAP solutions (Technology Consultant)  Foundation knowledge of business processes and/or technology - Development Associate  Works in a mentored position in an SAP environment within experienced (Development Consultant) team - Application Associate (Solution Consultant) Technology Development Application © SAP 2007 / Page 7
  8. 8. SAP Education Services eLearning © SAP 2007 / Page 8
  9. 9. SAP E-Learning Curriculums Over 150 elearning titles… Foundation courses (e-learning)  These SAP solution courses familiarize learners with the overall software and prepare the learner to proceed with their learning on subsequent courses i.e. SAP Navigation, Solutions Powered by SAP Business Process courses (e-learning)  These SAP solution courses give an overview of common business processes to help learner’s understand how their day-to-day tasks fit into the broader context of the SAP solution i.e. Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Plan to Inventory Business Transaction Role Based courses (e-learning)  SAP solution courses primarily for end-users, these courses deliver precisely the skills and knowledge users need, based on their specific job roles i.e. Financials, Controlling, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay SAP Solution focused courses (e-learning)  These courses focus on an individual SAP Solution. i.e. NetWeaver, CRM, ERP, Solution Manager SAP Business Objects courses (e-learning)  These course support the current and previous versions of Business Objects Solutions (Xcelsius, Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Voyager, Business Objects Enterprise) Online Knowledge Products (OKPs)  Early product training for experienced SAP personnel which covers:  New Products – Earliest training available on new solutions  New Software Releases – Provides net change (delta) training between releases © SAP 2008 / Page 9
  10. 10. E-Learning For Every Audience Audience Type Executives & Project Team Power/Super Users End Users Managers Members Foundation Courses Yes Yes Yes Yes Business Process Yes Yes Yes Yes Courses Business Transaction No Yes Yes Yes Courses Solution Focused No Yes Selected titles such Selected titles such Courses mySAP ERP series or mySAP ERP series or Solution Manager Solution Manager SAP Business Objects Yes Yes Yes - KA Yes – KA Courses Online Knowledge No Yes No No Products (OKPs) © SAP 2008 / Page 10
  11. 11. SAP Education Services eAcademy © SAP 2007 / Page 11
  12. 12. Overview of the e-Academy  Learner centric approach to learning  Focus on business content relevant to the learner’s job / role  e-Academy is a supported learning that ensures availability of constant and consistent help to participants for all units covered in the module  Mentor tips and SME interaction strengthens the learning  Help desk – Voice Chat / Web based chat / Net meetings © SAP 2007 / Page 12
  13. 13. eAcademy Courses Currently there are 11 eAcademies available: Code Title Access Period TAW1e SAP eAcademy NetWeaver - ABAP Basics 5 months TBSW4e SAP eAcademy NetWeaver – Business Warehouse 5 months TERPe SAP eAcademy ERP - Integration of Business Processes 3 months TFIN2e SAP eAcademy Financials - Management Accounting 5 months TFIN5e SAP eAcademy Financials - Financial Accounting 5 months THR1e SAP eAcademy Human Resources (HCM) - Management & Administration 5 months TIRT1e SAP eAcademy for Retail 5 months TPLM3e SAP eAcademy PLM – Plant Maintenance & Repair 5 months TSCM4e SAP eAcademy SCM - Planning & Manufacturing 5 months TSCM5e SAP eAcademy SCM - Procurement 5 months TSCM6e SAP eAcademy SCM - Order Fulfillment 5 months © SAP 2008 / Page 13
  14. 14. SAP Education Services Additional Education Services © SAP 2007 / Page 14
  15. 15. Additional Education Services Learning Needs Education Readiness Training Strategy Usage Health Check Analysis Review Provides a roadmap for Identifies Ensures that the Reduces overall effort / the development and roadblocks to correct role-based cost of education deployment of an system usage that effective education training is delivered solution - issues are prevent correct use solution to end users identified early of the system 10 - 15 days effort 5 – 8 days effort 5 – 8 days effort 5 – 8 days effort © SAP 2007 / Page 15
  16. 16. Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge SAP Education Value SAP Education Services SAP Education Products Summery © SAP 2007 / Page 16
  17. 17. SAP Education Products SAP Productivity Pak by RWD © SAP 2007 / Page 17
  18. 18. Productivity Pak by RWD Highlights: • Accurate and easy-to-use simulation functionality • Context-sensitive help functionality • Server-based and highly scalable solution • Integration with existing SAP solutions Benefi ts • Reduced demand on training personnel • Increased user productivity through context-sensitive help for fast resolution of common problems • Increased authoring productivity through quick and accurate simulation functionality • Easier administration with server- based configuration that supports Web- enabled user access • Reporting and statistics that identify training gaps © SAP 2009 / Page 18
  19. 19. SAP Productivity Pak by RWD A complete solution to rapidly Create, Organize, Distribute, Access & Maintain organizational knowledge to promote a community of collaboration Record the menu paths, Publish the job aides for end steps, field entries and user performance support. screenshots automatically Deliver context-sensitive help to end users at their Edit both a document and desktops. simulation in the Single Source XML file © SAP 2007 / Page 19
  20. 20. Traditional Approach to Documentation System Configuration Manual, Business Process Procedures (BPPs) independent processes End-User Procedures Other documents © SAP 2007 / Page 20
