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Why artificial grass is gaining popularity?


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Now a days, Artificial Grass is becoming very popular and it is also very cost-effective.

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Why artificial grass is gaining popularity?

  1. 1. Why Artificial Grass is gaining popularity? Since "Artificial Grass" was created back in 1960 by a team headed by David W. Chaney of the Research Triangle Park, its popularity and demand in the market has seen a continuous rise. Real Grass has always been a natural choice for many since a long time. But due to various reasons like the cost and time of maintenance, people have turned towards Fake Grass in the last two-three decades. Although the initial installation cost of laying Artificial Grass can be quite high as compared to Natural Grass, if you calculate the long term benefits, you will notice that fake grass emerges as a clear winner. Let us take an example to demonstrate this. Say, you would like to lay natural grass in 1000 sq ft area. Average cost of Natural Grass is : $ 0.4 per sq ft Hence, in this case, total cost to lay natural grass is : 1000 X 0.4 = $400 Now, average cost of Artificial Grass is : $ 12 per sq ft Hence, in this case, total cost to lay fake grass is : 1000 X 12 = $ 12,000 This cost may look very high as an initial investment. So, now let us derive at a rationale as to how can artificial turf be cheaper in the long run. To start off, let us consider the annual costs that we would need to incur for upkeep and maintenance of both types of grass.
  2. 2. For Natural Grass, 1. Watering/Irrigation Cost : $ 30 per month (consider 6 months a year), hence yearly $180 2. Fertilization Cost : $ 0.3 per sq ft yearly, hence yearly $ 300 3. Gardener Cost : $ 200 per month (consider 6 months a year), hence yearly $ 1200 Hence, total maintenance cost for a natural grass lawn is : $1680 per year For Artificial Grass, Yearly Maintenance Cost = $ 0 So, in effect if you install fake grass, it becomes free in just over 7 years if we consider only the savings in yearly maintenance cost. After 7 years, your yearly maintenance cost becomes your saving till the time you replace your artificial grass lawn, which would be no earlier than at least 15 years. This financial perspective is only one of the many reasons for artificial turf gaining popularity. Some other key benefits are : 1. It saves water. On an average, a home owner can save up to 55 gallons of water per year per sq foot if artificial grass is installed. 2. It is easy to maintain. You just need to hose it down to clean it. 3. It is environment friendly. You do not need to fertilize artificial lawn, so no harmful chemicals are thrown back to the environment. So, with all these considerations, it is quite clear why the popularity of Artificial Grass has been continuously increasing and the market is growing by 15-20% annually in the US. If you would like to know more about high quality fake grass and various ways you can use it, please visit our website -