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Smart city


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Presentation attempts to introduce with the concept of smart city at basic level. The concept behind it and the facilities available.

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Smart city

  1. 1. Defination : A smart city is an environmentally conscious city that uses information technology (IT) to utilize energy and other resources efficiently.
  2. 2. • Uses physical infrastructure more efficiently supporting strong and healthy economic, social, cultural development. • reduce usage of environmental capital and support smart growth. • promotes the use of information and communication technologies • Provides High quality of life
  3. 3. • Approx 80 to 90 thousand crore investment is needed • 800 to 1500 acre land needed
  4. 4. • All the electricity cables will be underground. • Uninterrupted and highly reliable power supply • New sources like solar energy will be utilised
  5. 5. •Natural Gas will be distributed to every house and building via pipes, which is cheaper and safer than cylinders.
  6. 6. • 24 hour water supply through pipelines • Waste water treatment plant • 100% pure water is provided, in any tap.
  7. 7. • There will be a centralized air conditioning system called district cooling, which is cheaper to run and uses less electricity
  8. 8. • All waste will be automatically sucked through underground pipes at a high speed of 90 km/h (56 mph), and will be treated through plasma gasification to produce elctricity
  9. 9. It provides a transportation network that ensures easy and fast mobility by following ways: 1. City will also have its own metro stations 2. Uses a multimodal transport systems -: a) intercity transport b) intra-city transport. 3. Railway line also passes the city. 4. It will be just 10 to 15 km away from airport 5. By Elevated walk way, every building will be directly connected to metro station
  10. 10. • International exhibition complex • Educational institutes • International and domestic school • Training school • Hotels and business club
  11. 11. • Broadband • Wifi • Shared it services • Global connectivity
  12. 12. • High quality entertainment malls • Super multiplex theatre • Beautiful and charming gardens • Sports infrastructure
  13. 13. • Well planned residential housing projects • 20 to 25 thousand residetial flats
  14. 14. High landmark buildings for offices of companies.
  15. 15. • Approx 5 lakh drect job opportunities • 5 lakh indirect jobs
  16. 16. • 20ft high and 20 ft wide tunnel • Tunnel will go through every building • No need of making holes for power supply , wires etc
  17. 17. • Multi level car parking system • Once 20000 car can be parked • This will be connected to every building • Computerised road map for bus and taxi
  18. 18. • Cctv camera everywhere • In every gate, specially trained policemen will be present • System to detect proble of water and electricity.