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A4u expo


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A4u expo

  1. 1. Copyrighting for Conversion: What the hell are “words that sell”?Dr Karl Blanks, Conversion rate Experts - Open with a headline that makes the site visitor say ‘That’s Me!’ - Use a series of bullet points that summarise the main beneifits - Look at offline because their display could be better as they are trying to save their staff - Have personas of people you are trying to write for - Write in human language on your web site as the act of writing turns many a genius into a moron - Make the 1st sentence short and have section links within a page so people can jump to them easily - Dont be afraid to write long pages as you dont have the benefits that you have of questions and answers when you try to sell directly to someone face to face - Recommended book - The Elements of Style - The mental shopping list that consumers have when visiting a site is: o the site is relevant o competitors o easy to find products o type of product I need o pleasurable experience - Justify the price - The Navigation bar gets more attention than you think - Go to Conversion Rate Experts website for tips - Add customer testimonials as the main reason people dont buy is because they dont believe the selling information on the site - Use Kiss Insights to create simple surveys on sites to do your market research to find out what customers want to see on your siteMobile & mCommerce: The Complete PictureKevin Edwards, Affiliate Window - 27% of adults have a smartphone which is a 60% year on year increase - 47% of teenagers have a smartphone which is a 87% year on year increase - 16-24 year olds prefer Blackberry (37%) to iPhone (25%) - £48.54 is the AOV for a mobile web purchase on an iPhone, the iPad has now overtaken the iPhone for buying online with 27,000 sales in the UK - Purchases on iPhone are particularly strong at the weekend - VeInteractive are a company to get in touch with, they have software to re-target customers that did not complete a purchase - QR codes and NFC smart posters are not far away from mass market but at the moment, if people don’t know what QR codes are they completely ignore them - Connection speed is a big issue for mCommerce. People are less patient on phones - There is a big opportunity on click to call - Mobile enables multi-channel sales, you can get vouchers on your mobile and then use them in store
  2. 2. - There is a full Affiliate European Landscape Report 2011 at Incentivised Customers really valuable?Carla Arrindell, OMG James Little, Top Cashback Mel Smith, Quidco - Living Social doubled subscribers from $10 million to $20 million last year Does incentivisation devalue a brand? - For a company like Prada it would devalue the brand but for a company like Iceland it can help protect the brand - Where it is companies like My Voucher Codes providing the discount it will not affect the brand Incremental sales or eroding ROI - It is extra revenue as customers are loyal to the cashback brand, not the merchant - 70% of people changed their decision based on a cashback offer - 17% of mobile phone users downloaded a voucher on their mobile device in Q1 2011- 10-21 and 32% of shoppers would not have bought the item if they didn’t have a voucher - It is complacent of people to think that they would have got that sale anyway - Hitwise shows that it is definitely incremental sales - Cashback can be used as a retention method, for companies like O2 and Vodafone etc after the contract is over, they should analyse the customer’s usage and if it makes sense reduce the price on their offer - You need to keep offers different and fresh otherwise people will just expect itThe answer is Facebook, now what was the question?Jamie Kenny, Jam Lee Griffin, TBG Digital - 800 million people now use Facebook and they reported that there were 500 million people on Facebook in one day - Check out the book ‘Tales from Facebook’ by Daniel Miller - Start with your existing customers when creating a fan page – existing customers are more likely to be brand advocates on Facebook than people who are not already customers - Coca Cola are the most followed brand on Facebook - 77% of people say being a fan of a brand on Facebook makes them more likely to buy a product - 66% said it makes them more likely to visit the brand’s web site - 65% said it made them more aware of the brand’s promotions
  3. 3. - Facebook’s estimated revenues for advertising will grow from $1,860 million in 2010 to $3,800 million in 2011 and revenue from Facebook credits will grow from $2,000 million to $4,270 million - Optimise your ads for EdgeRank - Do your customer service on Twitter and Facebook - Interactions are higher in the afternoon, this is reversed at the weekend, users look at Facebook in the morning - The biggest reason for people leaving a fan page is because information is published too often - Facebook has 350 million users on mobile alone - They are embracing html 5 and their head of mobile said that Facebook will be a mobile company within 2 years Value of a Facebook fan - Fans spend $71.84 more on products for which they are a fan - Fans are 28% more likely to continue using the brand - Fans are 41% more likely to recommend a fanned product to their friends Maximising Facebook ROI - TBG Digital buy more inventory on Facebook than anyone else and Vodafone is one of their biggest customers in the UK - A good analogy was that Google is like the striker, the work has been done you just have the keeper to beat to score the goal but Facebook is like the whole game where you have to do all the build up to score - Don’t think about how we can fit Facebook into our business, think about how we can fit our business into Facebook - Advertising to existing fans reduces your CPA by 50% - The stages for selling on Facebook is awareness, interest, desire, action, recommend - Facebook kills ads that don’t perform - Vodafone run 250,000 unique ads that change 3 times a day - Facebook supplies the display advertising with targeting features that advertisers would love to have seen years ago - Facebook is about ‘interrupting play time’ and you have to do the work - 15 million people log into Facebook every 30 minutes - Social by design is now imperative - Get the right ad in front of the right user and encourage sharing in every conceivable wayHow you can build a ‘Super Team’Mike Pegg, The Strengths Foundation - Peak performers take the following steps o Clarify the picture of success
