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Quality Management Systems: ISO9001 Basics for Business


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A visual representation of the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard in everyday language.

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Quality Management Systems: ISO9001 Basics for Business

  1. 1. Quality Management SystemsCore QMS ISO9001 Basics For Businesscomprises of5 keyprocedures + Appropriate Quality Document working Manual Control environment An overview of your Manage procedures, business and its policies, forms, processes checklists & records + Planning / Full review of review of Review of the product QMS business business processes performance Internal Management Audit Prevent problems and Review manage problems Non-Conformance and Corrective and Preventive Action + Essential business processes documented WHY? Improved staff autonomy Better succession planning More consistent product/service More consistent client experience + Fewer errors Communication Easier training Customer feedback Staff performance review Business meetings (minuted) Supplier updates Customer updates Marketing incl. facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, + newsletters Business partners, staff, suppliers, + Customer outsourcing partners focus People who are competent & as committed to the success of the business as you areLQ-IG-001- v1 © LogiQA 2013