Recruitment: Where Did It All Go Wrong?


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Slides from the presentation I did at the TalentPuzzle seminar on the 24th April at the Institute of Physics.

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Recruitment: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

  1. 1. BrubakerHRCollaborative InsightBHR Gareth Jones Inmate
  2. 2. The ChangingFace ofRecruitment.Or…
  3. 3. Recruitment.Where did it allgo wrong…?
  4. 4. Pre internet CVSpammer…
  5. 5. Fee  structure  by  level  –  to  ’80’s   Total   Retained   Exclusive   c30%    Package   Professional   Exec   £40  –  100k   £100k  +   Admin   Base   Results   Non   c10%  Salary   only   Exclusive   7  
  6. 6. Fee  structure  by  level  –  to  ’00’s   Total   Retained   Exclusive   c30%    Package   Exec   £100k  +   Professional   £40  –  100k   Admin   Base   Results   Non   c10%  Salary   only   Exclusive   PSL  PenetraJon   8  
  7. 7. Fee  structure  by  level  –  Future?   Total   Retained   Exclusive   c30%    Package   Professional   Exec   Admin   Base   Results   £40  –  100k   £100k  +   Non   c10%  Salary   only   Exclusive   PSL  PenetraJon   9  
  8. 8. Sourcing! Advertising!
  9. 9. Sourcing! Advertising!
  10. 10. We put the job online… …price went down, volumes went up
  11. 11. We put the CV online… …labour went down, volumes went up
  12. 12. We put the application online… …effort went down, volume went up
  13. 13. Key implications…Sourcing activity dropped substantially, recruiting becamelargely reactive We marvelled at the benefit of it all without realising we were building in huge inefficienciesWe were creating a longer term problem which was going tobite us in the ass through social – the candidate experience We created a new generation of recruitment consultants who became reactive, CV sifting “rejection consultants” It became a volume industry. We created haystacks andthen complained about not being able to find needles. This period alone saw the most significant shift in organisations losing faith in third parties.
  14. 14. We needed a way to manage it all… …RPO, applicant tracking systems, web response management
  15. 15. What strategy is best for you…?
  16. 16. “We  are  in  the   Compuserve-­‐Prodigy-­‐AOL  stage   of  social  media   evolu<on.    It’s   a@er  Netscape  and  before  Google   in  equivalent   internet  <me.” John Sumser
  17. 17. Job boards, ATS systems, webresponse etc are all a “firstresponse” to the internet. Thereis more change to come….
  18. 18. Candidates = Currency
  19. 19. “Does the recruitment agency, require employees with wide ranging personal, social and professional networks to grow and inform their business contacts? In many cases, itdoes not. Yet it should and must.”
  20. 20. Candidates = Currency
  21. 21.                    $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $   $  
  22. 22. “We  are  beginning  to  see  the  value  of  the   peer-­‐to-­‐peer  relaJonship  –  previously   exclusive  to  top-­‐end  recruitment  –  realised   across  the  recruitment  industry  through  the   internet.”       Beyond  simply  drawing  on   these  rela3onships,   however,  there  is  an   opportunity  for  recruitment   organisa3ons  to  help   connect  people  to  one   another.       •  Find  ways  to  connect  with  the  passive  job  seeker     •  Broker  and  uJlise  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  relaJonships     •  Use  Web  2.0  to  build  personalised  relaJonships   online     •  Tap  into  the  long  tail.      The  future?  Big  general  sites  will  get  squeezed  out.  Small  niche  sites  will  grow.    
  23. 23. The future for third parties –Niche…
  24. 24. The future for third parties –Social…
  25. 25. Stop advertising, start sourcing… …avoid the chronic inefficiencies of “driving applicants” and improve your candidate experience
  26. 26. Talk to candidates over socialchannels… …stop ignoring them and embrace the conversation.
  27. 27. Turn your recruiters intocommunity managers… …forget traditional KPI’s – CV’s, interviews, calls etc. Focus instead on network/ community growth.
  28. 28. “The death ofthe averageworker…”
  29. 29. “The death ofthe averageagency…”
  30. 30. These thingssuck… Jobboards Talent Communities Hard sell recruiters Generalists Professional
  31. 31. These thingsrock… Communities Communities of Talent Community DJ’s/Managers Niche Players Personal
  32. 32. Big change is coming in Recruitment Are you ready for it…?
  33. 33. Thank you! Gareth Jones 07880 742581