  4. 4. o Clarify the strategies and roadmap for the achieving the picture of success - There are no jobs anymore, just projects and people dont change, they just develop - People can choose to either be positive, count their blessings and take responsibility or they can be negative, count their burdens and avoid responsibility - Peak performers do what they say they will do, they - Strategy must come first, you cant find the right people if you dont have the right strategy and keep to it: Super teams: The Right strategy The right people = The right way - Leaders are the entrepreneurs who hate having to go back and fix the engine. The people that work with you should maintain the engine and allow you to focus on growth - Debate Decide Deliver - Sort out what you can debate and then move on, don’t go back to debate - Manage bosses by Responsibility reassurance results - You need diversity or strengths and similarity of spirit, diversity of spirit is a disaster - People want 3 things in work: 1. Money 2. Meaning 3. Magic - You should encourage encouragers - Every leader needs a co-ordinator, they keep the leader on the ground but the leader’s job is vision, the co-ordinator keeps it altogether - Take risks, demonstrate creativity – super teams leave legacyStepping up the game for Lead Generation & Top TipsSammy Elazab, Telefonica O2, Daniel Wright, iProspect Andy Purbrick, Four PM Justin Rees, LeadPoint - The biggest challenge is full transparency in seeing where the sales are coming from and attributing a lead to a sale - You should work with publishers directly - For O2, brand protection is key, if there are any problems then budget can be taken away so transparency is key - Receiving a lead is just the start; you need to follow up on it quickly. For O2, if you get an email address with a sim then you need to email quickly Top tips for lead generation 1. Validate as many leads as possible in real time 2. Understand the customer journey from start to finish 3. Test and optimise, try different placements, creatives etc 4. Understand the value of your leads, people coming through Google are more valuable that people who have entered a competition 5. Have a relevant conversion strategy 6. Don’t over incentivise 7. Have a clear opt-in and privacy policy
  5. 5. 8. Don’t make it difficult for a consumer to join 9. De-dupe 10. Leave your pre-conceptions at the door – what you think will work may not and what you expect will not it might 11. Look at things over a period of time – 6 to 12 months 12. Have a clear campaign objective 13. Every lead is potentially multiple opportunities to sign up for different services 14. Pay more for better leads 15. Volume is not an objective, it is about performance of conversionsThe Future of shopping: How performance marketing fitsGreg Le Tocq, Vouchercloud Lolly Mason, Trade Doubler Jeff Sullivan, Trialpay - Social commerce and mCommerce are going to be big. eBay have partnered up with Facebook for the social graph - People are tolerating a lot more on their mobile than they did years ago. Intrusion to an extent is now accepted - What will be important is loyalty, keep customers as customers rather than loyalty fiends - Mobile redemption of vouchers will close the loop on offers and redemption – pay back commission on redemption - Vouchers – in the future you could go in and buy something and earn virtual currency on purchases - Welcome targeting – for someone who usually buys milk and forgot to there is the opportunity to send them targeting campaigns for milk - Target people who are loyal to your company Apps vs mobile - Dominos get £130,000 sales per day on mobile - The main thing is to have a mobile site, if you can have an app too then great - A hybrid version to update all would be best, keep it agile. The problem with an app is that if you get bad ratings then you can’t do anything about it - Nokia will have 20% market share by 2020 due to the partnership with Microsoft - Virtual currency is worth $5 billion in the US - In regard to fCommerce, don’t make this your primary sales channel, combine it with your web site and add other social media channels. Rimmel and French Connection are generating sales on YouTube - Group buying is creeping into retail and this will continue Trends that will fall flat
  6. 6. - Gamification as some people understand it – it is about status not free things. It is not just about putting silly badges up on your web site. It is about creating leadership and teams - QR codes – they could disappear when NFC arrives - Checkins – some of the panel did not think there is a future in that. I personally disagree Emerging trends - We won’t carry cash as we will all have mobile wallets - Mobile vouchers will have a massive future with 12 billion vouchers predicted to be redeemed by 2013 - You will be able to scan products and pay for them without having to go to the checkout - Loyalty cards will die - Hyper-personalisation with customised ads and productsThe Platform EnigmaChristian Erhard, eBay partner network Caroline Mulvihill, BT Mark Russell, Optimus - eBay started with different networks but there were different payouts and different platforms so they decided to bring it inhouse and build their own affiliate platform - Most publishers operate in multiple countries - With the amounts being paid out to networks eBay decided to instead invest that money inhouse - They prioritised mobile before 3rd parties were thinking about it - Benefits of dual network advertising - You can do lots of competitor research - Fraud protection – you can switch accounts if necessary - You can learn new techniques from one network and apply it on the otherThings to be aware of if you are thinking of creating your own network - The work on technology, customer support, affiliate management, reporting, payment, tracking, operations issues all become your responsibility and takes a lot of work - Mobile is eBay’s no. 1 priority. They generated $2 billion in sales on mobile last year and are on route to double that this year.Creative SEO: Content, Links and TechnologyMartin MacDonald, OMD - Don’t bother with directories - There are only 81 PR9 sites on the internet worldwide
  7. 7. - Get people to write content for you by giving away sites that link back to you. Get people to write content for what they are passionate about but what is relevant to your business. If they don’t write anything then take the site off them - MSN Content: 95% of the articles are dropped after 30 days. Scrape the content, copy it, check if it is indexed and when it is not then put it on your site - Check out for sites that no longer exist and take their content - Google will move away from PageRank, they need a new signal and unlike PageRank, social graph is harder to fabricateNew ways to drive revenue from PPCSri Sharma, Net Media Planet - 48 hours are uploaded on YouTube every minute - With YouTube adWords advertising you can target by specific video - Image ads work better on YouTube than text ads - Take advantage of social buzz and advertise on hot topic videos - Mobile is 10% of all UK sales - CPL for mobile us 43% of the CPL for online CPC - Mobile and tablets generate sales earlier in the day than desktop and also late at nightConversion rates by operator - O2: 1.7% - Three: 1.4% - Orange: 2.5% - T-mobile: 1.10% - Virgin: 0.3%