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EF LINK (Eileen Fisher) Om...Mind, Body, Spirit Wellbeing and the Whole of You

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Galina Arlov July 2010 Ef Link

  1. 1. E F LINK July 2010 Issue #39 Keeping You in the Link. Om... Mind. Body. Spirit. Wellbeing for the Whole of You Take 10 Minutes for You Advocating Company Wellbeing A Leader’s Reflection Relax... 17Personal Examples that Show Us How Our Best Summer Reading List Yet! Pictured on the cover: Kathy D’Angelo from People & Culture!
  2. 2. E F LINK upfront I Can Take Those 10 Minutes EF WELL We find ourselves in a wildly creative and stressful time. Since the layoffs and re-shaping, many people in the company are experiencing much more on We can have that 10 minute chair massage, in fact, we need to. We can go out for a 10 minute walk, use the quiet room to take 10 minutes to meditate and their workday plates and time feels like it’s shrinking. breathe or stretch. We manage to find 10 minutes The list at EF is long and the one that’s waiting for many things in our lives….we can do it for for us at home is certainly not getting any shorter! ourselves, our health and our happiness. Compounding the stress we feel at the office is the guilt we feel for not being there for family, friends Here are some tips from our employees for quick and home as much as we would like. And where ways to de-stress and rejuvenate: does “Me” fit in there? It’s times like these when taking time for ourselves to nurture, to stretch, to breathe, to, dare I say, relax, is crucial. We cannot continue at such a pace without by Leslie Ritter replenishing or we burn out. Wellness Monique Wyman (Madison 2) has two Wellness practices that she uses consistently. Jennifer Johnson (Customer Care) says, “I usually take a 10 minute break twice a day and do She takes the time to stretch throughout the day. 30 push ups. It helps me regain focus on my work and it’s a When she’s faced with a challenging customer, she practices great workout!” a moment of meditation for release. Liz Yager (Design) “Deep breaths, walking around the block, laying on your Rebecca Kleister (Montgomery) says,“In my role as store manager, there are many times back with your knees up, elbows bent with hands on that lunch is just ‘eat quickly and get back to work.’ Lately, I abdomen and thinking ‘lengthen and widen’ (Alexander have decided to use the break time to re-compose myself by Technique) [help me relax]. Also, I think of things I am allowing for a few minutes of knitting time before returning to grateful for, focus on the positive and let go of things that are the task at hand. A little quiet and peaceful activity has been bothering me and remind myself it is not important.” very helpful!” Kimberly Lin (Sales) “I like to take time every morning to look through my planner Marian Spurrier (Retail LL&D) “When I’m feeling stressed I take four deep breaths. I and review/maintain a checklist that pertains to my life breathe all the way in, hold for 10 seconds, then breathe all outside of work. This allows the work day its best opportunity the way out, hold for 10 seconds (then repeat four times). for focus, peace of mind, and least distraction. I also make Inevitably this slows me down and releases some tension!” it a point to step outside once a day even if it’s just to take a lap around the block, breath in some fresh air, and give my eyes and mind a hiatus from the computer screen.” Rose Wagner (EILEEN FISHER Lab Store) says, “Every day I encourage the staff to go outside Gina DeTemple (Manufacturing) I take 10 minutes and go and sit by the water and just close and look at the river and breathe!” my eyes and think about nothing! Denise Mizrachi Hand Massage with herbal scent “therapy” (Soho store) Zita Bettig The Half-Smile Meditation (Soho store) On an occasional Sunday before the Soho store opens, you During moments of stress, or the anticipation of stress, to will find the staff participating in 10 minute hand massages relax during the day Zita practices the Half-Smile Meditation. by Denise. The team will wear warm mittens after their hand She tries to find a quiet place, relaxes her face into a half- massage, put their feet up, close their eyes and listen to smile (a closed lip smile.) Then she inhales and exhales soothing music to help facilitate relaxation. The air is scented gently with three deep breathes while maintaining the half- with herbs such as rosemary or mint. Denise has found that smile. She suggests the focus should be on your breathing. the scent of actual herbs will last longer than that of essential This was originally a Buddhist meditation. oils used for aromatherapy. What a great way to start the day! July 2010 / 2
  3. 3. E F LINK upfront Sheila Rigoni & Galina Arlov the Sanibel Team “One cute thing we have printed on a paper on our board “I practice ‘Vipassana Meditation’ during lunch hour. It only takes 10 minutes and it is great way to keep my focus and equanimity through the day. Vipassana, which means to to view is some words of wisdom to meditate a minute see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient to…These are words from a book we read called ‘The 4 techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than Agreements’: 2,500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, • Always do your best i.e., an Art of Living. For those who are not familiar with • Never assume Vipassana Meditation, an Introduction to Vipassana by Mr. • Be impeccable with your word Goenka and Questions & Answers about Vipassana are • Never take it personally available. This is a link to the web site: http://www.dhamma. We also have a therapy band that you can use to stretch with, org/ also therapy putty…for hand issues.” Carmen Diaz & Leslie Ritter (Wellness) the Secaucus Company “Kathy D’angelo (Irvington) keeps a diffuser for organic essential oils at her desk. She knows a lot about the oils and Store team We bought a cardio twister machine and employees go there can choose those that create the energy she’s looking for; calming, restorative etc. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to her desk several times a day!” to make some steps for 10 minutes. We have our team partic- ipate in 10 minutes free chair massages at the EF warehouse. “You can make an appointment with Patty Heilman We offered team members to have ice cream (EF warehouse (Irvington) who offers 10 minute sessions where she gives shared with us) to refresh themselves on a very hot day. We light, a healing and relaxing energy. I’ve done this with her talk a walk in the EF warehouse (of course this is not 10 and it is wonderful and very rejuvenating. Patty does not minutes) in order to stretch their legs a bit from short walking charge for this; it is a service she offers as part of her spiritual on the sales floor. practice. Take advantage of this gift, you will be glad you We are planning to take 10 minute walks in pairs around the did.” block when days are not hot. “Another nice breathing exercise is to take a deep breath in through your nose to the count of four, hold it for the count of seven and breathe out through your mouth with a whooshing sound for the count of eight. Repeat three or four times. Do The “Ladies who Launch” this any time you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or having courtesy of a hard time focusing.” the Soho Store Maggie Orellana (Sales) “The sound of a waterfall…possibly a small fountain