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Promotional Mugs


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Find out why promotional mugs remain one of the first choices for many advertising campaigns.

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Promotional Mugs

  1. 1. Promotional Mugs Brought to you by GoPromotional
  2. 2. Why Are Promotional Mugs A Top Choice For Your Organisation? Well we’ve got a few good reasons why…
  3. 3. Why Promotional Mugs? • Mugs are functional items, they’re useful, practical, exactly what people like to see in their latest freebie. • They can also be great for your organisations events/conferences, they add that personal touch that an unbranded mug wouldn’t. • They are totally reusable in comparison to many other products, and have the potential to be passed around an office or home for years, every time someone takes a sip of their favourite beverage they will see your logo, your brand, your message. • Think of the savings made in free repeat advertising that a mugs provides So long as the mug is used the branding is there, no paying out for the rerun of that radio promo or television advert, the advertising has already been paid for. • Mugs can be a greener product in the case of travel mugs. You can have the barista put your favourite takeaway coffee in your own mug, no waste on throw away cups.
  4. 4. So with those reasons in mind, why not get yourself some custom printed mugs for your next promotional run? Here’s a few suggestions from our Top Sellers for you to consider …
  5. 5. Sparta Mugs • Stylish and executive looking • Hard fired longer, for added longevity • Grade A earthenware • Latest therma-glaze finish for colour enhancement • Screen printed in up to 6 spot colours (subject to sight of artwork) • Optional Extra - Unique Anti-Bug Treatment
  6. 6. Budget Durham Photo Mugs • A low-cost budget Mug, suitable for all price conscious promotions • Dye sublimation print allows for high quality full colour print and vibrant colourful images • Like all budget Mugs, it’s dishwasher safe for around 50 - 70 washes. Upgrade to the Durham Premium Duraglaze Photo Mug and get a Mug that’s 100% dishwasher safe and good for 1,000 + washes
  7. 7. Echo Coloured Thermo Travel Mugs • Available in an expansive range of vibrant colours • Manufactured with double wall insulation ensuring hot liquids stay hot and cold liquids stay cool • Tight fitting screw top mechanism and easy flow lip • Screen printed in up to 4 colours (subject to sight of artwork) • Perfect for outdoors, in the car or on the go
  8. 8. Seen anything you like? Visit us now at for more details or to obtain a quote. Be sure to search our growing range of other Promotional merchandise for even more ideas!
  9. 9. Promotional Mugs Brought to you by GoPromotional