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It innovation and the road ahead


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It innovation and the road ahead

  1. 1. IT Innovation and the roadahead
  3. 3. Innovation in ProcessIndustry using IT
  4. 4. Need for IT in Process Industry • To reduce Cost of production • To increase the safety level of employees • To establish a proper monitoring and control measures • To increase the quality level and continuous tracking of quality • To establish a proper supply chain and logistics network. “ ALL these processes can be efficiently Optimized and Implemented in a different way through Process-INNOVATION and without IT, It will be difficult to achieve Process- INNOVATION.”Basic Ingredients for Innovation in a ProcessIndustry• Automated Control Systems• Data Collection software• Historical Data Analysis software• MIS & MES• ERP software
  5. 5. Innovation - IT Infrastructure in a Typical Process Industry Optical Isolator Pot controller 101---138 MASTER 201---238 COMPUTER 1 301---338 SIGNALNETWORK DISTRIBUTOR 401---438 AND Pot controllerSERVER MASTER 501---538 COMPUTER 2 601---638 701---738 801---838
  6. 6. AutomaticTracking
  7. 7. Future Innovation in Process Industry Through IT
  8. 8. Innovation in TransportationSector
  9. 9. Indian Railways• IT was first adopted in Indian railways in 1960s when computerized and freight revenue accounting, operating Statistics, payroll and inventory management were introduced using IBM 1401 computers.• Centre for Railway Information Systems was established by Ministry of Railways in 1986 to handle all the IS related activities in Indian Railways.• Indian railways have implemented two enterprise wide information systems - Country Wide Network for Computerized Enhanced Reservation and Ticketing (CONCERT) and the Freight Operation Information System – (FOIS)• Internet enquiry ( was introduced in August 2002.• Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS), Passenger Operated enquiry Services, e-ticketing ( and sms booking are the some of the additions to the ever growing IT innovations in Indian Railway.
  10. 10. Passenger Information System (PRS)
  11. 11. IT & Indian Railways
  12. 12. Transportation – Indian Railways• For Ticketing and Ticket Cancellation• Timetable information• Passenger Information• Freight Information• Tourist Information• Press Releases• Railway Board Directorates• Budget for the current Financial year• IR Personnel(Information about recruiting, training, Vacancies, codemanuals)• Site Map(information on train route)
  13. 13. Innovation in Banking Sector
  14. 14. 1. E-Banking Enables people to carry out most of their banking transactions using a safe website which is operated by the respected bank Advantages• Faster & more convenient transaction. Funds transfer made easy through RTGS• No longer required waiting in long queues• Opening of account simple & easy2. Total Branch Automation• Speed up branch transactions and less error• Paperless transactions• Customers can operate their account from any branch of the same bank3. Demat Services Provides facility of online trading. This is a more secure and convenient way to keep track of your investments without the hassle of handling any physical document•
  15. 15. 4. Plastic Money All banks offer credit, debit cards which provides an easy alternative to carry money5. ATM machines Automatic teller machine provides an easy self service solution for cash withdrawal, checking account balance, paying credit card bills etc.6. E-lobby facility Greater Bank, Mumbai has started the Lobby Banking which is an automated delivery system of products and services in the Bank. Services like cash, cheque deposit, pass book printing, bills payment etc is done without the intervention of banking staff.
  16. 16. Future Innovations– With the advent of technology, we can expect to see a system where banks will use the UID/PAN number of a person to verify credit score and give loan immediately.– Biometric ATM’s will replace the traditional ATM’s. These will provide security against the password and card misuse.– Cheques will eventually phase out and will be replaced by online transfer of funds
  17. 17. Thank You