Breath work is one of the most important wellness tech- somewhere is calming and beautiful.” niques we can integrate into our lives and one of the easi- est to implement: No resources, no props, no pretzel limbs required. Believe it or not there are many different ways to apply breathing techniques, but even without taking a lesson Maryanne Morella (Sales/ remote) My favorite centering and restorative time is or reading instructions, breath work is something we can all taking a few minutes to walk into another room, sit on the engage in on our own. Why is breath work so important? floor with my two very calm Beagles and have a little “pet We all have the tendency to “hold our breath” when going therapy” time with them. Looking into their big soulful through a challenging or uncomfortable experience. Learning eyes, and embracing their unconditional love completely to breathe is the equivalent of learning to let go—it frees up restores my sense of well being and releases any tension that our energy, and serves as a tool for releasing old patterns and unknowingly builds up. breaking up stale thoughts. When we breathe deeply, we can only be rooted in the present. During the act of focusing on the breath, there is nowhere else to go, nothing to get and no Susan Kushnick (Product Development) Clear away that clutter! If you find yourself thoughts to hold onto. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or sitting at your desk, breathe deeply throughout the day as surrounded by “stuff,” you don’t have to tackle it all at once restorative measure and goal-quenching strategy. which can be a bit overwhelming—every time you go into a room pick one thing to put away or throw out. Before you know it, the room will be free of clutter and will welcome you with serenity. July 2010 / 3
  4. 4. E F LINK upfront Leading By Example: A Q&A with Susan Schor Recently Leslie Ritter spoke with Susan Schor, our Chief Culture Officer, to hear Susan’s thoughts on wellness and the commitment we have to supporting this beloved value: I know that personal wellness is very important to you. Can you tell people some of the things you do to take care of yourself in the midst of such a busy life? I make certain commitments to appointments, for instance yoga or pilates class, and I keep that. I walk most days—not only for the exercise but because it gives me some time to be by myself. I do some deep breathing; I stop and take three or four deep yoga breaths. I find that to be very helpful. I also focus a lot on my role as a listener. I find that very calming. When I’m in meetings, I not only listen to the topic and content of the group but also my own wellbeing. I think about what I want to say, in terms of whether or not it’s important for me to say it; perhaps someone has already said it, and it’s not that important for me to accentuate. I try to monitor my participation in meetings thoughtfully. And I find that it reduces my hyper-ness. What a great point. I’m sure that those of us who spend time in meetings with you are aware of what a great listener you are. I am often amazed by how focused you remain. It’s probably very related. I also take two or three breaks during the year to attend yoga/meditation retreats. Those really, really help me stay centered. I do some meditation on my own as well, and my walks are very meditative. I also make time for my friends in the evening instead of working. wellness leader, the practitioners we bring in, the workshops Well, sometimes I need to work at night, but I make regular we offer, they all speak loudly to our commitment. To me, dinner plans with friends and make that a priority. the individual and leader responsibility for encouraging wellbeing is a leg of the stool that’s not as strong as it needs With the reshaping, branding work with IDEO and now the to be. It’s a part of our role to take care of ourselves and our Business Visioning Company Priorities projects, many people people and to advocate for the company. are feeling a lot of stress and often a sense of overwhelm from the increased workload. So I’m wondering if you could I don’t want to diminish in any way the demands of what’s speak about the company’s philosophy about maintaining a happening in the company, but we need to have people find healthy balance while we’re working so hard. ways that they can have more balance and wellbeing while I think that it’s one of the key responsibilities of leaders at meeting the demands of their jobs and their passion for their EILEEN FISHER to check on their teams and find out how jobs. We don’t want people to burn out. So for the health of people are taking care of themselves. It’s incumbent on us the company, it’s essential. as leaders to understand this responsibility—that it’s how we stay healthy and whole as a company. It helps people Do you have a vision for where we might go from here? stay focused and put their work into perspective. Eileen has I’d like to see everyone in the company sharing the always felt very strongly about family, about taking care of responsibility for raising the consciousness around what yourself, and putting work into the perspective of one’s whole wellbeing means and how we can expand our awareness and life. I feel it’s a responsibility in working for her company to take real care of ourselves and each other. It would become teach leaders and reach out to each person to make sure woven into our lives here at work and outside of work, an we’re doing that. integral part of who we are. What if we had a “wellbeing meter”….how well are you and your team doing in your work/ We’ve invested so much in this company with regard to life balance and sense of wellbeing? wellbeing; the wellness benefit, having the position of a July 2010 / 4
  5. 5. E F LINK upfront The Well- Rounded Life Designing Your Work-Life Fit These days when people talk about work/life, they’re less fit might involve working evenings in order to spend the likely to talk about “balance.” Whenever I hear “work/life mornings taking a course. If there are tasks associated with balance,” I picture a smiling person sitting cross-legged in a your work that can be done on a laptop, you may be able meditative pose on the middle of a seesaw that is perfectly to work at home occasionally—in fact that may be the best horizontal. Then I see visiting relatives, children having place to concentrate without interruptions. tantrums, flat tires and pets piled on one end of the seesaw, and a large stack of files about to fall over on the other. I see Getting Started someone with bumps and bruises struggling to push things Designing your fit starts with a realistic assessment of the off the seesaw while anxiously tilting back and forth in the nature of your job. Is your work site-dependent, for example middle trying to avoid that teeth-jarring “thunk” that occurs working in a store, or at the Distribution Center? Does it every time the seesaw hits the ground. involve a lot of meetings, for example fittings that require you and others to work on a piece of clothing together? Can you For most of us, “work/life balance” occurs rarely and exists plan your own work flow for the most part, or do you need to for a nanosecond—which is why I prefer the idea of “Work/ respond rapidly to external demands? Is most of your work Life Fit,” which came into vogue several years ago with done at your computer? the help of Work/Life guru Cali Yost (author of Work+Life: Finding the Fit that’s Right for You and blogger