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Why Changing The Air Filter of Your Car is Very Important


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To maintain the respiratory systems of your engine, the air filter of your car plays a vital role. It can be used to clean the air which is entered into the engine compartment to run your car. If the air filter is damaged then how could the air clean? If the contaminated air enter in your engine then is it damaged the engine? So, be aware the needs of your air filter and pay regular attention to maintain it in a good running condition. Get all the answers of your question by going through the slides in details. The slides provide you the real reason behind the changes of an air filter in your car.

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Why Changing The Air Filter of Your Car is Very Important

  1. 1. Why Changing The Air Filter Of Your Car Is Very Important?
  2. 2. The air filter is the key component of your car which is used to maintain the respiratory system of your engine.
  3. 3. The air filter is responsible to clean the air which is entered in the engine compartment.
  4. 4. If you neglect the clog up air filter, then it begins to act like a blocked airway.
  5. 5. By keeping the track of regular changes of an air filter can avoid the blocked airway problems in your car.
  6. 6. Changing your air filter regularly somehow help you to keep your car running smoothly for a long time. It also provides you the following benefits. Increased Fuel Efficiency Reduced Emissions Prolongs Engine Life Quick And Inexpensive Fix Easy To Track 1 2 3 4 5
  7. 7. By replacing the dirty air filter of your car can increase its fuel mileage as much as 14 percent than your old dirty air filter.
  8. 8. By changing the old clogged air filter provide an opportunity to your car for increasing its acceleration from 6 to 11 percent.
  9. 9. Clean air filter improves the air flow to the engine and also increase its performance.
  10. 10. When the clogged air filter can reduce the air flow to the engine, as a result, it can slew of driveability issues and affect the emission control system.
  11. 11. Clogged air filter also increases the engine deposits which later on caused too rich of the fuel mixture.
  12. 12. To reduce the emission system of your car, change the air filter as early as possible.
  13. 13. The changed new filter can increase the airflow to the engine as well as reduce the fuel consumption and emissions.
  14. 14. If you keep your car in a good running condition with regular maintenance, then your cars can go last longer than other though.
  15. 15. Dirt and debris are damaging the internal parts of your car such as cylinders and pistons.
  16. 16. The air filter is designed to trap the damaging dirt and debris, changing the air filter at a regular interval can prolong its engine life.
  17. 17. Changing the air filters of your car are one of the least expensive things that you have to do on a regular basis.
  18. 18. Generally, the air filters are designed according to the model of your car, so you can change it by yourself.
  19. 19. As it is located in a round metal housing above the carburetor and secured by a wing nut, so it required less time for changes.
  20. 20. Once you have changed the air filter of your car, then the new air filter has the efficiency to easily track your oil changes.
  21. 21. Generally, the air filters are changed on every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, but if you are staying in a dustier area, then it should consider for early changing.
  22. 22. According to the user's manufacturer manual, the air filter replacement can be scheduled.
  23. 23. Most of the dirty air filters may appear clean, but that should be replaced at its appropriate time interval.
  24. 24. Changing the air filter of your car can protect its engine parts from excess damage and prevent expensive engine repairs.
  25. 25. New air filter can increase the fuel mileage, reduce emissions, allow the airflow and improve the performance of your car.
  26. 26. Be aware of the air filter needs of your car and pay attention to its regular changes.
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