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Guitar effects pedals


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Guitar effects pedals

  1. 1. Guitar effects pedals –GAPcoStompbox always contain a guitar effects pedals and it works totransform or strengthen the output sound to greater or lesserstages.Whatever your music like Blues, Rock, Thrash, Pop, Jazz, Classical,Electronic, Funk you can use our Guitar multi-effect processor theyoffers you tons of guitar effects pedals , amp selections, recordingcapabilities, easy all in one solution.DIY Effects pedals are divided according to effects description; youmust know that amplitude based effects are composed of volumecontrol, Tremolo, auto tremolo, panning/ping-pong, gating/repeatpercussion, compression, expansion, asymmetric compression,noise gating, attack delay, ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release), andlimiting, auto swell.Contact Detail:Web site GAPco/Audiotoyz TOCH Unit Manor Court Farm Ashurst Road Ashurst Kent TN3 9TB England, U.K.Business speciality Retailer of products for guitar and bass players, pedal and amp buildersFollow @ Facebook Twitter