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Maxx Intermodal Systems


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Our company MAXX INTERMODAL SYSTEMS (Group RHENUS LOGISTICS, 17000 employees, 3,1 bio Euros turnover) propose to our clients dedicated transport solutions for specific zones such as Russia and Central Asia.

Our offer concentrates on innovating sea, road and rail solutions toward Russia and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan...) with our own offices.

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Maxx Intermodal Systems

  1. 1. MAXX Intermodal Systems Company Profile We keep a clear view on your logistics !
  2. 2. The Rhenus-Group AG is a part of the Rethmann Group Rethmann AG & Co. KG A group with a turnover of more than € 9.4 bn* and a workforce of 40,300* Water and Lifecycle Logistics Bio-Industry Public Private Partnership Contract Logistics Animal by-products Company Partnership Freight Logistics Food scraps disposal Logistics and Plants Port Logistics Animal carcass disposal Recycling and Production Public Transport Turnover*: 5.6 bn. € Turnover*: 3.1 bn. € Turnover*: 0,7 bn € Employees*: 18,800 Employees*: 17,700 Employees*: 3,800 *consolidated figure for 2008
  3. 3. RHENUS - One of Europe’s leading logistic companies Rhenus AG & Co. KG Contract Logistics Freight Logistics Port Logistics Public Transport Industrial Goods International Road Sea Ports Bus Services Automotive Transport Inland Ports Tramway Services Healthcare Domestic Road Shipping, Rail Consumer Goods and Road Train Services Transport Media & Air Freight Handling and Merchandise Sea Freight Storage Home Service Value Added Rail Transport Office Systems Services Customs Air Handling IT-Support Intermodal Transhipment and Warehousing Handling by decentralized units
  4. 4. Rhenus – key facts overview Rhenus - Group over 290 locations in 37 countries own network in Europe and Asia 17,700 employees turnover of € 3.1 bn. over 2 million m² covered warehousing space over 7,000 trucks daily over 19 million tons per annum transport volume over 40 million tons of bulk cargo per anno transhipped at inland and sea ports over 1 million TEU container handling per anno at trimodal terminals special solutions e.g. document archiving, glass recycling, returnable bottle systems, publishing house services and the management of information and business data.
  5. 5. Rhenus – the development Rhenus - Group Turnover in Mio. Euro Headcount 17700 3100 15000 2700 13000 2500 7400 1310 5800 5000 5200 1012 4000 769 805 3655 656 682 2993 505 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
  6. 6. RHENUS – Our offices Asia
  7. 7. Maxx Intermodal Systems - Profile • Belgium based transport company, specialized in organizing intermodal shipments to and from the CIS • Extensive service network around the globe • Own container fleet • More than 1,000 TEU per month to Russia and 500 TEU per month to Central Asia • 120 people working in more than eight countries worldwide • Acquired in 2005 by Rhenus Logistics
  8. 8. Maxx Intermodal Systems - Locations Existing Rep. Offices. Projected Rep. Offices Key Start Ups Moscow: 1994 Almaty: 1998 Mumbai: 2005 Paris: 2008 Tashkent: 1996 St. Petersburg: 2000 Vancouver: 2008 Shanghai: 2010
  9. 9. Our Strengths Carrier operating mentality and an innovative approach to logistical solutions All offices used a single operational system with standardized processes for each function and operation Four decades of worldwide door-to-door service, and almost 20 years of experience with Russia & CIS Own equipment including 20’dv, 40’dv, 40’hc, 40’pwhc, reefer containers and flat racks Combination of a globally operating organization with local set-up and dedicated teams Multimodal service network with connections to virtually every country in the world Diversified range of routing options to provide the best combination of rate and transit time
  10. 10. Intermodal Loading by road, rail or barge at place of loading. Providing equipment if required. Sea freight for containerized, conventional and project cargo. Transit formalities in port of transshipment. On-carriage and door delivery by road, rail and/or barge.