at http:// In addition to taking into account the requirements of your job, fit also has to accommodate your leader and your team. Knowing that everyone occasionally makes compromises so The Right Fit for You that each person gets at least some of what they want can Fit is about crafting work/life strategies that are right for your make the process easier. So does giving others the kind of particular situation, at work and outside of work. It recognizes support that helps you when you are trying to fit your work that everyone’s needs and circumstances differ—not just with the rest of your life. from person to person, but from week to week or even day to day. Each of us has a unique work/life fit. It changes—from day to day, and through different periods of life, as job and “Fit” seems particularly appropriate for people at EILEEN external requirements change. Even though we may fantasize FISHER. To create our own fit, we need to understand about not EVER having to work, in fact most of us derive what’s required by our jobs what’s needed outside our jobs some satisfaction from our paychecks and from contributing and design a way to fit those things together. to a common enterprise, as well as from our lives outside of work. The challenge is fitting the pieces together. What does that look like? It varies enormously, like the people and the jobs. For many of us, fit starts with the possibility of taking a morning or afternoon to go to the doctor or attend by Pamela Shaw Leadership, Learning & Development a child’s play, or take care of an aging parent. In retail, July 2010 / 5
  6. 6. E F LINK upfront Looking for More To Life? Call or Go Online! EF employees with questions about how takes your health insurance, so that can to manage their jobs, time, families, kick in after the five free sessions). HEALTH AND WELLNESS finances or health should consider start- • Health Tools ing with an often overlooked resource: All contact with the EAP whether on the , • Live Healthy our Employee Assistance Program phone, online, or in person, is anony- • Healthy Eating (EAP). This program provides access mous. The company receives quarterly • Medical Care to information and referral on a tre- statistics grouped by kind of issue (ie. • Infants' and Toddlers' mendous range of topics (see sidebar). family, financial, work/life) and roughly Health It is a great resource if you are exploring by job category (manager, hourly • Children's Health a new geographical area, a new stage employee, etc.). No personal informa- • Adolescents' Health in your life (parenthood, aging parents, tion is shared with anyone else at the • Women's Health divorce, etc) or an unfamiliar topic (sell- company. • Men's Health ing a house, buying a car, or traveling • Seniors' Health to Toronto or Tahiti) and would like to The gateway for our EAP services is • Health Challenges start with a little more guidance than an Corporate Family Network, (the pro- internet search provides. vider for our EAP services in the New EMOTIONAL WELLBEING York area). Beyond the NY area and • Balancing You can get that information as per- on the web, services are provided by • Personal Growth sonally or impersonally as you wish. More to Life, a national company linked • Communication You could start by going online to the to a host of local providers across the • Families website at country. • Relationships (username: eileenfisher, password: • Grief and Loss guest) and exploring numerous topics FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR • Mental Health including working smarter, wellness, EAP • Addiction and Recovery parenting, finances, childcare, elder- Call 1-888-777-0052 care, travel, pets and home repair, to Or online at - name a few. username: eileenfisher password: guest WORKING SMARTER • Accomplished Employee Or, if you have a pressing problem but by Pamela Shaw • Effective Manager you’re not sure about what steps to Leadership, Learning & Development • Career Development take, you can call 1-888-777-0052 • Career Transition (toll-free) and speak to someone who (Under each heading you’ll find addi- • Training and Development will find out what’s on your mind, then tional resources such as: • Workplace Diversity arrange for you to receive a call back • Audio • Workplace Productivity from someone in your geographical • Calculators • Workplace Safety area who can help you with your spe- • Legal Forms cific issue, whether it’s daycare, elder- • Online Seminars • Skill Builders DAILY LIVING care, financial or legal advice, or help • Consumer Tips with personal distress or concern about • Assisted Searches • Home Improvement a family member. • Glossaries • Home Buying or Selling • Provider Searches • Moving For example, if you want to find out • Online Seminars • Financial about eldercare resources in your com- • Legal munity, you can go to the home page FAMILY AND CAREGIVING Parenting • Legal Forms on the website, select “Older Adults • Errands Online • Adoption Search” from “Locate Resources” • Safety • Child Care menu on the right, type in your zip • Pets • Developmental Stages code, and see a list of local resources • Travel and Leisure Time • Kids' Well-Being meeting your requirements that you • Fraud and Theft • Education can print out. If you’re not sure what Aging your requirements are, you can call the • Adults with Disabilities toll-free number, talk to a counselor, • Aging Well INTERNATIONAL and she or he will have someone in your • Immigration to the U.S. • Planning the Future area call you back to help you refine • International Immigration • Government Programs your search. • Relocating Abroad • Housing Options • Living Abroad • Home Care All employees (or those living in their • Working Abroad • Health household) have access to an hour • Families Abroad • Caregivers each of free financial and legal advice, • Repatriation • Grief and Loss and five free hours of counseling face to face (be sure to ask for a counselor who July 2010 / 6
  7. 7. E F LINK ef earth Forever Nurturing... Pachamama illustration of Pachamama Sometimes, we can’t help but be influenced by Western made between people and nature. It is interesting to note Culture – individualism, legal rights, capitalism and scientific that Cameron has an extensive background in natural principles have become underpinnings of our society. We sciences. may forget that other cultures see life in a whole different way. Unfortunately, many years of being trained to adopt a Sometimes we do experience a sense of incredible mystery science-based and fact-proven attitude has made me wonder or awe of nature – like experiencing a sunset, a walk on the ‘Exactly what does an indigenous culture have to offer?’ beach or standing under a dome of stars in a dark night sky. Yet when we sense this awe, to whom do we attribute it? It Since returning from a recent trip to Peru, I’ve been can’t be Mother Earth, can it? Western culture has taught us fascinated with learning more about the indigenous Andean that Earth is an inanimate rock – an important rock, but still people’s relationship to nature. During a time of web just a rock. We may even feel love for Mother Earth, but she upgrades, production deadlines and satisfying the emerging can’t really love us back, can she? customer, I wonder if there might be something for us to learn from the Andean people. The Andean people experience the Pachamama as a loving mother who nurtures one’s whole being and informs As written by the researcher Dr. Gordon Oakley, Andean one’s behavior. Pachamama can also restore one’s sense people see the world differently. They have an intimate, of balance and harmony by removing “hucha” or “heavy loving and reciprocal relationship with the universe, energy.” “It’s not ‘negative’ or ‘evil’ energy, it’s just heavy,” particularly with Pachamama (the great spiritual being planet writes Dr. Gordon. An example of hucha would be the feeling Earth). For the Andean people, everything is connected. The you have when you return home after a long and frustrating vast universe is connected by a web of filaments of energy. day at the office. Hucha can be removed by yourself or This connection establishes kinship among everything that others in a variety of ways – meditation or physically placing exists. The Andean views the individual as one part of a yourself within a “sacred” landscape would work. The hucha much larger system, a role that can be compared to a finger is given to Pachamama, and she takes it willingly. This is one on a much larger body. For example, when one connects his of her acts of love to her children, and it will do her no harm. energetic filaments to a tree, one can discover the beautiful This process gives Andean people a sense of being supported way the tree experiences sunlight. Reading this, reminded and loved by nature. me of James Cameron’s film “Avatar” and the connection Crazy as it may sound, I think our Irvington building was placed on a sacred setting. The sun engulfs each room, and the river always seems willing to wash away my heavy energy. So in these fast times of western thought, don’t forget that the Pachamama is there ready to remove your hucha. And don’t worry, she can take it. Source: “An Environmental Epistemology of the Andean People of Peru” written by Dr. Oakley Gordon. by Shona Quinn Social Consciousness July 2010 / 7
  8. 8. E F LINK AKE CARE OF YOURSELF NOW HANK YOURSELF LATER We asked 17 people to share what they do to relax and what wellness means to them. Here are their responses... July 2010 / 8
  9. 9. E F LINK light Eileen Wellness is always a priority for me personally and I hope for most people in the company. I know stress is an ongoing issue for many of us and I would like to share something with you that I find helpful. When I find myself in a difficult situation or do not know what to do or say, I often practice the following technique*: “3 Breaths” First, take a breath in. On the out breath, say, “let go.” Take another breath in. On the out breath say, “be still.” Take a third breath in. On the out breath say, “now what?” I love the idea that the breath can be an opening for inspiration. Perhaps it will be for you too. *(This technique comes from the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.) July 2010 / 9
  10. 10. E F LINK Samuel Distribution Center Olivia Manufacturing watch a comedic television show or movie and sleep. During the summer, I will garden occasionally. I also consider going to the gym, playing pool and Wii, participating in church activities and projects, spending time with family and friends, cooking, decorating cakes, and participating in different committees at work to be some of my wellness activities. Any of these activities help me unwind after a tough day at work. They help Wellness means enjoyment and me recharge so I am refreshed and fulfillment, anything that makes you energized, creating a clear mind for the happy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Wellness encompasses many aspects next day. relaxing or serene. Wellness could be of a person’s life. It not only means taking part in an extracurricular activity being free of illness (physically), it also When I’m in the office and need or hobby; an interest that makes you means that the emotional, spiritual, a moment of mental and physical feel empowered mentally. intellectual, social and occupational relaxation, I simply look at pictures of parts of your being are healthy. Wellness my family. I love to knit, walk and shop as well is an on-going process of improving as spend countless hours with friends. yourself and making choices that will His Motto: I have never been a fan of sports help you get there. …listen closely to My words…for they are or fast-paced exercising, but I love life to those who find them and health social activities and having stimulating To relax, I play with my baby, sing, to a man’s whole body. Proverbs 20-22 conversations with people. Ermine Design I really enjoy reading. I have recently been drawn to magazines and articles. I believe that “vegging out” and reading about pop culture is a perfect way to whatever stress factors that I held onto relax. I also love reading EF Link or during the day, but didn’t need to. It’s the EF News Briefs when I have a free like one big long exhale.... moment. These newsletters let me decompress from an overwhelming When I need to release at work, I often day at work. I also love to bake! Not listen to very upbeat music, anything particularly when there is a heat wave in from Jill Scott to Lady Ga Ga, while I the middle of August, but baking is very channel my inner Tina Turner. I also helpful when I want to relax. chew gum (sugar free) and pop my gum excessively. These different relaxation activities allow me to have a moment to myself. Walking away from a stressful situation Her Motto: and talking to friends outside of the Always embrace each day. Everyday workplace can help clear my mind and To relax, I like to do yoga or pilates is a good day no matter what. Why? allow me to talk through my anxiety. while watching my guilty pleasures Because I was able to wake up, get out of “Young and the Restless” and/or of bed and see the day! People expect Her Motto: “Housewives of…Anywhere.” I do this you not to do good; do good things Indulge in whatever makes you feel at night after the baby is asleep and the anyway! good, even if that means spoiling or homework is finished. pampering yourself because life is too short to hold back. Exercise and stretching not only helps me maintain my weight and tone my body but doing it while I watch mindless TV just helps my mind let go of everything. I am able to forget July 2010 / 10
  11. 11. E F LINK Joanne Accounting can’t speak or use cell phones. because of its serene views and open spaces! Wellness, without question, I hardly ever really relax. I’m still makes a difference in your lifestyle. learning how to do that but I do find gardening very relaxing. I spend a lot of My children are also very active in time with my dogs and family. I recently regards to wellness. My son, Daniel, lives took a trip to Cape May and stayed at in Vermont and is always on the go. He a convent on the beach. I spent the loves to snowboard (he migrates towards weekend taking classes in watercolor the snow) and mountain climbing. He is and gouche, which is a technique of always exercising by riding his bike, and painting dark to light as opposed to he is an organic farmer! You should see the typical light to dark method. I love what he can do with a potato! He is the drawing, painting and listening to music, epitome of wellness. My daughter, Mika, especially late at night when you aren’t majored in dance and currently teaches expecting phone calls or disturbances. core techniques and strengthening, coaches ice skating, and is now back at EF actually taught me a lot about how school studying to become a physical Wellness is peacefulness as well as being to fit wellness into my