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Digital Touism Think Tank Presentation


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November 30, 2012

Published in: Travel
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Digital Touism Think Tank Presentation

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  100,000 Monthly Blog Visitors 250,000 Monthly Pageviews 113,000 Twitter Followers/Twitter Verified 50,000 Facebook Fans 20,000 Email/RSS Subscribers Time Magazine Top 25 Blogs of 2010 (First Travel Blog Ever) Lowell Thomas Award Winner
  3. 3.  Authenticity Real Time Sharing and Storytelling Personality Interaction and Engagement Compelling Meta Story Global Audience
  4. 4.  UNWTO report shows 33% of US travelers going to Europe cite travel blogs as a part of their trip planning. Only 10% less than traditional travel media. Up from 0% 5 years ago. Fastest growing source of information for travelers.
  5. 5.  2011 World Travel Market industry report shows social media and blogging are considered the #1 and #2 online marketing vehicles for travel, ahead of pay per click and video.
  6. 6.  2011 Google report shows 24% of personal travelers and 40% of business travelers have read a travel blog in the last 6 months.
  7. 7. Major Print Travel Magazine Overhead: Amazingly High Cost ~$100,000 Full Page Ad 1 Page Is Less Than 1% Of A Single Issue Circulation ~800-900,000 Actual Ad Views: Unknown Time Spent on Ads: Unknown (page flip) Interactivity: None
  8. 8. Gary Overhead: Lives Out of a Bag $100,000 Can Fund An Entire Year Creative Message Delivery Loyal, Global Audience Interactive and Personal Can Click and Take Instant Action Can Act Quickly
  9. 9.  Incredibly Low Overhead Cost per Reader is 10-100x Greater Than Print Growing Audience Real Time Interaction Lifestyle Brand Association Marketing Opportunities Beyond Traditional Publications