  11. 11. Rail Deliveries Alternative to short sea or deep sea services. Cost efficient and secure. Easy to reach remote destination in Russian regions or elsewhere in the CIS. Services include: Use of own equipment (20’dv, 40’dv and 40’hc) Reloading at border crossing points Door delivery from station of arrival Documentation Shipment of conventional, project and out-of-gauge cargoes
  12. 12. Port Forwarding Own port forwarding office in St-Petersburg. Long-time cooperation with main shipping lines and port terminals. Experience in port forwarding procedures for containerized, conventional and oversized cargo. Services include: Transit, import and export formalities. Customs formalities and transit procedures. Reloading and unloading. Documentation flow. Dispatch and door delivery from the port to place of destination by road and/or rail.
  13. 13. Equipment Dimensions truck and 45’ container: Truck 45’pwhc Inside Length 13.40 m 13.55 m Inside Width 2.45 m 2.44 m Inside Height 2.55 m 2.69 m Euro-Pallets 33 33 Container dimensions: 20’dv 40’dv 40’hc 20’pwhc 40’pwhc 45’pwhc Inside Length 5.89m 12.00m 12.00m 5.89m 12.00m 13.55m Inside Width 2.33m 2.33m 2.33m 2.44m 2.44m 2.44m Inside Height 2.35m 2.35m 2.65m 2.65m 2.65m 2.69m Inside Space 32.25cbm 65.71cbm 77.60cbm 38.1cbm 77.6cbm 90.0cbm Euro-Pallets 11 25 25 14 30 33 China - Russia Service
  14. 14. Europe - Russia 1 Finland Routing 2 St-Petersburg Routing Shipments by sea via the ports of Kotka, Hamina. Shipments by sea via the port of St-Petersburg. Competitive alternative to road transport with possibility to Both door to door as quay to quay services. use 45’pwhc. Mainly used for clients that can customs clear in the port of St- Well-developed hinterland connections. Petersburg.
  15. 15. Europe - Central Asia 1 Baltic Routing 2 Black Sea Routing Shipments by sea via the ports of Tallinn, Hamina or St- Shipments by sea via the port of Odessa and Mariupol. Petersburg. Delivery by rail to place of destination. Delivery by rail to place of destination. Possibility to use block train solutions.
  16. 16. South America – Central Asia East Bound Routing Shipments by sea via the port of Qingdao or Tianjin. Delivery by rail to place of destination. Use of own equipment.
  17. 17. Far East – Central Asia 1 East Bound Routing Shipments by sea via the port of Qingdao or Tianjin. Delivery by rail to place of destination. Use of own equipment. 2 1 2 Bandar Abbas Routing Release of own equipment. Shipment by sea to Bandar Abbas. Delivery by truck or rail to place of destination.
  18. 18. Projects Maxx Intermodal Systems displays the necessary experience in organizing shipments of project cargo. Various routings are used, including the Russian and Baltic ports We are able to offer clients a full spectrum of logistical services through our own local Russian company, SNG Trans These include: Port forwarding, Customs formalities On-carriage by either truck or rail.
  19. 19. ISO Certification
  20. 20. Conclusion Main references: We believe what we offer Customer needs oriented flexibility We have the necessary in-house knowledge, experience and creativity to improve the flows and guarantee the best combination of routing and transport modes We can dispose of an own container fleet ranging from 20’dv to 45’pwhc including reefer containers, flat racks and open top containers for shipments to Russia and Central Asia
  21. 21. Addresses MIS St-Petersburg MIS Moscow MIS Tashkent MIS Antwerp Prospekt Narodnogo Opolchenia Solnechnogorsk District “Arash” Trading Center Noordersingel 21 2A, Office 618, FEZ Sherrizone, Russia Batyr Zakirov Str. 23, 4th floor 2140 Antwerp, 198216 St-Petersburg, Russia +7 495 229 3492 100011 Tashkent, Uzbekistan Belgium + 7 812 305 3941 +998 71 120 69-63/-64 +32 (0)3 224 56 00 MIS Almaty MIS Paris MIS Vancouver “Aelita” Housing Estate, 1st porch Z.I. - 60, rue de Maison Rouge # 150, 528 Annance Court 2nd floor, Al Farabi Avenue 101 77220 Gretz-Armainvilliers, FranceDelta, BC V3M 6Y8, Canada 050057 Almaty, Kazakhstan +33 1 64 427 716 +604 540 55 64 +7 727 315 81-74/-75