routine and therapist. My oldest son, Brian, played in tune with your outside, inside and your take time for myself. I have noticed for Northeastern University and West surroundings. I have a Saturday routine a large difference in myself as I have Chester University in basketball. He that I enjoy which includes an early progressively allowed myself to be currently coaches both sons in soccer morning walk with my two pugs, coming mindful of wellness. I was very much and basketball. home to garden for four to five hours, into yoga when I was younger so having showering, then settling down under the this peaceful wellness feeling here is Her Motto: shade tree in our yard to relax and read. great. When I can, I participate in the To live. To laugh. To love. That has I lounge on a beach chair while the pugs classes and activities that EF provides been my motto since high school and lay quietly next to me facing the wind. including massage therapy. The physical has always stuck with me. It’s very peaceful, probably because they atmosphere at EF also promotes balance Sara Chevy Chase so most of the time this is a way for of doing a workout at night because I me to relax. I also get massages every am too tired. I’m also very thankful to couple of months to reward my body for work for a company that allows me to the hard work that I put it through. do all of these races and supports me through the wellness program. Most of my workouts are bright and early in the morning. Depending on the Is there anything you do specifically length of my training for the day, I could when you’re in the store to give be on my bike or on a run as early as yourself a mental or physical relaxation 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. My second workout moment? Sara during the bike leg of the half-Ironman that she finished in June is normally at the pool after work. I take power naps on my lunch break!! 10 minutes for lunch, 20 minute nap…. honestly the only thing that will get me When not at work, I have two big dogs I think the mental clarity that I get from through the rest of the day sometimes. that I love to walk. This is exercise exercising just keeps me going all day Also, I take some time to stretch or get for them and down time for me. I long. It is so much easier to just get some fresh air outside. am currently training for the Louisville my workouts done in the morning, and Ironman, which consists of a 2.4 mile then I can focus the rest of my attention swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a full on work during the day. Otherwise, I 26.2 marathon run. I love to workout, beat myself up all day or talk myself out July 2010 / 11
  12. 12. E F LINK Christine Facilities I practice yoga…I dance hula…I’ve also reason about carbon dioxide and been attuned at the reiki 2 level. I’m oxygen and the acid alkaline balance in very interested in massage. the body, but breath control is also the ultimate reminder of balance in life and Also if I’ve been glued to my desk lately, teaches you to be present….focusing on I’ll get out of my chair and just clasp the exhale, then the inhale…it simplifies my hands behind me and bend forward things that have gotten too complicated bringing my arms behind me and over and really helps to come back into the me…forward bends are generally moment…a lot of times we worry about calming and there’s a lot of tension that what had just happened, what we will is stored in the shoulders from sitting do about something or what could’ve hunched at the computer. This simple been done, when really we only have stretch helps release that. to deal with now. When you focus on that cycle, you realize that there is that natural balance in life. This is where I try to come back to my breath “The Facts of Life” jingle pops into my throughout the day since it’s easy to head, “You take the good, you take the be on auto pilot, especially when I’m bad, you take them both and there you I think wellness means finding any kind multi-tasking…I’ll get out of the chair to have…” of balance. It has to do with unlocking do that forward bend to release tension your true potential without the mindset that builds up in the shoulders and that there is an end’s an lower back. Her Motto: ongoing process. It’s a conscious effort I don’t really have one motto, but I to enhance your physical, mental, In yoga, you learn breath control like the simple: just breathe! Ha-ha go spiritual state or overall well-being. (Pranayama) to help control the energy figure. in the body. I know there’s a scientific Pam Human Resources Golf is not only a physical sport but a mental one, which might be surprising to some. Not only are there physical mechanics of a swing but there are numerous decisions that have to be made on the course in a minimal amount of time. The thing about golf is that everyone has room for improvement, and each new hole brings the promise of a great shot (that’s what brings every golfer back!). This translates to work because there are Wellness is about taking care of all times where we are faced with great the facets in one’s life—eating well, challenges, and the hope is that when staying active, challenging the mind you overcome the challenge, you are and physical ability, and nurturing the stronger and better prepared the next relationships with family and friends. time around. That’s how we thrive. Strangely, I find organizing to be very Well, I don’t have any shortage of relaxing. When life gets chaotic, I clean hobbies! During the spring, summer out my closet, a filing cabinet or my and fall, I enjoy playing golf. I also kitchen cupboards. There is something rejoined the EF softball team this about the process of purging that season which has been fun. During the makes everything seem manageable. winter I like to hibernate, so knitting is a good way to stay inside and still be Her Motto: productive. Always challenge yourself. Challenges can be very humbling. July 2010 / 12
  13. 13. E F LINK Alan Marilynn I go to the gym five days a week and the routine varies. One day I Sales may train with weights and the next will be an entire workout dedicated Distribution Center to cardio. Other times I mix it up with interval training. When I come back from a workout, I feel like it’s a new start and am ready to kick ass. Incorporating it into my day really helps with managing work and wellness. And when I’m in the office, I find that stepping away from my desk for a minute helps immensely. Going out to dinner is always a great way to relax. I love being served. Other times, I really enjoy a particular computer game called “World of To me, wellness means feeling good and Warcraft.” having time for yourself and your family. You should be at peace and relaxed as Wellness for me is not just about the well as doing what makes you feel best. physical part of being well, but the His Motto: emotional, mental and spiritual aspects I am a single mother so I don’t typically Do what you like when you like. If all tie into it as well. have time for myself, but I am a strong you’re not feeling it, then don’t do it. believer in prioritizing your own wellness. When free time presents itself, I kick box or create my own wellness. I will go Lorraine outside, sit in the yard and stare up at the sky and stars. It is almost my own form of meditation; a moment of peace Madison 2 and quiet. While all of the movements in sequence I also love to play around with my are important, the tenth movement is daughter; she is