Why Every Small Business Needs a Business Manual


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An infographic for small businesses contemplating whether they should develop a business manual for their business.

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Why Every Small Business Needs a Business Manual

  1. 1. Every Small Business Needs a Business ManualDocumenting the structure andprocesses in your businessmight just have more benefitsthan you think… What should you include in your business manual? Ultimately it is up to you but here are some ideas to get you started About Us Marketing and Sales Summary, history, contact details, hours of operation Website, brochures, printing, promotional, targets, strategies Business Management Policies, vision, planning, goals, targets, reviews Logistics Stock management, freight forwarding, warehousing Personnel Org chart, induction, training, culture, equity, conduct Finance Book-keeping, tax accountant, insurance, payroll Core Business What you do and who for Records Management Paper, electronic, back-ups, destruction, email, client Regulatory information WH&S, inspections and audits, relevant codes, standards, and licences Undesirable Event Management Legal How to manage customer complaints, disaster management and other business issues Contracts, agreements Information Technology Glossary of Terms Support, infrastructure, systems used Explain terms not generally understood Purchasing Key documents Expenses, general purchases, assets, suppliers, List them alongside the appropriate business area outsourcing arrangements information and include when they should be used Book designed by Pyetro Rapp from The Noun Project Also include additional information as required to meet ISO9001 Quality Management Systems certification/ specific accreditation requirements if applicable.THE BENEFITS Your business manual contains some of the most useful words you’ll write about your business… Business Overview Outsourcing A good business manual will provide an Systems and documented process provide overview of business operations and acts as appropriate structure to ensure you get the a directory to help find further information. most from your outsourcing arrangements. Business continuity Selling the business Should disaster strike or you need a holiday, A good business manual will both inform and the information in your manual will keep your instill confidence in the prospective buyer. business operating with minimal disruption. SOLD! Inductions Audits & Inspections Your manual will help to get new employees/ Manuals and procedures provide auditors/ contractors off to a great start with a inspectors with essential information to help comprehensive and consistent induction. guide and inform the audit process. Training Client Confidence Core business areas and key processes are Reassure potential clients that your business identified making it easier to focus and is capable of delivering a product/service to streamline training. a consistent and appropriate standard. Take the time to write a business manual. It’s a valuable investment in the success of your business.For more information visit www.logiqa.com.auLQ-IG-002- v1 © LogiQA 2013