Artificial turf myths decoded


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When you think of having a healthy lawn near your doorstep, you think of the cost of maintenance and the time that will take up for this. Artificial Turf is very useful because you just have to incur one time installation cost.

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Artificial turf myths decoded

  1. 1. Artificial Turf Myths Decoded There are a lot of myths about "Artificial Turf" or "Fake Grass" that you might have heard. So, we thought that being experts and innovators in the field, we should help you to get correct information and decode these common myths. This will help you to make a decision as to why you can opt for Artificial turf instead of Natural turf. Below listed are some common myths and the answers to the myth : 1. Fake Grass is very expensive. Although a vast majority of the population is led to believe that fake grass is expensive, the real answer is - It is NOT expensive. Think about the amount of money that you spend for the upkeep of your natural grass - be it watering (water charges + irrigation facility cost), be it mowing (this needs to be done regularly to keep your lawn looking nice) or be it replacement of the grass itself. On the other hand, fake grass is virtually maintenance free - it does not need regular watering or mowing. Also, the artificial turf can last much longer up to 20 years. So, overall it works out cheaper for you. 2. It is not safe for kids and pets. This is a widely spread misconception. Artificial turf is actually safer for kids who like to play freely in the lawn. It comes with a rubber base with a shock absorbing capacity that avoids all kinds of injuries. Also, as there is no mud in this case, there is also no chances of bugs and insects that can cause harm to your kids or your pets. 3. Pets can ruin Artificial Turf. This is yet another myth. Synthetic turf is made up of highly durable fiber that can sustain a lot of wear and tear. The synthetic grass is manufactured in such a way that it prevents stains and discoloration over a period of time. 4. It does not give the same Natural feel. For anyone who has used Artificial grass will be able to bust this myth for you straightaway. Natural grass is much difficult to maintain especially in the fall and winter seasons. There could be patches
  2. 2. of yellow on your green lawn and if there is a draught or draught-like situation wherein you have a serious water problem, your lawn seems to become uneven. On the other hand, the synthetic lawns available today will remain Green and Fresh all year round. And believe us or not, our artificial grass is softer than natural grass. 5. Artificial Turf is difficult to install. This is one of those myths that can be decoded within a split second. Don't believe us - why don't you checkout our installation guide yourself and decide. It is available on - http://garden- Just by following these simple instructions and using the correct products and accessories, you can install your own synthetic lawn as good as a professional can. To know more about different types of grass, colors available and accessories required for a good installation, you can visit our website on -