turning 11 in a few the most important and can be done by days. Because she is an innocent child, itself for an initial time of two minutes. when we play games together I am It is recommended that you eventually able to forget about the real world and increase your time to ten or fifteen reminisce about my own childhood. minutes. EILEEN FISHER is the first company The process of the 10th pose: where I witnessed wellness prioritized Relax, stand with your feet shoulder- within a corporate environment. When width apart with your knees slightly you are working in an office, you take bent. Lift your arms chest high with home both the good and the bad of elbows out, make a fist, hands/knuckles the day. But here, you take so much facing forward with your thumbs out more good. I like to think of it as a facing each other but not touching. domino effect. The positive and upbeat atmosphere, along with the wellness I try to do the Qi Gong energy Close your eyes. Stand calmly, activities that EF offers, affects the movements daily at home before breathing normally for a minimum of attitudes of its employees and thus the work and on my days off. There two minutes in this pose. You might attitudes of close friends and family. The are 10 movements as part of the feel the need to stretch afterwards, or wellness introduced at work transfers “Dragon’s Way,’” a six-week program move your head from side to side… over to the wellness within your life. developed by Dr. Nan Lu (founder of almost as if you engaged in physical Tao of Healing and Traditional Chinese activity…hummmm. You will feel Her Motto: Medicine World Foundation) for stress calmer, refreshed, and eventually more Go with the flow and no matter how bad reduction, eating for healing, and as energized. it is, it can always be worse. If something a by-product, weight loss. The entire goes awry, you begin to feel sorry for process has changed my life. The catch For more information, please go to yourself. But then you catch a glimpse of is consistency. When one does not do or www.taoofhealing. the chaos mentioned on the news and you Qi Gong every day, you really feel the com, the two related organizations, for realize that everything is not so bad. You difference – both in energy levels and the complete wealth of offerings from tend to forget why you were upset in the physical well-being. Dr. Lu including acupuncture. first place. July 2010 / 13
  14. 14. E F LINK Jollie Water Tower full of pet owners, so I have been able Jennifer St. Louis to make new friends just by walking Magoo. It’s true that owning a pet is a great way to meet people! We take walks very early morning, afternoon (if possible ), and when I get home from work. I think with Magoo in my life my time management skills have improved. Having this responsibility waiting for me To relax, I practice T’ai Chi (Yang Short at home has forced me to, for the most Form) and love to walk. part, work my schedule and not stay a lot later to finish something like I had I try to practice daily, and have class done in the past. every Tuesday evening. There are five major principles of T’ai Chi, one of My life changed for the better the day Is there anything you do specifically them is to relax. I am now much more Mr. Magoo (my 2 ½-year-old pug) when you’re in the store to give aware when my muscles are tense came into my life. I relax by taking yourself a mental or physical relaxation and find it easier because of this self- Magoo on walks daily, going to the park moment? awareness to relax. And I can practice for exercise and playing and cuddling at I try to get 15 minutes of thinking time anywhere! I have even practiced in the home. After a busy day at work, I can’t in, and I surround my work area with break area of our stock room here at wait to get home to see Magoo; and; pictures of Magoo and my sister. Just work! by the way he goes crazy the minute I looking at those pictures can help ease walk through the door, I know he feels those stressful moments. I am very fortunate to work for a the same way too. My neighborhood is company that values balance, and am scheduled so that I can attend class Jenn weekly. Northhampton Ruth Sanibel Since that time, I’ve been teaching group obedience classes and doing private behavioral consultations with dogs and their people. The relaxation part comes for me at the end of every day when my dogs and I go for a 1-2 mile hike. Even when I’m not in the To relax, I do fused glass projects and mood to walk, I’m always glad I have; needlepoint and spend time with my plus a tired dog is a happy dog! grandchildren. For the glass, I have a studio we set up in a friend’s garage There’s federal conservation land in my and go there at least once a week after area that me and my two Basenjis can work. I make plates, bowls, and other I’ve always gotten a tremendous walk without leashes (I keep mine on!). serving pieces. Other evenings when I amount of joy and satisfaction helping We’re out in this area all year so we get am at home or on my days off, I work people understand their dogs and to watch the seasons change. Leaves on needlepoint projects. I make pillows coping with dog issues. In October of come and then fall; birds nest and out of the finished canvas or frame 2008, I decided to make it “official” forage; rabbits run across the paths in them. and began a year-long course of study front of us. It’s very peaceful, and I get to become a professional dog trainer. a special sort of connection with Mother This has helped me find balance with I graduated with honors from Animal Nature while watching my dogs interact work at EF by allowing me time for Behavior College in October of 2009. with it. myself and to be creative. July 2010 / 14
  15. 15. E F LINK Jane They were pioneers in the rebirth of and protective gear. I’m so grateful to roller derby and continue to foster its have had this opportunity. Roller derby Bridgeport Village growth. Their goals are to serve their is fun! I moved to Portland a few years community by empowering women, ago, not really knowing many people providing entertainment for their fans, here. Through roller derby, I have met and supporting charitable causes. so many amazing wonderful women. I They are a 501c3 non-profit formed in enjoy the camaraderie and friendships 2004, and a founding member of the I’ve made. Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.” Is there anything you do specifically Unfortunately, I’m currently on the when you’re in the store to give disabled list with a knee injury. When yourself a mental or physical relaxation on the active roster, I typically have moment? two 2-hour sessions of roller derby I read on my breaks. I just finished the I’m not sure I’d call what I do a relaxing team practice during the week. I also Stieg Larsson Trilogy, The Girl with the activity; it’s definitely a stress release. skate indoors or outdoors (weather Dragon Tattoo. What a great read! I play roller derby! I’m on the Rose permitting) two more times during a City Rollers recreational roller derby given week. It’s such great exercise! team, The Wreckers. To give ya a feel We start each practice with a fast-paced for the organization, here’s the Rose 30 laps around the flat track. City Rollers Mission Statement: “The Rose City rollers are women of attitude, athleticism, and passion, playing a Because of our Wellness program, I hard-hitting sport of speed and skill. was able to purchase my roller skates Jaqcui East Hampton Rebecca