8.intro to behavior


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8.intro to behavior

  1. 1. consumers into contact with information perceived risk individual factors extent of search depends on information contact situational factors effort and believability info sources prepurchase observable and measurable actions of consumers influencing affect and cognition may lead methods used by consumers to pay for to overt behavior but this linkage often particular purchases overt consumer behavior does not hold probability that consumers can access funds access b precedes and causes affect and funds for purchase cognition in some cases locating, travelling, entering the outlet store contact 8. Introduction to push: enhance retailers selling efforts behavior pull: encourage the consumer to purchase product contact behaviors as locating the product, obtain purchase it, taking it to the point of exchange behavior sequence model funds exchanged for products and services positive consequences are critical transaction elements here (friendly personnel, etc) vast differences in the nature of various products consumption and disposition info about the consumer (warranty cards) names of potential buyers (bring a friend) provide the company with marketing info info about defective products marketers want consumers to (replacement policies) communicate with two basic audiences postpurchase tell other potential consumers about the product and communication effective product and performs well encourage them to purchase it consider behaviors and change aspects of the environment (durex vending machine)8. Introduction to behavior.mmap - 17/11/2010 -