Yr amgylchedd a'r Gymraeg - yr un frwydr


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Eisteddfod Bro Morgannwg, 11 Awst 2012

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Yr amgylchedd a'r Gymraeg - yr un frwydr

  1. 1. …the communication was notadmissible, because the communicant’sallegations… only related to the fact that somedocuments relevant for public participation hadnot been available in a timely manner in theWelsh language.Specifically, the Committee found that while theprinciple of non-discrimination on the basis ofcitizenship, nationality or domicile was explicitin article 3, paragraph 9, of the Convention,the provision was silent on matters ofdiscrimination on the basis of language….
  2. 2. While the lack of availability of documentationin a particular language might under certaincircumstances present an impediment tocorrect implementation of theConvention, nothing in the presentcommunication suggested that suchcircumstances pertained.
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