Montgomery I love to take long walks on the beach Is there anything you do specifically – listening to the waves crashing on the when you’re in the store to give shore, smelling the crisp clean air, and yourself a mental or physical relaxation feeling the rush of the wind on my face. moment? I always find a moment to step There is no better time to walk than away and bring myself to a quiet early morning. I try to get my walk state of mind. We are so blessed to in at 6 a.m. This is a perfect time, have a beautiful garden in the back while everything is still. You can hear of the store. It is magical. Just a the birds and all the sounds of nature moment seems like forever, and I am without interruption. This is the most regenerated and ready to go. peaceful moment for me to reflect on where I am in my life, where I want to go, and how I am going to get there. This is my meditative moment. Rebecca Kleister, manager of our Montgomery store, with one of the rugs she creates. She dyed all of the fabric My “me” time is so important for me. in this rug, which is an interpretation of I am a strong believer that if you don’t a Paul Klee painting. take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. I love to help people whenever I can, so I need to have that time to regenerate so that I can better serve my staff and my customers. July 2010 / 15
  16. 16. E F LINK store scoop University Village store scoop Retail Stores Pamper with Pedi-Parties University Village – Beautiful Toes-ies We really enjoy doing our store wellness as a team. For the past two years, we have had a Pedicure Party at Julep Nail Salon just down the street from our store. We get the entire salon to ourselves, bring our own food and wine, and the salon provides plates, glassware, and enough estheticians for all of us to sit and enjoy our pedicures. They even have a “manly”cure for the men! The team enjoys this so much and it’s becoming a bit of a tradition. It’s so nice to get together as a group and have fun while being pampered. Pedi-fabulous at Pine Street Wellness in Walnut Creek What sounds better after a hard days work We are always challenged with how to use on your feet than a yummy wrap, a glass our store wellness money. I think the most of wine, and some pampering? Maybe a fun we ever had using it was when we had a nap…but a pedicure at our local Julep all- store “Pedi-Party”! We have a lovely little nail natural, toxin-free nail parlor made for a salon in town that was happy to stay open perfect relaxing end to a busy day! Thanks late just for us on a Sunday evening. After to our wonderful store Wellness benefit, we we closed at 6:00 p.m., we all headed over were able to go as a group to “chick flick” there to be pampered. We had full use of the night at Julep and enjoy spa pedicures salon for about three hours. As they only had including soak, massage and polish – four manicurists working, we were happy to while watching Jane Austen’s “Sense and take turns…getting our pedicures, drinking Sensibility.” It was such a treat to spend champagne, and eating lovely little hors time together as a group, and we practically d’oeuvres and sweets. Since we don’t get to had the whole salon to ourselves. While attend the EF summer party in New York, we some were scrubbed and scraped others used our store summer party budget on the ate and drank…and then we switched. The food and drinks. We all left this great bonding movie was only background noise; this was experience feeling totally pampered and very the perfect opportunity to chat and read appreciative of Eileen’s generosity! trashy magazines. It was a girl’s night out that we all needed after a busy holiday season and months in close-toed shoes. Thank you Eileen for this perfect gift! July 2010 / 16
  17. 17. E F LINK store scoop Pasadena store event “EILEEN FISHER is making some noise at the Make Music Festival in Pasadena, CA! This was our first community event in the Pasadena area since Store 60 opened its doors on May 24. We had a beautiful booth set up to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood just feet away from the Main Stage at the festival. As the many musicians played throughout the day, many people stopped by our booth and were thrilled that we had opened up shop right down the street. Melissa and Brent from Store 60 and John from Store 25 worked the booth and got to know our local clientele. Since the festival, we have had many customers come into our store and shop with us. It was an absolutely positive experience and we can’t wait to get back out into the community!” June Report Walking for Parkinson’s Research On April 24, David Greenberg from our Madison 1 store participated in the two mile Parkinson Unity Walk in Central Park. The Parkinson Unity Walk is the largest grassroots event raising Parkinson’s awareness and funds to find a cure. One hundred percent of donations go directly to Parkinson’s research. More than $102,889 was 10,000 people participated in this year’s generated from 16th annual walk! the sale of 2510 EILEEN FISHER “I decided to walk in the Parkinson Unity Walk because my stepsister and step recycled garments father’s mother and aunt died from this since the Lab terrible disease,” David said. “It was store opened on close to their hearts.” He recruited his Sept. 16. girlfriend, family members and the 10 people evolved into “Team Lebowitz.” “Between EILEEN FISHER employees, Thank you for friends, and family we were able to raise your continued $2,130 for more research,” he shared. support. “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this cause.” by Lorraine Engelhardt Madison 2 store July 2010 / 17
  18. 18. E F LINK Designer’s Corner: Mimi Wong -- ed. Susan Kushnick As many of us know, transitioning from maternity leave company that sold to JC Penney. I changed jobs every two to the workplace is sometimes challenging. In returning years, gaining more experience each time, but I wasn’t to work on June 18 after being home with her newborn finding a home for myself. When I saw an ad in Women’s son and three-year-old daughter, sweater designer Wear Daily for an EF sweater designer, I had been working as a sweater technical designer at DKNY for two years. I Mimi Wong was given the opportunity to experience this wanted to go back into design. I loved the EF philosophy. for the second time. Getting a little person ready for I thought, ‘how can I convince these people I can do this daycare in the morning puts a whole other dimension job?’ It seemed like a long shot but I wrote a long cover letter on getting herself to work. “I never knew a toddler could about the company’s mission and finally got a call from HR. I have so many opinions,” Mimi said. “What she wants to met with Sheree Lee and Helen Oji and, after two interviews, do in the morning, what she likes to wear. We want her I was hired! And now I’m here for seven years! I finally found to have a mind of her own, but it does get in the way of a home. that constant morning routine sometimes!” What’s your personal creative process when designing? Tell me a bit about your background. What piqued your First I do a lot of listening and observing – observing what interest in fashion design? we did before historically, what may be trending. I do a lot of When I was in elementary school, I excelled in art classes. study on that. Also I listen to people around me – what are Recognizing how artistic I was, my teachers put me in the they buzzing about? Our new creative space allows us to do art honors society. As I grew older, I realized I drew more that really well. It’s great because there may be a meeting figures with clothing, hats and accessories. In high school, happening near me, and I can hear what’s going on. Then most people drew landscapes and houses, but my drawings I gather the materials that inspire me – from runway shots were always about a female figure with clothing. I learned or shows, a mood, or a picture. I take that inspiration and this is called fashion design. After high school, I went to FIT translate it into the EF aesthetic. Before the space redesign it where I had this revelation: I found a whole other direction was much more difficult. Now voices and visuals just flow to and felt like I belonged. While at FIT, I entered and won me. competitions. One was for the UN. There was a panel of 10 judges from around the world, one of whom was Sally Fox What’s your favorite piece on the Fall ’10 line? [whose naturally-dyed yarn we sampled at EF]. I was the only I love the whole ‘motorcycle girl’ kind of look. I love how U.S. designer selected. I represented the country in Paris, and we’re trending to the younger, emerging customer. I love our I had a fashion show at the Louvre. One of my pieces, for a new promotion ads. It’s very inspiring. I feel like it helps me to company called Wellman that makes fabrics out of recycled design into that direction. There’s this whole other spectrum bottles, was showcased at the Bryant Park Fashion Show. to design for. At first I thought, it’s a little dark. But the more I see it, the more I realize I see it has to be because it creates How did you get to EILEEN FISHER? this edgier energy. It sparks my creativity, too, to design to I worked in the industry for many years even while I was in this next level. The ads are so inspirational themselves. school. My first full-time job was at Donn Kenny, a missy July 2010 / 18
  19. 19. E F LINK Off the Cuff Mimi tells about some of her favorite things and people. My childhood nick name was… Korean to Mexican to Indian to Chinese, Uh-uh…Szechuan, Pig Nam. When I first came to this country from China in Vietnamese, Malaysian. Anything that’s spicy, I love. the eighties I was eight-years-old. I used my Chinese name: Pin Nam. Kids can be cruel and they made fun of me. They My life motto… turned it into Pig Nam. Life is what you make it. My hobby is … Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you I Food, travel and of course, fashion. haven’t asked? I want people to know that my two children are my life. My weirdest habit is… Although it’s tough and challenging, there’s so much joy in I’m a heavy sleeper! If I’m on vacation and not traveling, I watching them grow up. They complete me. could sleep uninterrupted for a whole day. Back in the old days [before children], I could sleep until 5:00 p.m. I would totally miss out on the sunlight. I love to sleep. My favorite piece of clothing to wear is… A t-shirt. Something I don’t have to think about. Something I could throw on in the morning. On weekends, I just throw on a t-shirt with my jeans. My favorite movie is… Gone with the Wind My favorite season is… Summer Helen Keller Madonna The living person I most admire is… Helen Keller. I know she’s not alive anymore but she seems so real to me. My music artist of choice if I was on a deserted island is… Madonna Word I most overuse… Uh-uh My favorite food… Spicy food from all over the world. From July 2010 / 19
  20. 20. E F LINK Our EF Summer Reading Reading Room Our 2010 summer reading list was created with your We have passionate readers, and I thank you all for your selections, and I’m sure you’ll find a book or two to add to enthusiastic response. I would also like to point out that I your bookshelf. I think it’s so nice that we can share things think it is very exciting that one of our choices was written by like this. The folks who submitted their choices were thrilled an employee’s husband, Charlie Smith (his wife is Daniela that EF LINK asked again! So find a comfy chair and a Serowinski from our 9th street boutique); look in the list below shady spot (not too much sun, or use good sun screen!), a for his book, Three Delays. tall cool drink and, voila, you are all set! --compiled by Carol Gazzetta The Girl with the Dragon No Angel ~ Temptation~ Something Dangerous. Tattoo / The Girl who Played A series by Penny Vincenzi with Fire / The Girl who Kicked Our entire store read this engrossing the Hornet’s Nest family saga about a family-owned By Stieg Larsson publishing house in London. The Originally written in Swedish and first book takes place during WWI translated into English, these crime when the men go off to war and novels will keep you on the edge the women run the business. The of your seat (or lounge chair). The second book follows the next generation during WWII, and the minute I finished the first one, I ran final book takes place in the 50’s in the US. We were turned out to buy the second one, and then had to wait two painful on to this series by our wonderful friends at Pine Street (#16) weeks for the third one to come out (in the US). Submitted by and then it just swept through our store…we couldn’t finish the Valerie Fisher (Bridgeport Village also recommends this series!) books fast enough for each other! Submitted by Kathy Hunt, Walnut Creek Store Outlander series Three Delays By Diana Gabaldon By Charlie Smith Her writing is brilliant, and the characters are Three Delays is the story of Billy Brent and Alice so well developed. This is historical fiction at its Stephens, bound by love since grade school. best…ancient standing stones in Scotland serve Their love; however, is of the combustible as a time portal, and the year goes from 1943 variety. Their story – laugh-out-loud funny at to 1773…the rest is a fantastic read!Submitted times and so tragic it may make you weep – by Lauren O’Boyle, Northampton store takes us from Venice to Miami to Mexico, but the only terrain that really matters here is the heart. Submitted by Daniela Serowinski, Ninth Street Boutique Tuesday’s with Morrie The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Law of By Mitch Albom Attraction It’s such a great inspirational book, makes you By Diane Ahlquist want to live life to the fullest with a kind heart. This book is about positive thinking, turning Submitted by Magdelene Orellana, Specialty your thoughts around, how to bring great Store Sales, New York things into your life with positive energy, and motivational strategies. Submitted by Sheila Rigoni, Sanibel Store Zen and the Art of Happiness The Shadow of Your Smile By Chris Prentiss By Mary Higgins Clark In Zen and the Art of Happiness, you will A woman who was adopted traces her learn how to think and feel so that what genealogy. Unbeknownst to her, she is the you think and feel creates happiness and biological granddaughter of a deceased nun vibrancy in your life rather than gloominess who is being considered for beautification… or depression. A quick read that you and some people have a vested interest in would want to read over and over again. making sure she never knows this biological “Everything that happens to me is the best connection. Murder and espionage abound! possible thing that can happen to me.” The author uses this Submitted by Allison King powerful statement as a foundation for overcoming stress. Internal Communications Submitted by Beate Skyes, Fillmore store and Mill Valley store July 2010 / 20