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Gapingvoid: Effective Visual Strategies for Business

We live in a visual world. It is why images are the most powerful and effective way to share a message or tell a story. Here's a look at what we do with cartoons and animation and some of the science behind why it works!

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Gapingvoid: Effective Visual Strategies for Business

  1. “Effective Visual Strategies & Why They Work”
  2. Neuroscientists tell us that when words and images arecombined together, they are 5 times more memorable than words alone... 5x  
  3. We deliver solutions that will make yourcommunications many times more effective through the use of POWERFUL ILLUSTRATIONS Supercharged with PITHY COPY
  4. “Last year my State of the College Address was 76 slides loaded with data. This year it was 14 cartoons that were substantially more memorable...” - Len Schlesinger, President of Babson College, former co- Chairman of The Limited  
  5. We like to communicate with cartoons and animation...
  6. Get your messages noticed
  7. Honoring Your Brand IDIn fact, these illustrations are powerful social objects for communication.They are infinitely customizable, so theycan look, feel and speak like your brand.
  8. Here’s some of The science Of whyThese visuals are so powerful
  9. Our Deliverables Include •  Cartoon Images •  Animations •  Pithy Copy•  Visual Communications Strategy
  10. Some of our clients Dewar’s
  11. Results that Matter•  It’s worth pointing out that our fixation on quick, powerful communication is particularly suited for socializing change within and outside of an organization...•  This form of communication would be unexpected, and focus on an area where adoption of a few ideas would yield meaningful gains.