  21. 21. Existing Materials using Traditional Methods Simulations FAQs User Manuals Configuration Tips and Tricks Training Testing Document Documents Lessons Learned Business Process Policies Flows Tips and Tricks Business Procedures eLearning Content Forms © SAP 2007 / Page 21
  22. 22. Solutions for the Entire Project Cycle Plan Design Develop Deliver Train Support Improve uPerform Document Configuration BPPs Testing Procedures Online & Help Exercises Project Process Teams Training Team © SAP 2007 / Page 22
  23. 23. Acrobat Connect by Adobe Benefits of Acrobat Connect by Adobe  Scheduled courses, enroll learners, automated notices and reminders  Accesible from 98% of Internet connected computers  Enable rapid communication and rapid learning © SAP 2009 / Page 23
  24. 24. SAP Education Products SAP Learning Solution © SAP 2007 / Page 24
  25. 25. Enterprise Learning Comprehensive skill set informaton for your organization  Direct linkage to SAP HCM funcationality Overview of current wokrforce skills level  elearning functionality/distributed learning © SAP 2009 / Page 25
  26. 26. What is the SAP Learning Solution? The SAP Learning Solution. . .  is a full function LMS & LCMS that is pre-integrated into every other aspect of SAP.  is SCORM certified, not just compliant.  takes a proactive “push” approach to delivering the right training to the right people.  allows the integration of all learning methods (“blended learning”).  offers dynamic testing capabilities.  provides robust analytics so you can see the impact of training on real business issues (e.g. sales results versus training attendance).  can directly perform in your performance review process and recruiting processes for true Enterprise Talent Management © SAP 2007 / Page 26
  27. 27. SAP Learning Solution: A Complete Solution Learning Portal Learning Content Built on NetWeaver Management System Management System Learner Account  Learning strategy  Results/learning progress Learning Objects  Structure Content Player  Version  Recognizes the learning  Status Learner Account strategy  Roles  Guides the learner through the Company information and External Content  Communication data course  Qualifications  Determines learning progress other content  Account assignment data  Training administration  Training history  Course catalog Collaboration  Integrated objective-oriented  Integrated collaboration testing  ... Authoring Learning Offering  Classroom training Environment  Creating and structuring  Virtual classrooms learning content  WBTs  Creating tests and certifications  CBTs  Curricula External authoring tools WebDAV interface  ... © SAP 2007 / Page 27
  28. 28. Knowledge Accelerator Insights into BI data  “Out of the box solution”  Areas of customization Real time insights into Business Intelligence  Clarity around mission critical intelligence © SAP 2009 / Page 28
  29. 29. SAP Education Products SAP User Experience Management by Knoa (SAP UEM) © SAP 2007 / Page 29
  30. 30. What Information Does SAP UEM by Knoa Provide? SAP UEM monitors and measures the precise experience received, and the performance being achieved, by the users SAP UEM can be used during testing in addition to being used with productive users Quality Adoption Application Of & Response Experience Usage User-Experienced Infrastructure Errors User Behavior Response Time  OS, Servers, Networks  Utilization  Adoption  Transaction Response Application Errors  Errors  Navigation Response  ABAP Errors, Method Not  Compliance Allowed  Effectiveness  Proficiency  Work Flow © SAP 2007 / Page 30
  31. 31. Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge Speed Up with Firsthand Knowledge SAP Education Value SAP Education Services SAP Education Products SAP Education Services Summery © SAP 2007 / Page 31
  32. 32. Overview of our Products & Services Learning Enhancement Services Employee Performance Support Services - Job Profiling - Product Implementation - Standard workshops - Content Development - Product training - Specialized Consulting Blended Learning Productivity Pak Adobe Meeting - Create, Organize, Enterprise Learning - Improves productivity Distribute, Access and - Dynamic Collaboration through high impact live Online Training Maintain business process - Learning portal for all web seminars and - E-learning and performance support online training activities engaging on-demand - OKPs Information - Content Management presentations. - E-Academies - Enabling a dynamic System - Improves the frequency learning organizations - Reporting and Analytics and consistency of Classroom Training - Help user share - Course Catalog communications. - Overview/End User knowledge among - Resource Management - Project Team themselves and with - Organizational structure Adobe Learning - Consultant Education content developer. in place - Lightweight Learning - Personalized Learning Management System Composer offering - Works as a stand. - Create and Maintain alone system Customised Training - Can work with earlier business process and - Curriculum SAP versions performance support - Dedicated -Use of Master Records documentation from SAP Education Methodology Training Strategy Learning Needs Analysis Education Readiness Review Usage Health Check Provides a roadmap for the Ensures that the correct role- Reduces overall effort / cost of Identifies roadblocks to development and deployment of based training is delivered to education solution - issues are system usage that prevent an effective education solution end users identified early correct use of the system 10 - 15 days effort 5 – 8 days effort 5 – 8 days effort 5 – 8 days effort © SAP 2007 / Page 32
  33. 33. Thanks for your attention! AbdulRahman Ali Al-Garni SAP Education SAP – Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower, 28th Floor, King Fahad Road T + 966 1 211-8193 M +966 50 453 5774 F + 966 1 211-8180 E Speed Up with firsthand knowledge ! © SAP 2007 / Page 33
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