Smart Use of Social Media in Recruitment


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My slides from the Social Media In Recruitment Conference on the 19th April 2012 #SMIR

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Smart Use of Social Media in Recruitment

  1. 1. BrubakerHRCollaborative InsightBHR Gareth Jones Inmate
  2. 2. The Smart Use ofSocial MediaSocial Media in RecruitmentConference.19th April 2012 #SMIR
  3. 3. We wantedto….
  4. 4. “Human social networks andcommunities are both well established,robust social structures that pre datetheir online counterparts by a amillennia. Humans naturallygravitate to and desire theinteractions that these structuresallow. We want to belong”.Dr Michael Wu
  5. 5. Takeaway Number One: This is no fad. It is not going away.
  6. 6. The power ofthe crowd
  7. 7. Insight
  8. 8. Increase Revenue Potential
  9. 9. Reduce Costs
  10. 10. 100% support calls through community No agents or call centresFastest growing telco in the UK Net promoter score of 73
  11. 11. “The 300% increase in searchengine placement for top keywords – a natural product of their community’s open, dynamic conversation – is itself worth millions”. Hewlett Packard Community
  12. 12. Takeaway Number Two: Conversation is the new currency.
  13. 13. If its good enough forcustomers…
  14. 14. ..its  good  enough  for  candidates   and  employees  too.  
  15. 15. Social is not about websites or marketing
  16. 16. This is my place, not yours…
  17. 17. “Social is not a stand alonefeature or technology – it’s aculture. It should be integratedin all business processes: Insideand outside of companies.”Dr Michael Wu
  18. 18. “Technology is slowly returningus back to the more humanrelationships that a fast pacedworld has pressured us intocompromising.”Dr Michael Wu
  19. 19. Get everyone involved inhiring…. …which means giving everyone inside the organisation unlimited, unmonitored and uncontrolled access to social tools. No excuses.
  20. 20. You cant be social outside if you are not social inside INNOVATION Marke:ng   HR   FEEDBACK INSIGHT NPD COMMUNITY LOYALTY Product   ADVOCACY Resourcing   Dev   TRUST OPENESS Sales   COLLABORATION
  21. 21. Failing to embrace the internalconversation is like putting a MorrisMinor engine in one of these… …it wont work, it will ruin the experience and you will be found out.
  22. 22. Don’t build talent communities… …get your employees involved in their own communities, communities that already exist – fish where the fish are.
  23. 23. Talk to candidates over socialchannels… …stop ignoring them and embrace the conversation.
  24. 24. Stop advertising, start sourcing… …avoid the chronic inefficiencies of “driving applicants” and improve your candidate experience
  25. 25. Turn your recruiters intocommunity managers… …forget traditional KPI’s – CV’s, interviews, calls etc. Focus instead on network/ community growth.
  26. 26. ‘Leadership isabout the storiesthat are toldabout you – bothpositive andnegative. You’ll bejudged by thosestories more thananything you sayor write.”
  27. 27. Employer Brand‘Leadership isabout the storiesthat are toldabout you – bothpositive andnegative. You’ll bejudged by thosestories more thananything you sayor write.”
  28. 28. Takeaway Number Three:Big change is coming in recruitment
  29. 29. “We  are  in  the   Compuserve-­‐Prodigy-­‐AOL  stage   of  social  media   evolu<on.    It’s   a@er  Netscape  and  before  Google   in  equivalent   internet  <me.” John Sumser
  30. 30. Further reading/viewing…The Science of Social: Beyond Hype, Likes and FollowersDr Michael Wu The Starfish and The Spider Ori Brafman and Rod A BeckstromThe Cultural Anthropology of Stack ExchangeJoel Spolsky
  31. 31. Thank you! Gareth Jones 07880 742581