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Industry Trends 6sept09


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Presentation to E/MBA club Q3 2009

by Co-Founder, CEO, David Kelly

Published in: Business, Technology
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Industry Trends 6sept09

  1. 1. David Kelly, CEO Industry Trends
  2. 2. mydeco - Styling people’s homes
  3. 3. Successful Pureplay ecommerce
  4. 4. Bricks Getting Online
  5. 5. Emerging Search Verticals
  6. 6. New Shopping Formats
  7. 7. Deportalisation of Content
  8. 8. Consumer as Producer
  9. 9. Consumer Generated Content
  10. 10. New Ways to Monetize Content
  11. 11. Virtual Economies: 3D Worlds “ Rivers Run Red and Linden Lab predicted that the user-to-user economy for Second Life in 2009 would be $450 million..” – RiversRunRed With the iterative improvement in chip microarchitecture such as Intel’ s Nehalem (which will replace the present Intel “Core” microarchitecture) and the onset of 50Mg+ broadband download speeds, virtual 3D world activity will become mass.
  12. 12. Local & mapping more important
  13. 13. More relevant & targeted advertising Placecast uses real time information about where you are to predict what you may want
  14. 14. David Kelly, CEO